PEP 英语五年级下册期中练习卷
一、选择正确的选项。 ( )
  1. When is your birthday? A.It’s in May 1st . B. It’s may. C.It’s May 1st . ( )
  2.? It’s July 15th . A.What’s the date today? B. What day is it today? C. What time is it? ( )
  3. You don’t like summer.I don’t like summer,. A. too B.either C. to ( )
  4. do you like spring? Because I can go hiking. A.Which B. Why C.What’s ( )
  5.? do you play sports? I play sports at 5:
  00. A. When B.Who C.What ( )
  6. My mother is a teacher. She goes to school 7:00 the morning. A. at…on B. at…at C. at…in ( )
  7. Is Mother’s Day in May? A.Yes,she is B.No,she isn’t C.Yes,it is. ( )
  8.Spring is good winter is my favourite season. A. and B. because C. but ( )
  9.My birthday is December. A. in B. on C. at ( )
  10. do you like summer? A. what B. when C. why ( )
  11.I usually get up6:
  30. A. in B. at C. on ( )
  12. What do you do the weekend? A. on B. in C. at ( )
  13. I can play snow. A. with B. at C. in ( )
  14. season do you like best? A. Where B. When C. Which ( )
  15. is the ninth month of a year. A. September B. August C. October ( )
  16. Winter is beautiful, but it's cold me. A. to...for B. too...for C. ( )
  17.When do you get up ? . A. I get up in 6:30 B. I get up at 6:30 C. 6:30 ( )
  18.When is Teachers’ Day ? A. It’s in March. B. It’s in October. C. It’s in September. ( )
  19.What do you do ? A.I watch TV. B. I like apples. C. I am a student. ( )
  20. birthday is in October? A. Who B. Whose C. Who's 二、从方框中选出合适的疑问词填空。
  1.?do you go home? ?At 4:

  2. ?season do you like best?
  3.?is your favourite food?
  4.?do you like summer?
  5.?are you from,John?
  6.?your name?
  7.?is that boy? Where which what
?I like fall best. ?Fish. ?Because I can swim. ?I’m from America. ?My name is John. ?He is Tim. when why who what’s
三、据上下文,用合适的词填空。 birthday, visit , snow snowman , 2nd , swim coat, sweater, shorts, skate, making, city
Hello,I am Andy. October is my grandma’s . I am a birthday card (生日卡) for her. Usually I my grandparents on October 1st. My grandparents live(住) in Harbin. It’s a beautiful . It’s usually snowy in Harbin in October. So I can at that time. I usually wear and . I like playing with the and making a in Harbin, too. morning exercises, Sunday, dinner, breakfast, sports,get,homework, dishes, , , , cooks, English, Monday, Hello, I am Tina. I am a student. I usually up at 6:30 every morning. After that, I do with my father. My mother usuallyfor us. We eattogether. Then I go to school. I like best. Because I have class on that day. After school we do with our teachers. We like playing basketball. I go home at 5:
  30. We eat at 7:
  00. I doat seven thirty. After that, I watch TV. I like watching the children show(节目). Because it is fun. My father can do the . He is a good father. 四、连词成句。
  1、is, birthday, June, Mom's, 22nd .
  2、I, snowman, often, a, make, winter, in.
  3、 you, morning,do,exercises,when? do,
  5、likes, Mike, best, summer.
  6、usually, 6:00, get, I, up, at . 五、配对,将序号填在前边的括号里。 ( )
  1、What do you do on the weekend? A、It's warm and windy. ( )
  2、What's the date today? B、Usually I read books. ( )
  3、What's the weather like in spring? C、At
  6:30 ( )
  4、When do you get up ? D、Because it's too cold. ( )
  5、Is your birthday in May? E、It's September 2nd ( )
  6、What day is it today? F、No,it's in April ( )
  7、Why don't you like winter? G、It's Thursday.



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