Hello! My name is Sun Wei. Here is an American boy. His name is David Smith. He is twelve. And I am twelve, too. David is in Class Three, Grade One. I am in Class Three, Grade One, too. He is Number Eight, Row Five. I am Number Five, Row Four. ( )
  1.David A. is ( )
  2.He is A. ten A. in A. Four A. Four ( )
  3.Sun Wei is B. on B. Five B. Five ( )
  4.David is in Row ( )
  5.Sun Wei is Number D. Eight an American boy. B. am . B. eleven C. twelve Class Three, Grade One. C. of . C. One] . C. are
My name is Jim Green. I am twelve. That is my mother. She is a teacher. That is my father. His name is Jeff Green. He is a teacher, too. He is an English teacher. ? That is my sister, Kate. She is eight. This is Polly. It is a bird. It is a parrot. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Jim Green is eleven. )
  2. His mother is teacher. )
  3. His father is a Chinese teacher. )
  4. His sister is twelve. )
  5. He has a bird.
Van and Ted are twin brothers. They look the same. They are English. They are eleven. They are in No.15 Middle School. They are new students in Class One, Grade One. Van sits in Row One. Ted sits in Row Three. ( )
  1. Van and Ted are A. twins brothers ( )
  2. They are A. English ( )
  3. They are A. ten ( )
  4. They are A. new ( )
  5. Ted sits A. on . B. eleven students. B. old Row Three. B. in C. at C. good C. twelve . B. American C. Chinese . B. twin brother C. twin brothers
My name is Mary. I am eleven. Ted is my brother. He is thirteen. We are in the same school. My mother is a teacher. She is a teacher in our school. My father is a teacher, too. He is a Chinese teacher in a college. I have a cat. Its name is Miaomiao. It is white. It is a nice cat. We are good friends. ( )
  1. I am twelve.
( ( ( (
  2. Ted is Mary’s brother. )
  3. Ted and I are in the same class. )
  4. My parents are teachers. )
  5. I have a cat. This is a Chinese gird. Her name is Wu Yan. She is a new student. She is in Yuying Middle School.
She is in Class One, Grade Two. Bill is an American boy. He is eleven. He is Yuying Middle School, too. Miss Li is their PE teacher. She is a good teacher. ( )
  1. Wu Yan is A. a Chinese girl ( )
  2. She is a A. good ( )
  3. Bill is A. a Chinese girl ( )
  4. Their PE A. friend A. teacher . B. an American boy is Miss Li. B. teacher . C. boy B. student C. student C. a good boy . B. an American girl student. B. new C. old C. an English girl
( )
  5. Miss Li is a good
This is my friend, Jim. He is an English boy. He is twelve. He is in Class Three, Grade One. He is Number Two in Row Five. My name is Dong Cheng. I am a Chinese boy. I am twelve, too. I am in Class One. I am Number One in Row One. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Jim is an American boy. )
  2. Dong Cheng is an English boy. )
  3. Jim is in Class Three, Grade One. )
  4.Dong Cheng is Number One in Row One. )
  5. Dong Cheng and Jim are brothers.
My name is Gao Ping. My English teacher is Julia. She is from England. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter is Betty. Her son is Dick. Julia and her daughter are in China, but her husband Paul Smith is in England. Her son is in America. Paul is a policeman. Dick is a college student. Betty and I are in the same school. We are classmates, and we are good friends. I teach her Chinese and she teaches me English. ( )
  1. Julia and Paul are Betty’s A. teachers ( )
  2. Dick’s A. father B. students B. mother . is my good friend. C. sister . C. parents
( )
  3. Dick and Betty are A. sisters and brothers B. sister and brother C. sister and brothers ( )
  4.Betty’s father is a
in England.
A. teacher A. teacher
B. policeman B. worker
C. worker C.housewife
( )
  5. Paul’s wife is a
in China.
Betty: (Knocking at the door) Mr Han: Who is it? Go and see, Meimei. Han Mei: Oh, it’s you, Betty. Glad to see you. Betty: Hi, Han Mei. Glad to see you, too. Is everyone in? Han Mei: Yes. We are all here. Come in, please. Betty: Thank you. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Betty is knocking at the door. )
  2. Mr Han opens the door. )
  3. This is Meimei’s home. )
  4. Everyone isn’t in. )
  5. Their friends are at Han Mei’s home.
Jane White is an American girl. She is fifteen. She is a middle school student. He father is Bill White and her mother is Joan White. He brother, Bob, is a student, too. He is in a black coat and Jane is in a red sweater.
  1. Jane White is
  2. She is years old. . . .
  3. He brother is a
  4. Jane’s sweater is
  5. Bob’s coat is American girl.
My name is Ted Pike. I am a worker in a big store. I don’t work in the morning. I only work at night. Every morning I come home at about half past six. I have breakfast at seven. After breakfast I go to bed. I get up at about half past two. I have lunch at a quarter to three and supper at twenty to eight. Then I go to work at a quarter past eight. I start work at nine. I look after the store every night. I like my work very much. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Ted works in the morning. )
  2. Ted sleeps at 6:30 a.m. )
  3. Ted doesn’t work at 12 p.m. )
  4. Ted goes to work at 8:15 p. m. )
  5. Ted is at home in the morning.
Hello! My name is Alice. There are seven people in my family. My grandfather and grandmother are in America. My parents are English teachers in China. I have two brothers. They are twins. We are students in the same school. I am in Grade One. They are in Grade Three. ( )
  1. Three are A. eight A. at A. seven A. a A. doctors B. seven B. on B. three B. an ( )
  2. Here parents are C. in children in her family. C. two same school. C. the . C.workers B. teachers ( )
  3. There are ( )
  4. They are in ( )
  5. Her parents are people in Alice’s family. C. ten China.
Bob Pearson is an old man. He has two big houses and a new car. He has no wife, but he is a father of four children. He has two sons and two daughters. One son is from England. His name is Bill. The other son is from America. His name is Mike. One of his daughters is from China. Her name is Lanlan. The other one is from Japan. Her name is Nikon. Bob Pearson is not the children’s real father, but he loves them very much. The children love their “father”, too. Bob Pearson has many toys for the children. He gives different toys to different children. The boys play with toy cars. The girls play with dolls and toy animals. Bob Pearson is the children’s “father”, and he is their good friend, too. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Bob Pearson has six children. )
  2. Bob Pearson is a nice young man. )
  3. Nikon is a Japanese girl. )
  4. Bill and Mike are from England. )
  5. Nikon and Lanlan like toy animals.
Look at this desk. It’s Jim’s desk. It’s brown. Jim’s book is on it. It’s an English book. His pencil-box is on it, too. His pencil is in his pencil-box. But where’s his pen? He can’t find it. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Jim’s desk is brown. )
  2. Jim’s book is on his bed. )
  3. His book is a Chinese book. )
  4. His pencil is in his pencil-box. )
  5. His pen is on his desk.
This is a picture of a family. The grandmother’s name is Harry Smith. The grandfather’s name is Jean Smith. They are very old. They are Americans.
The father’s name is Lake Smith. He is
  44. The mother’s name is Kate Smith. She is
  40. They have a son of ten and a daughter of fifteen. The son’s name is John Smith and the daughter’s mane is Mary Smith. They are students of No.12 Middle School. Kate is a teacher of the same school. Lake is a policeman. It’s a very good family. ( )
  1. Lake Smith’s parents are A. Americans ( )
  2. John’s father is A. 44 A. teacher ( )
  4. they are in the A. some A. six B. same B. two ( )
  5. The family has B. 40 . C. doctor school. C. any children. C. four B. policeman ( )
  3. Mary’s mother is a B. American . C. very old . C. America
Sue: How are you, Jack? Jack: Fine, thank you. And you? Sue: I’m fine, too. Thank you. But I can’t find the picture. I must find the picture. I must find it now. Jack: Which picture? Sue: It’s a new one. My father, my mother and I are in it. My father is in a blue coat. My mother is in a red dress. I’m in brown blouse. A tree is behind us. Jack: Oh, look! What’s that under the table? Sue: Yes, that’s it! Thank you, Jack. Jack: That’s all right. ( )
  1. Sue can’t A. draw A. old B. find B. new ( )
  2. The picture is ( )
  3. There are A. two B. three C. four ( )
  4. The woman in a red dress is Sue’s A. father B. teacher C. mother ( )
  5. The tree is A. behind B. beside them. C. out of . the picture. C. see . C. good people in the picture.
I have a nice picture of a room. I see some boys and girls in it. Two boys are at a table. They are Tom and Jone. Who’s that in a red skirt? She is Sue. She’s on a chair. Look! Who’s under the bed? It’s Jim. A cat is under the bed, too. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. I have a picture of a classroom. )
  2. I see five boys and girls in the room. )
  3. Sue is in a red skirt. )
  4. Jim is under the bed. )
  5. The cat is on the table.
Mr. Green is an Englishman. He is a teacher. He teaches English in No.15 Middle School in Beijing. He likes teaching a lot. He goes to work by school bus every morning. There are fifty students in his class. He speaks English with them in class. He plays games with them after class. He likes them very much. And his students love him, too. They are good friends. ( )
  1. Mr. Green is Canadian. ( )
  2. He likes teaching very much. ( )
  3. He goes to work by bike every morning. ( )
  4. He speaks Chinese in class. ( )
  5. He likes his students very much. Chen Fang: Hello! I’m Chen Fang. Nice to meet you. Mary: Nice to meet you, too. My name’s Mary Brown. I’m new. I want to make more friends here. Chen Fang: Me, too. Where do you come from, then? Mary: New York. And what’s your nationality? Chen fang: I’m Chinese. Are you at net? Mary: Yes. Very often. Chen Fang: What’s your net address, please? Mary: mary@yahoo.com. What about yours? Chen Fang: Chenfang@sohu.com Mary: I’ll deliver the e-mail to you on holiday. Chen Fang: Thank you. I’ll do that, too. ( )
  1. Chen Fang and Mary are new A. teachers B. students C. boys .
( )
  2. Mary is A. American
. B. Chinese C. an English girl ,too. C. an E-mail . . B. TV
( )
  3. Chen Fang has A. a net address A. planes
( )
  4. They want to make more B. money C. friends
( )
  5. Mary will deliver the e-mail to Chen Fang A. today B. on Monday C. on holiday
This is the twin’s bedroom. In the room we can see a map. It is a map of China. Books are on the desk. They have a clock on the desk, too. Their skirts are on the bed. Their shoes are under the chair. Everything is tidy. Their room is not big. It’s very nice. The twins like it very much. ( )
  1. The twins don’t have a map in their room. ( )
  2. We can see their books on the desk. ( )
  3. We can’t see their shoes. ( )
  4. The room is big. ( )
  5. They like their room very much. It is a fine Sunday morning. Ann and her mother are on a big bus. There are many people on it. Some of them come from America, and some come from England and others come from Japan. They are all their friends. They are going to the Great Wall. There are two Chinese on the bus. One is a woman. She is driving the bus. The other is a young man. He speaks good English. He is now talking about the Great Wall. The other people are all listening to him. They like the Great Wall. They want to see it very much. ( )
  1. Ann and her mother are on a big bus on Monday. ( )
  2. A lot of people are going with them. ( )
  3. Many friends from America, England and Japan are on the bus. ( )
  4. They want to see the Great Wall. ( )
  5. The bus driver is a young man. My white looks out of his window. There is a boy at the there side of the street. The boy takes some bread out of a bag and begins eating it. There is a very thin dog in the street too. The boy says to it, “ Come here, good dog. I’ll give you some bread.” The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but he does not give it any bread. He kicks the dog. It runs away. Then Mr. White comes out of his house and says to the boy, “ I’ll give you a shilling.” The boy is happy and says, Yes”. “Come here,” Mr. White says. The boy goes to him, but Mr. White doesn’t give him a shilling. He hits him with a stick.
The boy cries and says, “ Why do you hit me? I don’t ask you for any money.” “ No,” Mr. White says, “ And the dog doesn’t ask you for any bread, but you kick it.” ( )
  1. Mr. White ( )2, There is a A. fat A. some A. with A. for B. thin B. any out of the window. dog in the street. C. hungry bread to the dog. a stick. any money. C. the
A. look B. looks C. looking
( )
  3. The boy does not give ( )
  4. Mr. White hits the boy B. in C. use B. of C. in
( )
  5. The boy doesn’t ask Mr. White
This is a picture. It’s a picture of my bedroom. Look at it, please. What can you see in the picture? I can see a bed, a desk and a chair. What can you see on the wall? I can see a map and a kite. What map is it? It’s a map of China. I can see a light, some books and some flowers on the desk. Where are my coats and trousers? Oh, they’re in the box. You can’t see them. ( )
  1. This is a picture of a classroom. ( )
  2. I can see a map of China on the wall. ( )
  3. The light is in the desk. ( )
  4. I can see the coats in the box.] ( )
  5. I can’t see any trousers. Look at the picture. We can see a hill in it. On the hill there are some trees. There are some birds in the trees. Behind the trees there is a house. There is a river near the hill. We can see a boat in the river. There are two boys in the boat.
  1. We can see a hill in the
  2. There is a house
  3. There are some birds
  4. There are
  5. The river is in the boat. the hill. . the trees. the tree.
“Joe,” says his father,



   PEP 小学英语五年级下册 U1~U3 复习卷 小学英语五年级下册 英语五年级 复习卷 Listening Part (45%) 听录音, 序号。 一、Listen and circle.听录音,圈出相应的序号。(10%) 听录音 圈出相应的序号 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. B. C. 4. A. B. C. 5. 6. A. B. C. A. B. C. 7. A. skate B. snake C. sister 8. A. first B. four C ...


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