PEP 小学英语五年级下册 U1~U3 复习卷 小学英语五年级下册 英语五年级 复习卷 Listening Part (45%)
听录音, 序号。 一、Listen and circle.听录音,圈出相应的序号。(10%) 听录音 圈出相应的序号

  1. A. B. C.

  2. A. B. C.

  3. A. B. C.

  4. A. B. C.


A. B. C. A. B. C.
  7. A. skate B. snake C. sister
  8. A. first B. four C. forty
  9. the morning B. in the park C. in the eveing
  10. A. plant trees B. paly with snow C. play sports 听录音, 二、Listen and draw. 听录音,写时间。(5%)
  6:20 )
  2.( )
  3.( )
  4.( )
  5.( )
  6.( ) 根据录音内容连线 内容连线。 三、Listen and match. 根据录音内容连线。(4%)
听录音,判断。 四、Listen and tick or cross. 听录音,判断。(10%)
  1. Sarah’s birthday is in October. ( )
  2. Sarah likes summer best because she can fly kites. ( )
  3. Ice cream is Sarah’s favourite food. ( ) 4 . Sarah can play the vilion. ( )
  5. Sarah usually visit grandparents every weekend. ( ) 听录音,将相应的序号填在横线上。 (10%) 五、Listen and fill. 听录音,将相应的序号填在横线上。 ( ) ① go hiking ② visit grandparents ⑤ wash clothes ⑥go shopping John’s Weekend ③ climb mountain ④ play the paino ⑦ do homework ⑧ read English Sarah’s weekend
Mike’s Weekend
ChenJie’s Weekend
根据录音内容 选择正确的答句。 内容, 六、Listen and choose. 根据录音内容,选择正确的答句。(6%) ( )
  1. A. Good idea! B. I’m sorry. ( )
  2. A. I usually go to school at
  00. B. I usually go home at
  00. ( )
  3. A. I like winter best. B. I like eating noodles best. ( )
  4. A. His birthday is in March. B. My birthday is in March. ( )
  5. A. I often play football on the weekend. B. I usually eat dinner at 6:
  30. ( )
  6. A. Because I can skate in winter. B. Because I can fly kites in spring.
Writing Part (55%)
出不同类的单词。 (10% ) 一、Read and choose. 选出不同类的单词。 ( ( )
  1. A. morning B. breakfast C. afternoon D.evening ( )
  2. A. July B. Sunday C. May D. April ( )
  3. A. windy B. sunny C. cloudy D.snowy ( )
  4. A. green B. yellow C. big ( )
  5. A.get up B. go home C. English D. go to school 读一读,选择。 二、Read and choose. 读一读,选择。 10%) ( ) ( )
  1. John’s birthday is December. A. on B. at C. in ( )
  2. -- When do you go home? -- . A. I usually go shopping on Sunday. B. I usually go home at 4:
  30. C. She likes painting best. ( )
  3. I can skate winter.. A. for B. with C. in ( )
  4. ? What’s the date? -- . A. It’s October 1st. B. It’s rainy and cold. C. It’s Tuesday today. ( )
  5. I don’t like summer. What about you? A. I like playing piano. B.I like spring best. C. She likes summer best. 读句子,选择图片,圈出相应的序号 序号。 三、Read and circle. 读句子,选择图片,圈出相应的序号。(10%)

  1. It’s cool and windy in fall. A. B.

  2. Happy Teacher’s Day! A. B.

  3. We can make a snowman in winter. A. B.

  4. It’s going to rain tomorrow. A. B.

  5. I usually get up at 6:
  30. A. B. 完成单词 ( 单词。 四、Finish the following words. 完成单词。 6%) )
  1. My father’s birthday is in J_ _ _ .

  2. Its good to plant t _ _ _ _.

  3. It’s the f _ _ _ _ day(第一天) in January.

  4. I usually eat d _ _ _ _ _ at six.

  5. Let’s go h _ _ _ _ _ on the weekend.

  6. We can s _ _ _ in summer.
阅读理解。 六、Read and choose. 阅读理解。(8%)
Hello, I’m Susan. Look, this is my family photo. This is my mother. She is a teacher. Her birthday is in March. She likes going shopping. Her favourite season is winter. My father is a doctor. He likes winter best. His birthday is in September. He often climb mountains with his friends on weekends.Haha, this is me. I like summer best because I can eat ice-cream very much , and I can wear pretty skirts in summer. 选择正确的一项。 (一)选择正确的一项。 ( )
  1. How many people are Susan’s family? A. Four B. Three C. Five ( )
  2. Mother is a . A. doctor B. teacher C. nurse ( )
  3. When is father’s birthday? A. In September. B. In April. C. In March. ( )
  4. Why does Susan like summer? A. Because she likes ice-cream. B. Because she can wear pretty skirts. C. A and B 判断。 (二)判断。 ( )
  1. Mother’s birthday is in Spring. ( )
  2. Father is a teacher too. ( )
  3. Father likes climbing mountain with his friends. ( )
  4.Susan’s favourite season is winter. 附加题、 连词成句。 附加题、Rearrange the following sentences. 连词成句。(10%)
  1. season favourite My spring is
  2. from are Where you
  3. at eat I dinner six
  4. snow I can with winter play in
听力与答案 一、
  1. I read English every day.
  2. It’s warm in spring.
  3. Summer is hot.
  4. It’s 8 o’clock. It’s time for P.E.
  5. When is your birthday? It’s Sept. 1st.
  6. Mike likes playing the panio.
  7. We can skate in winter.
  8.There are forty chairs.
  9. My uncle works in the eveing
  10.Let’s play sports. 二、
  1. I get up at 6:
  2. I go to school at 7:
  3. I do morning exercises at 9 o’clock.
  4. I do homework at 5:
  5. I go to bed at 8:
  30. 三、
  1. I’m Sarah. I like spring best.
  2. Mr. Black likes best winter best.
  3. What’s your favourite? Mike? I like fall. What about you,Zhang Peng? I like summer best. 四、--Hi, Sarah. May I ask you ssome questions? --Sure. --When is your birthday? --It’s is in July. Which season do you like best --I like summer because I can fly kites. --What’s your favourite food. --I like grapes best. --Can you play the vilion ? --No, but I can play the panio. --What do you do on The weekend? --I often visit my grandparents every weekend 五、--What do you do on the weekend, John? --I go hiking, climb mountain. What about you? Sarah? --I visit my grandparents, play the panio and do homework. And you, Mike? --I go shopping with my mom and read English.What about you, Chen Jie? --I wash clothes, go hiking and do homework. 六、
  1. Come to my home and we can watch TV together.
  2. When do you go to school?
  3. Which season do you like best?
  4. When is your birthday ?
  5. What do you do on the weekend
  6. Why do you like spring?
答案:一、 CNCBC AACCC 二、
  5:30 三、spring winter fall summer 四、错对错错对 五、13 247 68 157 六、AAABBB




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