PEP 小 学 英 语 五 年 级 期 末 试 卷
班级: 姓名: 学号: 得分:
听力部分 40%

  1. 听音 选择你所听到的内容 听音, 选择你所听到的内容. 10%
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1. A. morning )
  2. A. 3:15 )
  3. A. windy )
  4. A. Halloween )
  5. A. what )
  6. A. second )
  7. A. skate )
  8. A. October )
  9. A. shopping )
  10. A. have a look
B. afternoon B. 8:30 B. winter B. Thanksgiving B. when B. twelfth B. skirt B. August B. stopping B. make a cake
C. evening C. 5:00 C. cool C. New Year C. where C. twentieth C. sky C. April C. sleeping C. fly a kite

  2. 听问句 选答句 听问句, 选答句.
( ( ( ( (
  1. A. At 7:00 in the morning. )
  2. A. Because I can swim in the lake. )
  3. A. My birthday is in June. )
  4. A. It’s September 10th. )
  5. A. Sure.
B. At about 5:00 in the evening. B. Summer is good, but I like fall best. B. My brother’s birthday is in May. B. It’s October 1st. B. Thank you.

  3. 听音 判断下面句子的正误 打“√”或“×”. 听音, 判断下面句子的正误,打 √ 或 ×
( ( ( ( (
  1. Mary is making a birthday chart for her family. )
  2. Uncle Sam’s birthday is in July. )
  3. There are three birthdays in October. )
  4. Grandma’s birthday is on the same day with Mary. )
  5. Aunt Kate’s birthday is on June 1st.

  4. 听音 完成下列句子 听音, 完成下列句子.
It’s a sunny day. The students are having a good time. They are going on a field trip. Look! Chen Jie is w big tree. Mike is d is t p i w of the ants. 笔试部分 60%

  5. 判断下列单词中划线部分发音是否相同 打“√”或“×”. 判断下列单词中划线部分发音是否相同, √ 或 × 10%
. Zhang Peng and John are p . Sarah is c b
under a . Wu Yifan

  1. green
  3. chair
  5. book
  7. tree
  9. small

  6. 选择最合理的答案 选择最合理的答案.
glass hair school try snow
( ( ( ( (
) ) ) ) )

  2. wait
  4. skate
  6. China
  8. class
  10. sleep
rain skirt sheep car slow
( ( ( ( (
) ) ) ) )
  1. ?When do you have breakfast? A. a.m. B. c.m.
?At 6:30
. C. p.m.
before (之前) you go to bed. A. Brush your teeth B. Eat some cakes C. play computer games
I go hiking. A. Some times B. Sometime and cool. B. windy . B. autumn in Australia. B. spring ?It’s B. July 4th . C. No, it isn’t. . C. June 1st C. winter C. winter C. cold C. Sometimes
  4. Fall is A. very hot
  5. I can play with snow in A. fall
  6. When it’s fall in China, it’s A. fall
  7. ?When is Children’s Day? A. March 8th
  8. ?Is grandma’s birthday in June? ? A. Yes, she isn’t. B. No, she is.
  9. ?How many seasons are there in a year? A. Twelve B. Seven is the third month of a year. B. March ?
. C. Four
  10. A. January
C. May . C. Australia . C. You’re right.
  11. ?Where are kangaroo from? A. China
B. Canada ?
  12. ?Dad, there is a call for you. A. Thank you.
B. You’re welcome. the meals. I am the meals now.
  13. I can A. cook; cooks
B. cook; cooking ? .
C. cook; cook
  14. ?What are the monkeys doing? A. He is swinging.
B. They are swinging.
C. Yes, they can swing.
  15. Are the pandas climbing? A. Yes, it is. B. No, they are not.
C. No, they are.

  7. 用单词的正确形式 补全句子 用单词的正确形式, 补全句子.
  1. I am
  2. The fish is
  3. There are many
  4. Usually he
  5. They are

  8. 连接相应的节日和日期 连接相应的节日和日期.
a report in the study. in the river. and sheep on the farm. football on the weekend. morning exercises on the playground.
Women’s Day
Christmas Day
Teachers’ Day
Army Day
April Fool’s Day
March 8th

  9. 连词成句 10% 连词成句.
September 10th
December 25th
April 1st
August 1st
the (?)
they (.)
because (.)

  10. 阅读短文 选择 10% 阅读短文, 选择.
Dear Bob: It’s suuny today. My friends and I are playing on the beach (沙滩). It’s very beautiful. The water is clean and blue. We are having a good time. Many birds are flying over the sea. Some are standing on the rock (岩石). Many people are swimming. Some people are lying (躺) on the beach. And some boys are playing football, too. My sister Mary is sitting on a chair and singing. My brother John is playing with sand (沙) and I am sitting on a rock and writing to you! What a nice day! What are you doing now? I hope I can get your letter soon. Best wishes! Sam ( )
  1. ?What’s the weather like today? A. Saturday ( ?It’s . C. sunny . C. playgroud . C. swimming
B. Sunday
  2. Sam and his friends are playing on the A. beach B. farm
  3. Mary is sitting on a chair and A. sleeping B. singing with sand. B. reading . B. reading
  4. John is A. taking
C. playing
  5. Many people are A. swinging
C. swimming
2008 年江北区 PEP 小学英语五年级期末试卷听力材料及答案

  1. 听音 选择你所听到的内容 听音, 选择你所听到的内容. 10%

  1. morning
  8. August AABCC

  2. 3:15
  9. shopping BABAA

  3. winter

  4. New Year

  5. where

  6. twelfth

  7. skate

  10. have a look

  2. 听问句 选答句 听问句, 选答句.

  1. When do you eat breakfast?
  3. When is your brother’s birthday?
  5. Can I speak to your mom, please? AABBA

  3. 听音 判断下面句子的正误 打“√”或“×”. 听音, 判断下面句子的正误,打 √ 或 ×
  4. 听音 完成下列句子 听音, 完成下列句子. 10%

  2. Why do you like summer?
  4. Today is National Day. What’s the date today?
It’s a sunny day. The students are having a good time. They are going on a field trip. Look! Chen Jie is watching insects. Zhang Peng and John are playing chess under a big tree. Mike is drinking water. Sarah is catching butterflies. Wu Yifan is taking pictures of the ants.

  5. 判断下列单词中划线部分发音是否相同 打“√”或“×”. 判断下列单词中划线部分发音是否相同, √ 或 × 10%

  6. 选择最合理的答案 选择最合理的答案.

  7. 用单词的正确形式 补全句子 用单词的正确形式, 补全句子.

  8. 连接相应的节日和日期 连接相应的节日和日期.

  9. 连词成句 10% 连词成句.

  1.Which season do you like best?
  4. Because I can sleep a long time.

  10. 阅读短文 选择 10% 阅读短文, 选择.

  2. What is the date?

  3. They are eating the honey.

  5. Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen.



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