QUIZ 14 初二英语综合练习 NAME SCORE I.选择划线部分与其他三个不同的单词
  1. A. salt B. half C. also D. always
  2. A. cinema B. kilometre C. machine D. village
  3. A. usually B. music C. sugar D. student
  4. A. tooth B. cook C. moon D. noodle
  5.A.some B. alone C. post D. nobody Ⅱ.词汇 用所给词的适当形式填空或根据句意和首字母补全单词
  1. Miss Gao is not. She's often ill. (health)
  2. My uncle lives on the floor. (twelve)
  3.He finished __ the book yesterday evening, (read)
  4.Ann had her breakfast and went out. (quick)
  5. Which house is the of the three? (bad)
  6. Here is the weather r for the next twenty-four hours.
  7. A comes after summer.
  8. The first month of the year is J.
  9. She fed some chicken for she liked to eat c.
  10. The t will stay above zero in the daytime. 按要求写词
  1.build (名词)
  2.cloud (形容词)
  3.wet (反义词)
  4.hot(反 义词)
  6. less (原级)
  7. begin (名词 )
  8. tooth ( 复数 )
  9. danger (形容词)
  10. understand (过去式) III. There is nobody in the classroom. (改成反意疑问句) There is nobody in the classroom, ?
  2. I wrote a letter to my uncle last week. (改成一般疑问句) you a letter to your uncle last week?
  3. We'll leave at three in the afternoon. (对划线部分提问) we leave?
  4. It's cold and windy today. (对划线部分提问) the weather today?
  5. What a heavy rain! (改成同义句) the rain is! Ⅳ.
  1. There's bread in the fridge. A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too
  2. I'm feeling better today. A. very B. quite C. much D. more
  3. bad weather! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a
  4. There is some meat the plate. A. in B. on C. at D. above
  5. It's an game. You can play it . A. easy; easy B. easily; easily C. easy; easily D. easily; easy
  6. What did you give your aunt her birthday? A. to B. for C. of D. at
  7. ?Would you like to come? ?Yes, . A. I'd like B. I'd love C. I'd love to. D. I'd to
  8. I'm afraid I a little late. A. maybe B. do C. can D. may be
  9. Tom writes than you. A. more careful B. more carefully C. most careful D. most carefully
  10. Thank you for __ me to your party __Sunday evening. A. ask; in B. to ask; in C. ask; on D. asking; on
  11. She bought a new bike last week, ? A. didn't she B. did she C. wasn't she D. was she
  12. forget him. A. Not; to tell B. Don't; to tell C. Not; telling D. Don't; telling
  13.We won't go to town if it tomorrow. A. snows B. snow C. will snow D. won't snow
  14. Let's give her to eat. Some real English food! A. different something B. something different C. anything different D. different anything
  15. She thought hard she began to write. A. if B. before C. for D. but
  16. Mike stayed with us three months. A. in B. at C. on D. for
  17. “What's wrong with your watch?” “”. A. It doesn't matter B.I can't mend it C. It's not a nice one. D. It doesn’t work well
  18. Ann comes from America, ? A. does she B. doesn’t she C. is she D. isn't she
  19. I like the story because it is very . A. interesting B. interested C. happy D. cheap
  20.1 can buy because I have no money. A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything
  21. “?” “At seven thirty.” A. How often do you get up B. How long do you get up C. What time do you get up D. How many hours do you get up
  22. “Happy New Year!”“.” A. Ok B. How do you do C. How are you D. The same to you
  23. “Where did you go last Sunday?” “.” A. We were in the park B. We went to the zoo C. We met our English teacher D. I went at half past two
  24. “?”“Because I didn’t catch the bus.” How did you come home so late B. What did you catch A.
C. What did you do so late D. Why did you come home so late
  25. “What's the date today?” “.” A. It 's in January B. It's Friday C. It's about a quarter past six D. It's November 2nd V.根据汉语完成句子
  1. 这是他最喜欢的书。 This book is .
  2. 你下个星期干什么? What next Sunday?
  3. 我没有时间帮助你。 I you.
  4. 顺便问一下,昨天下午有我的电话吗? yesterday afternoon?
  5. 当中国是冬季的时候, 澳大利亚则是夏季。 When it's winter in China, .
  6. 冬去春至。 Spring . Ⅵ.完形填空 Martin's parents went to London 1 days ago. They will come 2 the day after tomorrow. At nine o'clock, Mr. Hall telephoned from London. Martin was still in bed. He 3 to the telephone. Martin: York 304
  59. Martin Hall 4 . Mr. Hall: Hello, Martin. It's 5 . Are you all right? Martin: Yes, thanks, Dad. 6 is fine. Mr. Hall: Good. And 7 your lessons? Martin: I finished 8 yesterday afternoon. Mr. Hall: Fine. Did you do the weekend shopping yesterday evening? Martin: Er…yes. I bought some chips, some lemonade (柠檬汁) and some bread. Mr. Hall: You didn't look at my list (清单), then. We haven't enough eggs, butter and milk. We 9 them, too. Martin: I 10 go shopping again this morning. Mr. Hall: OK. See you the day after tomorrow.
  1. A. a few B. a little C. few D. little
  2. A. at home B. to home C. home D. /
  3. A. ran B. took C. said D. spoke
  4. A. speaking B. telling C. saying D. talking
  5. A. I B. mine C. my D. me
  6. A. Something B. Anything C. Everything D. Nothing
  7. A. what B. how about C. how do you like D. what's wrong with
  8. A. it B. them C. everyone D. all of it
  9. A. buy B. eat C. have D. need
  10. A. can B. must C. had better D. would like Ⅶ.阅读理解 A man was going to the house of a friend. It was far away, so he took some bread with him for his lunch. As he walked along, he said to himself, “My friend is sure to give me a very nice meal. He is going to give me some wine to drink. What's the use of this dry bread?” So he threw the bread to the ground. He came to a river. Because it rained heavily two days ago, the river was very high, and he could not go over it. He hoped to have a boat to take him over. So he waited and waited. He waited for a long time until the sun went down. The man said to himself, “I can not go to my friend's house today. I must go home.” Then he started for home. Soon he felt hungry. He wanted very much to have something to eat, but he had nothing. Suddenly he saw some dry dusty (有灰尘的) bread on the road. He picked it up and began to eat. It was his own (自己的) bread !Do not throw good things away, and you may need them later on.
  1. The man threw the bread away because A. his friend's house was far away B. it was very dry and it was not delicious C. he wasn't hungry at all D. he thought he could eat something nice at his friend's house
  2. The man couldn't get to his friend's house because. A. the river was very wide(宽) B. he could not swim C. it rained heavily D. there wasn't a boat to take him over
  3. The man started for home . A. when he felt hungry B. after the rain stopped C. when the sun went down D. after he crossed the river
  4. Which is not right? A. Do not throw good things away. B. The man's friend gave him a very good meal. C. The bread on the ground was the man's. D. The man went to his friend's house on foot.
  5. Which is the best title (标题) for this story? A. The Man and His Supper B. Crossing a River C. Visiting a Good Friend D. A Hungry Man



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