PEP 小学英语六年级上册第一单元测试题 一. 填入所缺字母,并写出相应的中文意思: kn w pl ne tr ff c tr n b ke sh p s bw y h w 二.选择填空:
  1.I usually go to school foot. By; at; on
  2.--is the boy? He’s Tom. What; Who;
  3.--are you doing? I’m reading. What; When; on the river? Some ships. Who; Whom;
  5. apple do you want,the big one or the small one? What; Which; Whose
  6. can I go to Shanghai/ You can go by plane. What
  7. is your brother. He’s ten. How; Where;
  8. books do you have? I have ten. How many; How 三.圈出每组单词中与其他不属于同类的单词 light ; green light ; yellow light ; traffic rule;
  2.subway; bus; bike; park; bike; park; kindergarten
  4.Canada; traffic light; traffic rule; traffic jam 四.对画线部分提问;
  1.I go to school by bike.
  2.I go to school at 6:
  3.You can go to the park on foot.
  4.Tom is ten years old.
  5.Your bag is on the desk. 五.连词成句:
  1.can,go,on,I,school,foot,to,to,park,how,the,you,go ?
  3.can,No15,go,bus,you,school,to,the,by ?
  5.go,stop,can,to,bus,foot,we,on,the 六.改错: do you go to school/
  2.I goes to Canada by plane.
  3.We can go to the bus stop in foot.
  4.Remember the traffic rule!
  5.Come too my home by bike. 七.选词填空; how to by on near go get stop at the
  1.My home is the hospital.
  2. do you go to school? I go to school
  3.You can go by no.13 bus.
b s st p
How How What
How old How much;

  4.Look the traffic lights.
  5.How does your mother to work/
  6.My father goes Canada by plane.
  7. at a red light. 八.判断有没有共同的读音 name plane ( ) pig big ( ) bike dish ( ) team deal ( ) park great ( ) foot school( ) bus but ( ) stop go ( ) seven sure ( ) five fifth ( ) 小学英语 pep 六年级上册第一单元试题 Unit 1 课堂复习练习 姓名 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。 do you go to school ? I go to school foot.
  2. your mother go to work? She by bus.
  3. How your brother go to school? My home is . he goes to school on foot, he by bike. . at a red light.
  4. We must know the at a yellow light. Go a light. I get to the hospital ? can get there bus.
  6. There are always three lights in every country: , and 二、看答句,写问句。
  1. ? I usually go to school by bike.
  2. ? My father goes to Hong Kong by train.
  3. ? You can get to the cinema on foot.
  4. ? No, you can’t go to the park on foot.
  5. ? Yes, his mother goes to work by bus.
小学英语 pep7 六年级上册第二单元试题 Unit 2 课堂复习练习 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。
  1. , is there a bookstore near here ? Yes, .
  2. is the post office, please? the cinema. far from here? , it’s very far.
  3. can I get to the museum ? go by the No.1 bus. the cinema. Then for 3 minutes. is the right. The
the hospital? It’s west the bookstore. left the post office, then . Left. 二、看答句,写问句。 ? No, there isn’t a hospital near here.
  2. ? The bookstore is next to the cinema.
  3. ? I am going to buy a pair of shoes on the weekend. ?
  4. Walk east for 5 minutes ,the museum is on the right.
  5. ? You can take the No.3 bus.
  6. ? No, it’s not far. And then ?

小学英语 pep7 六年级上册第三单元试题 Unit 3 课堂复习练习 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。 are you going to this afternoon ?
  1. going to my grandparents . far ? , so I’m going on foot.
  2. is your father to the cinema ? He the cinema at 5:00 this afternoon. are you ?
  3. I’m going to the science museum.
  4. Sarah going to ? She buy a comic book.
  5. going to use any books plants ? Yes, I am. 二、看答句,写问句。
  1. ? His mother is going at 3 o’clock.
  2. ? They are going to the bookstore.
  3. ? I’m going to plant trees tomorrow.
  4. ? I’m going to be a teacher.
  5. ? Yes, he is going to the cinema.
  6. ? No, we are going at 5 o’clock. 小学英语 pep7 六年级上册第四单元试题 Unit 4 课堂复习练习 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。
  1. hobby ? I like making kites.
  2. hobby ? He likes flying kites.
  3. hobby ? She likes riding a bike.
  4. What’s hobby ? My father likes reading. your pen pal live? She in Hong Kong.

  6. your sister teach Chinese ? No, math.
  7. Ann go to school by bike ? , she does.
  8. your pen pal a student ? Yes, he . your hobby swimming ? Yes, .
  10. your brother like swimming ? No, . 二、看答句,写问句。
  1. ? I like collecting stamps.
  2. ? She likes diving. ? No, he is a doctor.
  4. ? Yes, My mother teaches Math.
  5. ? My uncle lives in Canada.
  6. ? No, he doesn’t. He lives in Beijing.
  7. ? Sure, he can go with us. 小学英语 pep 六年级上册第五单元试题 Unit 5 课堂复习练习 姓名 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。
  1. I teach lessons. I am a .
  2. I clean streets. I am a . .
  4. I dance. I am a .
  3. I sing songs. I am a
  5. I drive cars. I am a .
  6. I write stories. I am a .
  7. He helps people be safe. He is a .
  8. She reports the news. She’s a .
  9. This person works in a store\supermarket. He is a . .
  10. This person plays in the TV show. She is
  11. He helps the sick people. He is a .
  12. She draws the pictures well. She is . .
  13. If I like drawing and math, I can be
  14. He likes working with numbers. He enjoys math. He is 二、看答句,写问句。
  1. ?My father is a worker.
  2. ? My mother teaches English. ? He is my uncle.
  4. ? She works in a hospital.
  5. ? Her mother likes drawing pictures.
  6. ? Her mother is tall and pretty. 小学英语 pep7 六年级上册第六单元试题 Unit 6 课堂复习练习 一、根据句子意思,填上正确的单词。
  1. in the picture ? I can see many trees and flowers.
  2. the come from? the clouds. the cloud come from? from the

  4. the come from? the water.
  5.How can the water become vapour ? The and the water becomes vapour. can I plant a flower ? , put the in the soil.
  6. , water it. Put it the sun. several days, you can see a sprout. 二、看答句,写问句。 ? It comes from the vapour.
  2. ? The sun shines and the water becomes vapour.
  3. ? It comes from the wheat.(小麦)
  4. ?Yes, my father is a teacher. ? No, He works in a factory.
  6. ? Yes, the rain comes from the clouds. 小学英语 pep 六年级上册翻译练习试题 翻译练习
  2、请问去动物园怎么走?你可以坐 12 路公车去。
  9、每个学生都必须记住交通规则。 10 、 我 可 以 步 行 去 吗 ? 当 然 可 以 , 如 果 你 愿 意 的 话 。
  11、图书馆在哪里?先向前走,然后在邮局那儿向左拐。然后你就看见 了。
  12、请问,附近有电影院吗? 对,有的。医院旁边就是。
  13、放学以后你打算去哪儿? 我打算去鞋店买双鞋。

  14、明天是我 12 岁的生日。
  24、你的爱好是什么? 我喜欢集邮。
  25、你爸爸的爱好是什么? 他喜欢骑单车。
  26、你妈妈教英语吗? 不,她教数学。
  27、你的叔叔是做什么的? 他是一名记者。
  28、Mike 的阿姨在哪里工作? 她在一家鞋厂工作。
  29、你姐姐怎样去上班? 她乘公车去上班。
  30、蒸汽从哪里来? 它来自河里的水。
  32、然后你应该做什么? 给它浇水
一. 听录音,编号。(5 分) 活泼的 活稽的 校长 大学生 女士

二. 听录音,选出你听到的一项。(5 分)
  1. (
  3. ( ) A short )A thin B shirt B this black B Is she smart? 2( 4( 6( 8 ( ) A tall ) A miss ) A English B ball B B Mr science B Yes, he is.

  5( )A break B 7( 9 ( ) A Is he strict?
) A Yes, she is.
) A What is your father like? ) A Who’s that lady?
B Where is he from? B Whose bag is it?
10 (
三. 听录音,选出所听到的问题的最佳答语。(10 分)
  3. (
  4. ( ) A Yes, she is. B Yes, he is.
  2.( ) A. Mr Zhao. B He’s funny.
) A He’s from Canada.
B. He’s Wang Tao.
  5. ( ) A. Yes, she is quite. B No, she is quite.
) A She’s thin. B Yes, she is.
四.听录音, 填空(10 分)
  1. is your math like? He is and .
  3. is she? Oh, is my mother. The story(故事) is , but it’s very .

  4. Our principal is ,but she is . 笔试部分(40 分) 六. 填入所缺字母,完成单词并写出中文。 分) (5
  1. sm__ rt (
  4. st__dent ( )
  2. s tr__ct ( )
  5. pr__ncipal( )
  3. act _ ve ( ) )
六. 把问题和答语对应起来。 分) (5

) Who’s that man? ) What’s he like? ) Where’s he from? ) Is Miss Wang young? ) Is Mr Wang young?
A、 He’s from China. B、He’s my teacher. C、No, she is old. D、 He’s short and thin. E、 No, he is old.
七.选择正确答案并将字母序号填在括号里。 分) (5 ( )
  1.This is university student.. A an B a C 不填 ( )
  2.funny? Yes, she is. A Is he B Who’s C Is she
八.连词成句并写出中文。 (10 分)
  1. that is young who man (?)

  2. is Our principal kind very(.)
  3. classes what like you do (?) 九、翻译:(5 分) 1 谁是你的新的语文老师? is your Chinese teacher ?

  2.她长得怎么样? 哦,她又高又瘦。 she like ? Oh, she is tall and thin.
  3.他聪明吗?是的,而且他很严厉。Is he ? Yes, and he is very 十. 读短文,判断正误。 用 T 表示正确,F 表示错误) ( (10 分) Hello, my name is John. I have P.E ,art and English on Tuesday(星期二).It’s my favourite day. I like English. Look,that is my math teacher. He’s very kind. His name is Li Hai. I like beef very much, but I don’t like apples. I like bananas, too.
  1( )John has P.E and computer on Tuesday.
  2( ) John’s favourite day is Monday.
  3( )Mr Li is John’s English teacher.

  4( ) John likes apple very much.
  5( ). John’s math teacher is short and kind. 五年英语上册第二单元测试卷 班级 姓名 一.写单词: 星期一 星期二 星期三 星期 星期五 二.写句子: 1 今天星期几? 2 星期三. . 3 星期四你上什么课? What on ? 4 星期四我们上英语,数学和自然. We have , and on . 5 星期六你都干什么? What on 6 我经常读书. I . . ? ? 星期六 星期日
7 他通常看电视. He 8 Mom often

(做家务)on .(周日)
9 母亲节在五月的第二个周日 Mother’s Day is the Sunday in . 10 父亲节在六月的第三个周日. Father’s Day is the Sunday in . 11 在美国,感恩节在 11 月的第四个周四. I n America Thanksgiving Day is th



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   中国学生听力不好的九大主要原因    很多学生对自己的听力不是很满意,很想提高,但又不知道应该采用何种方法。本文旨在帮助学生分析听力不好的原因,并提出相应的建议。   听力不好是结果,想提高听力,首先要分析自己听力不好的原因,找到原因后再对症下药,才能做到标本兼治,收到良好的效果。   根据我个人的学习和教学经验,听力不好主要是由于以下几个原因造成的:   1. 自己的发音不够准确。   假设我们的发音能做到和标准音完全一样,那么只要你能听懂自己的发音,就一定能够听懂录音材 ...