21) )
根据图表回答问题. 图表回答问题 一,Look and answer questions 根据图表回答问题.
Weather Report
Jinan Xi'an rainy cold cloudy hot snowy cool rainy cool sunny hot snowy cold windy cold cloudy cloudy sunny hot windy rainy cool rainy cold windy Qingdao snowy cold cloudy rainy cool windy cold sunny hot windy cool snowy cold Beijing sunny hot windy cold sunny hot snowy cold rainy cool windy hot cloudy cool
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Example: On Monday, what's the weather like in Jinan? : It's rainy and cold.
  1. On Monday, what's the weather like in Xi'an?

  2. On Wednesday, what's the weather like in Qingdao?

  3.On Tuesday, what's the weather like in Beijing?

  4.On Sunday, what's the weather like in Xi'an?

  5.On Saturday, what's the weather like in Jinan?

  6.On Friday, what's the weather like in Qingdao?

  7.On Thursday,what's the weather like in Beijing? ,
读文章根据文章意思答题. 二.Read and write 读文章根据文章意思答题. ( 一) Let' Shanghai, It's Sunday today. Let's go to Shanghai. In Shanghai, visit(参观 参观) it's very warm and sunny. We can visit(参观) a park and a Then(之后 之后)we school. Then(之后)we can play table tennis. In the evening, hotel(酒店 酒店). we can watch TV in the hotel(酒店). 判断对错 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Today is Saturday. it' )
  2.Today it's warm and snowy in Shanghai. )
  3.We )
  3.We can visit a school and a park in Shanghai. friend' )
  4.We can watch TV in the friend's house in the evening. )
  5.After(…… 之后 ) we visit a school and a park in )
Shanghai, Shanghai, we can play tennis. ( 二) John: John: Mom, today is Saturday. I want to play football. Can TI wear my new T-shirt? can' It' Mom: No, you can't. It's cold and rainy today. John: tomorrow(明天 明天)? John: Really? How about tomorrow(明天)? Mom: Tomorrow is cool and sunny. You can wear your shirt. 回答问题: 回答问题: today?
  1.What day is today?

  2.What's the weather like today?
( )
  3. What day is tomorrow? Tomorrow is . A. Sunday B.Friday C.Monday ( )
  4. What's the weather like tomorrow? Tomorrow is . A. sunny and cold B. sunny and cool C. Snowy and cold 判断 )
  5.John can' Ttoday. ( )
  5.John can't wear his T-shirt today. )
  6.John tomorrow. ( )
  6.John can wear his shirt tomorrow. 连词组句. 三,Write sentences 连词组句.
  1. in like What' What's weather the Jinan


  3. my

  4. Qingdao like
What' What's
weather the in

  5. sunny

  6. play
Let' Let's

  7. today
It' It's
选择填空. (5 四,Choose 选择填空. 分) ( ( today? )
  1. it snowy today?
A. Is (
B. Am
C.It' C.It's It
D. Can
)2 today. )
  2. hot today. B. Is C.It' C.It's It D. What
A. It (
)3 Harbin. )
  3.It is cloudy Harbin. B. on C. for D. in front of
A. in (
)4 )
  4.It is cold today. your sweater. B. Take off C.Wear C.Wear D. Open up
A. Put on (
)5 today? )
  5.?Is it snowy today? . they B. Yes, they are Yes, it' D. Yes, it's not
No, A. No, it is No, isn C. No, it isn't
五.Look and choose 看图选择. 看图选择.
Take your raincoat.
Open up your umbrella.
Hold on to your hat.
Put on your sunglasses.
Put on your boots.



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