Module 3 My First Ride on a Train
Introduction & Cultural corner
Match the words in the box with the pictures.

  1. motorbike motorcycle motorboat motorcar
摩托车 汽艇 汽车

  2. tram [C] (有轨)电车 有轨) tram rail 电车车道 我每天乘电车去上班。 我每天乘电车去上班。 译: go to work by tram every day. I

  3. helicopter 直升飞机
一架直升飞机在学校上空飞翔。 一架直升飞机在学校上空飞翔。 译:A helicopter is flying above the school. board/take a helicopter 搭乘直升飞机 fly a helicopter 驾驶直升飞机

  1) Match the words in the box with the pictures.
2 3
bicycle bus ferry helicopter motorbike plane taxi train tram
6 5
train helicopter bus plane
Answer the questions
distance n. 距离;间隔;远处 距离;间隔; What is the distance between your home and your school? =How far is it from your home to your school? 从你家到学校有多远? 译: 从你家到学校有多远? in the distance 在远处 I can see the bus coming in the distance. 我看见公共汽车从远处开来了。 译: 我看见公共汽车从远处开来了。 at a distance 相距;相隔 相距; The picture looks more beautiful at a distance. 译: 这幅画远处看更漂亮一些。 这幅画远处看更漂亮一些。

  1. refer to 适用于;涉及 适用于; This rule refers to everyone. 这条规则适用于任何人。 译: 这条规则适用于任何人。 What I have to say referred to all of you. 我要说的话涉及到你们大家。 译: 我要说的话涉及到你们大家。 refer to a dictionary 查阅字典 If you meet with any new word, refer to the dictionary. 译: 遇到生词要查词典。 遇到生词要查词典。

  3. means n.(单复数同形)方法,手段;工 (单复数同形)方法,手段; 具 Every possible means B been tried. 每一种方法都试过了。 每一种方法都试过了。 All means A been tried. 所有的方法都试过了。 所有的方法都试过了。 A. have B. has means of transportation 交通工具
take off (飞机)起飞 飞机) 飞机三点钟起飞了。 飞机三点钟起飞了。 译:The plane took off at three o’clock. The plane took off very smoothly. 飞机非常平稳地起飞。 译: 飞机非常平稳地起飞。
Match the verbs with the pictures. get on/off get into/out of drive take off/land ride

  2. more than one 不止一个 注意: 注意: 修饰可数名词作主语时, 修饰可数名词作主语时,主谓 一致用单数 单数。 一致用单数。 More than one room been burnt down in the fire. A. have B. has 不止一间房子在火灾中被烧毁。 不止一间房子在火灾中被烧毁。
Exercises in the workbook (Page
4 Complete the table by putting the means of 交通工具 transport in the correct column. bicycle bus camel ferry helicopter horse motorbike ship plane taxi train tram
LAND bicycle bus camel horse motorbike taxi train tram
SEA ferry ship
AIR helicopter plane
got off

  1. I don’t know how to ride a car.
  2. When all of the passengers had boarded, the ocean liner(班船)left the (班船) port and flew to Hong Kong.
  3. The passengers got out of the bus.
  4. The plane got off from Tokyo(东京) (东京) Airport and six hours later, it landed in Bangkok(曼谷). (曼谷)
  5. How long did it take you to learn how to sail a plane?
fly took off
Read the passage and answer the questions:
  1. What are the main differences between a magnetically levitated train and an ordinary train? It is faster, less noisy and uses less energy than the ordinary train.

  2. What are the advantages of traveling on a Maglev train? You can travel very comfortably and quickly on it and it can save more energy for us.
Language points

  1. Some new words and phrases magnetically (adv.)有磁性地 有磁性地 levitate levitation 总理,首相 总理 首相 (v.) 使……飘荡 ……飘荡 (n.) 升空飘荡之力
chancellor (n.) 德国、奥地利等国的 德国、
a high-speed train 高速列车 the opening ceremony of… …的开幕式 的开幕式 the maglev=magnetically levitated train 磁悬浮列车

  2. at a speed of…; 以……的速度 ……的速度 reach a speed of… 达到……速度 达到……速度 …… reach a speed up to… 高达……的速度 高达……的速度 ……
  1). Traveling over 400 at a speed of kilometres per hour, the train can complete the 30-kilometre journey in eight minutes.

  2). On November 12, 2003, the maglev reached a speed of 502 kilometres per hour.
  3). The maglev can reach a speed up to 502 kilometres per hour.

  3. 辨析 辨析attend, join, take part in
  1) attend: 指出席、参加某一活动 强调出 指出席、参加某一活动,强调出 席者不起积极作用,主要指参加会议、 席者不起积极作用 主要指参加会议、 主要指参加会议 上学、参加典礼、听演讲等。 上学、参加典礼、听演讲等。
  2) join: 指参加某一团体或组织 成为其中 指参加某一团体或组织,成为其中 一员, 指参加活动时一般用 join in。 一员 。

  3) take part in:指参加活动 并在其中起积 指参加活动,并在其中起积 指参加活动 极作用。 极作用。
  1) He didn’t attend school yesterday.
  2) When did you the Communist join Party?
  3) Every four years, athletes from different countries take part in the Olympic Games.
  4) Please join us in singing, will you ? __


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