PEP 小学英语五年级上册期中试题 教学资源 2008-04-22 14:58:04 阅读 11104 评论 27 字号:大中小 订阅 PEP 小学英语五年级上册期中试题 题号 一 得分 听力部分(40 分) (每题读两遍) 一. 听音,选择所听到的内容。10% ( )
  1. A. foot B. food C. would ( )
  2. A. nice B. nine C. fine ( )
  3. A. two bags B. two maps C. two caps ( )
  4. A. fish B. fresh C. fridge ( )
  5. A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Thursday ( )
  6. A. today B. tasty C. table ( )
  7. A. heavy B. healthy C. hurry ( )
  8. A. egg B. eggplant C. cabbage ( )
  9. A. do homework B. do housework C. do some shopping ( )
  10.A. I’d like some mutton. B. I’d like some pork. C. I’d like some potato. 二、判断下图与所听的内容是否相符,相符的打“√”,不相符的打“×”。 (10 分) 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 十一 十二 总分



  3、 ( ) ( ) 三、 听上句,选择正确的下句。 (10 分) ( )
  1. A. I like apples. B. I’d like grapes. ( )
  2. A. We have math and English. B. We have beef and rice. ( )
  3. A. We have cabbage and noodles.

  4. ( )

B. I often watch TV and do homework. ( )
  4. A. It’s Monday. B. Tomorrow is Monday. ( )
  5. A. Yes, he is. B. No, he is. ( )
  6. A. Miss Yang. B. Mr. Li. ( )
  7. A. He’s smart and active. B. He likes vegetables. ( )
  8. A. Mutton. B. Cucumbers. ( )
  9. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I do. ( )
  10. A. I like playing football B. I’d like to read books. 四、听录音,填单词 (10 分) Amy: What do you on Fridays, Mike? Mike: have and . Amy: What do you do on ? Mike: I often my and . Amy: What’s your favorite day? Mike: , of course. 笔试部分(60 分) 五、Finish the words.(填入所缺字母,完成单词 10 分) ① 高的 t _ ll ② 滑稽可笑的 f _ nny ③ 亲切的 k _ nd ④ 年老的 o _ d ⑤ 矮的 sh _ _ t ⑥ 严厉的 s _ _ ict ⑦ 聪明的 sm _ _ t ⑧ 积极活泼的 a _ t _ ve ⑨ 星期二 T _ e . ⑩ 星期五 F _ iday 六、 找出不同类的单词。 分) (5 ( )
  1、A.mouth B.pretty C.nose ( )
  2、A.friendly B.monkey C.panda D.bear ( )
  3、A.funny B.thin C.kind D.classmates ( )
  4、A.uncle B.aunt C.young D.parents ( )
  5、 B.Mrs C.Mr D.Miss 七、找出划线部分发音不同的单词。 分) (5 ( )
  1、A.lake C.face D.gate ( )
  2、A.evening B.we C.egg D.he ( )
  3、A.nose C.old ( )
  4、 B.cup C.umbrella D.bus ( )
  5、A.head B.bread C.teacher D.sweater 八、选择正确的答案。(10 分)
  1. --Who’s that girl? -- my sister. A. She’s B. He’s C. It’s
  2. --Do you like flowers? -. A.Yes, I don’t. B. Yes, I do. C. No, I can’t.
  3. --Is there a toilet in the building? --No, . A. There isn’t B. there aren’t C. there isn’t

  4. Look at the book the floor. A. on B. under C. in
  5. Here a map of the world for you. A. are B. aren’t C. is
  6. I can see some trees the building. A. beside B. between C. on
  7. --Can you make a puppet? -. A.Yes, I do. C. No, I can’t. C. No, I can.
  8. --Are there any reading rooms in the school? ?Yes, . A. there aren’t B. there is C. there are
  9. the song, please. A. Listen B. Learn to C. Listen to
  10. I like the beef, but I’m too heavy now. I eat vegetable.. A. will B. would C. have to 九、连线。 (10 分)
  1. What would you like for lunch? A. I like apples.
  2. What do you have on Thursdays? B. I have English and music.
  3. What’s your favourite fruit? C. She is young and pretty.
  4. What’s your English teacher like? D. Saturday.
  5. What day is it tomorrow? E. I’d like beef. 十、将下列打乱顺序的单词重新排列成完整的句子,写在四线格中。 (10 分) beef is the too salty . my like have your it is favourite she family that is happy father ? . ? I .
what a is
十一、根据短文,判断正(√) ,误(×) 。(5 分) Hi,I’m David. I’m from Willon school. Today is Tuesday. We have math,Chinese and computer on Tuesdays. I like computer. My computer teacher is very funny,he is very strong. I like him. We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don’t like eggplant. Potatoes are my favourite food. Saturdays are my favourite days. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, I do my homework too on Saturdays. What about you? ( )
  1. What day is it today? A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday ( )
  2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays? A. Pork and rice. B. Tofu and greenbeans. C. Eggplant and fish. D. Mutton and tomatoes. ( )
  3. What is David’s computer teacher like? A. He is tall and thin. B. He’s very funny. He is strong. C. He is so heavy. D. He is active. ( )
  4. Does David like his computer teacher? A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he like.
C. No, he doesn’t. D. No, he doesn’t like. ( )
  5. What does David do on Saturday? A. He often plays football ande does homework. B. He often plays computer games. C. He often watches TV and play ping-pong. D. He often sings. 十二、请用 hair, mouth, eye, ear, nose 单词写一篇描述你好朋友的小文章,不少于五句话。 (5 分) My Best Friend
答案 一、
  1. food
  2. nice
  3. two maps
  4. fridge eggplant
  9. do housework
  10. I’d like some mutton. 1-5 BACBB 6-10 BABCA 二、
  1. Mr. Brown is short and thin.
  2. I have hamburger and water for breadfast.
  3. I often play computer games on Sundays.
  4. It’s Friday, we have math and P.E. I like Fridays.
  5. I’d like chicken, cabbage, grapes and eggplant. 1-5 ×√×√× 三、
  1. What would you like? (B)
  2. What do you have on Mondays? (A)
  3. What do you have for lunch? (A)
  4. What day is it tomorrow? (B)
  5. Is he your Chinese teacher? (A)
  6. Who is that woman? (A)
  7. What’s Mr Ma like? (A)
  8. What’s your favourite vegetable?(B)
  9. Do you like mutton? (B)
  10. What do you like? (A) 四、
  1. have
  2. I
  3. English
  5. Tuesday
  6. do
  7. homewok
  8. watch
  9. TV
  10. Saturday. 五、
  1. a
  2. u
  4. l
  5. ir
  6. tr
  7. ar
  8. ci
  9. u
  10. r 六、 1-5 BADCA 七、 1-5 BCDAC 八、 1-5 ABCAC 6-10 ACCCC 九、1E 2B 3A 4C 5D 十、
  1. The beef is too salty.
  2. It is my favourite.
  3. What is she like?
  4. I have a happy family.
  5. Is that your father? 十一、1-5 ACBAA 十二、略。

  5. Thursday
  6. tasty

  7. hurry




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