PEP 英语五年级第二单元测试题
姓名 班别 听力部分 一、听录音,选出你所听到的选项(10 分) 听录音,选出你所听到的选项( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. spring )
  2. A. play )
  3. A. your )
  4. A. where )
  5. A. fall )
  6. A. weather B. swim B. make B. her B. why B. all C. summer C. day C. our C. what C. because D. snow 学号
D. rain D. his D. when D. north D. wear C. windy and cool C. go fishing D. windy and warm
B. windy
C. warm
  7. A. sunny and cool )
  8. A. go hiking
B. rainy and cold B. go shopping
D. go skating
  9. A. My father likes winter best. C. My brother likes fall best.
B. My mother likes summer best. D. My sister likes fall best. B. I don't like winter because it's cold. D. I don't like winter because it snows.
  10. A. I like winter because it’s beautiful.
C. I like fall because it's beautiful. 听录音,给下列各图标号( 二、听录音,给下列各图标号(8 分)

三、听问句,选答语(12 分) 听问句,选答语( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. Apples. B. Summer. C. At 8:
  30. D. I can swim. D. I like to swim. D. It’s very hot. D. It’s fall. D. I like fall.
  2. A. I like summer. )
  3. A. It’s 9 now. )
  4. A. I like summer. )
  5. A. It’s cool.
B. I can skate. B. It’s rainy now. B. I can skate.
C. I can swim.
C. It's rainy and cool. C. I like skating. C. I can fly kites.
B. Because it’s cool.
  6. A. Fall.
B. I like fall.
C. Fall is beautiful.
D. Because it’s beautiful.
四、听短文,判断对错,对的写 T, 错的写 F(10 分) 听短文,判断对错, ( ( ( ( ( ( 一、 ( ( ( ( ( 二、 ( )
  1. Chen Jie is in China now. )
  2. Chen Jie’s mother is a doctor. )
  3. Chen Jie plays in the snow with her parents. )
  4. It’s summer in Canada now. )
  5. The weather is snowy. 笔试部分 选出划线部分发音不同的一项( 选出划线部分发音不同的一项(5 分) )
  1. A. chair )
  2. A. spring )
  3. A. day )
  4. A. glad )
  5. A. often B. pear B. speed B. today B. green B. box C. pair C. sky C. says C. great C. dog D. ear D. speak D. wait D. grass D. to
单项选择( 单项选择(15 分) )
  1. is your favourite season? A. What’s B. What C. Who’s D. When
  2. There some water in the lake. A. is B. are C. isn’t D. aren’t
  3. do you do morning exercises? Because it’s good for my health. A. How B. When C. What D. Why
  4. Zoom winter very much. A. like B. likes C. like to D. likes to
  5. I like to in summer. A. going swimming B. swim C. swimming D. go swim
  6. We can ice-cream in summer. A. eating B. eats C. eat D. to eat
  7. My sisters like . A. watching TV B. watches TV C. watch TV D. watch the TV
  8. I like winter . A. good B. well C. nice D. best.
  9. I like winter but my dad like it. A. don’t B. do C. doesn’t D. does
  10. Spring is green flowers and songs.
A. with (
B. and
C. to
D. in
  11. What would you like ? A. do B. doing C. to do D. to doing
  12. Winter is cold for . A. we B. I C. my D. me
  13. How many are there in a year? A. seasons B. years C. day D. week
  14. What’s the weather like fall Foshan? A. on, in B. on, on C. in, on D. in, in
( 三、
  15. Spring is good, summer is my favourite season. A. and B. for C. but D. with 情景反应:选择正确的选项完成对话,把其编号填在横线上( 情景反应:选择正确的选项完成对话,把其编号填在横线上(5 分) B. winter is white and beautiful. F. Why? C. Which season do you like best? H. I don’t like winter.
A. I like winter best. D. And?
E. How are you?
G. How about you?
Mike: Hi, Sarah. Sarah: Hi, Mike. I like winter best. Mike: Sarah: Because . 四、
Mike: . I like summer best. 根据中文,补充句子( 根据中文,补充句子(10 分) in March in . 我们可以在春天的三月植树。 我们可以在春天的三月植树。 is it? 我穿短裙。天气炎热。是哪个季节呢? 我穿短裙。天气炎热。 哪个季节呢?

  1. We can

  2. I wear my . It’s hot.

  3. The boy often snow in winter. 这男孩经常在冬天玩雪。 这男孩经常在冬天玩雪。 经常在冬天玩雪
  4. do you fall? 你为什么喜欢秋天? 你为什么喜欢秋天? 五、
  1. her, 连词成句( 连词成句(10 分) season, what, favourite, is (?)

and Zoom,



fly kites,
按要求写句子( 按要求写句子(10 分)

  1. What’s your favourite season? (按实际情况回答 按实际情况回答) 按实际情况回答
  2. There are four seasons in a year. (改为一般疑问句 改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句
  3. I can swim in summer. (就划线部分提问 就划线部分提问) 就划线部分提问
  4. She likes winter best. (改为一般疑问句 改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句
  5. Because I can skate in winter. (根据该答句写出问句 根据该答句写出问句) 根据该答句写出问句 七、 阅读短文,判断对错 阅读短文,判断对错, 对的写 T, 错的写 F(5 分)
I am Tim. There’re four people in my family. My father, my mother and two boys. My father likes fall best because he can draw many beautiful things in fall. He’s an artist. My mother likes winter. She’s a nurse. My brother likes summer best. I’m the same. Because he can eat ice-cream and I can go swimming with my friends in summer. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Tim has a sister. )
  2. Tim’s father likes summer best because he can draw many beautiful things. )
  3. Tim’s mother is an artist. )
  4. Tim likes summer best. )
  5. Tim can eat ice-cream and Tim’s brother can go swimming in summer. )
  1.Which number(数字 is a season? 数字) 数字 ? A.1 ( B.2 C. 3 D. 4
附加题 (
  2. When it’s spring in China, it’s in Australia. A. spring B. summer C. fall D. winter )
  3. Which dog never(从不 barks? 从不) 从不 A. big dog B. hot dog C. small dog D. Mike’s dog D.三心二意 三心二意 )
  4. If (如果 I go to see my uncle ,I can read his books. It’s in two twos. 如果) 如果 A.一分为二 一分为二 B.一文不名 一文不名 C.一举两得 一举两得 )
  5. “Well, I am well because I drink the water from the well every day. ”句子中三个 well 句子中三个 A. 好,身体好,好 身体好 B.好,好,井 好 C. 好,井,井 D.(无特别意义) 身体好,井 (无特别意义) 身体好, ,身体好 ,
的意思分别是什么? 的意思分别是什么?



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