QUIZ 43 2000 年初三英语竞赛试题 Wednesday, October 03, 2001 I. 选择填空 A) 下列各组词中;黑体部分有几种读音 , 请选出正确答案 . A. 一种读音 B. 两种读音 C. 三种读音 D. 四种读音
  1.same parent anybody glad
  2.great really bread meat
  3.because foreign orange pocket
  4.picked pleased wanted played
  5.yesterday Saturday worker doctor
  6.comes likes buses photos
  7.water watch work warm
  8.uncle aunt China want
  9.touch bought about through
  10. October polite lose both B) 从 A.B.C.D. 四个选项中 , 选出可以填入空的处的最佳答案 .
  11.Fred sat in the front row the speaker clearly. A. hearing B. to hear C. listening to D. listen to
  12.Lin Tao is always ready to help others. He's really living Lei Feng. A. a B.an C.the D./
  13.So you didn't do your homework, ? A. do you B. weren't you C. did you D. didn't you
  14.Thomas Edison was really . A. man of men Bathe man of men C.a man of the men D.a man of men
  15.It is nice that you have someone you off A. seeing B.saw C.see D.to see.
  16.The weather in the south is warmer than . A. the north B.that in the north C.in the north D.it in the north
  17.Please stop to listen to Mary . A. sing B.to sing C.sings D.sang
  18.Pass ballpen,please. A.his,his B.my,mine C.your,your D.her,her
  19.It takes time to go to Beijing by plane than by train. A.more B.longer C.fewer D.less
  20.They are all at after work.Please come to their in the evening. A.family,home B.home.family C.family,house D.home,house
  21.There are many flowers in her garden. A.little yellow beautiful B.beautiful little yellow C.little beautiful yellow D.yellow little beautiful
  22.He in the exam.His father was very angry. A.make a dog B.made a duck C.made a cat D.made a chick
  23.Mr Wang told his son football on the road. A.not play B.to not play C.never to play D.doesn't play
  24.Dear Mum and Dad,... Erich. A. Love B.You C.Yours D.Yours daughter
  25.It was Fred played a trick on the others. A.that B.whose C.what D.who's
  26.That's a film.Children mustn't see. A. red B.black C.yellow D.blue
  27. rainy night.he went away from his home town. A.In B.One C.At D.On
  28.Both watches were broken. A. Jim and Tom's B.Jim's and Tom's C.Jim's and Tom D.Jim and Tom
  29.Where there is a will,there is a . A. road B.street C.way D.hope
  30.There are three in the word "mirror" A.r's B.rs C.r' D.rs'
  31.Sorry,I my pen at home this morning. A.forgot B.left C.putted D.lose
  32.Excuse me, where's the nearest station, please? A.but B.and C.so D.or
  33."It's my birthday today." " ." A.Your birthday is happy B.Good C.Congratulation D.Many happy returns
  34."Don't forget to bring your son here next time,please," " ." A.No,I don't B.No,I won't C.No,I can D.Yes,I do
  35.Which bus are you ?No.1 or No.2? A.waiting B.getting down C.taking D.by
  36. it rains or not doesn't matter very much. A.Why B.If C.What D.Whether
  37. my watch,it is already past ten o'clock. A.By B.On C.In D.With
  38.That ball hit the boy . A.on the nose B.on his nose C.in his nose D.in the nose
  39.Miss Gao is very popular her students. A.to B.in C.for D.with
  40.You must tell your parents you did yesterday. A.to what B.about what C.about that D.on what
  41.It's no good here. A.to wait B.wait C.waiting D.waited
  42.Jim always sends me some book,magazines,newspapers . A.and so B.or what so C.and what not D.and what so
  43.It's two years I met him in Beijing. A.that B.since C.when D.which
  44.She is as you A.as taller B.as a tall girl C.as the tall D.as tall a girl
  45."Let's take a walk before we start to study." "Oh,I think it's for walking," A.much too hot B.too much hot C.too much heat D.very much hot
  46.It's easy to get on with him. A.of us B.about us C.for us D.with us
  47.He that right now. A.doesn't need do B.need doing C.needs do D.needn't do

  48.John's mother asked him to wash his hair,. A.and so he did B.so did he C.so did she D.and so it is
  49.You must go to see a doctor,You're ill. A.very bad B.badly C.worse D.worst
  50.A saying says," a day keeps doctor away." A.A banana B.An orange C.An egg D.An apple C) 选择正确英文解释 , 替换下列句子的划线部分 .
  51.He knows English,He knows French, too . A.as good B.as best C.as well D.as better
  52.He was not a little tired after a long way. A.not a bit B.very C.quite a few D.not at all
  53.Try to read as many books on it as you can lay your hands on . A.get B.buy C.touch D.lend
  54.If Jim can help us, we should finish the work in no time. A.in a minute B.very soon C.without any time D.for a moment
  55.The colour TV set is going for a song ,You can buy it. A.can give you a song B.can sing songs for you C.sells cheap D.is very nice to buy
  56.John asked me to go to the cinema with him.I told him that I had other fish to fry . A.had something more important to do B.had some fish to fry C.wasn't felling well D.had no money to buy tickets
  57.You should read at least two books every month. A.fewer than B.not fewer than C.only D.not more than
  58.He is just a bit under the weather ,but he may go with us tomorrow. A.is afraid of the bad weather B.has some other things to do C.doesn't like the weather D.is not feeling very well
  59.I played basketball with my friends the other day . A.a few days ago B.the day before yesterday. C.some other day later D.the next day
  60.He is anything but a good teacher. A.nothing but B.not at all C.really D.something but II.单词拼写(共10小题,计分10分) 根据英文解释,完成下列单词的拼写。每个单词的第一个字母已给出。
  61.h(the feeling of wanting to eat)
  62.e(to get pleasure from)
  63.d(the opposite of easy)
  64.S(the last day of the week)
  65.p(something given to someone)
  66.t(the past form of teach)
  67.w(the state of the wind,rain,sunshine,etc.)
  68.s(a place where buses or trains stop)
  69.h(a time when you do not work or go to school)
  70.m(things we drink or eat when we are ill) III.完形填空(共20小题,计分20分) I studied very hard when I was at school,71a lot of my friends did 72 work.Some did just 73 to pass exams.Others didn't do quite enough.Fred was one of them.He spent more time drinking in the Student's Union 74 working in the library. Once at the end of the term,we had to take an important test in &127;maths. The test 75 a hundred questions.Beside each question.we had to write"True" 76"False".While I was studying in my room the night before the test,&127;Fred was watching TV.fred usually worried 77 the night before 78 test.But 79 that night he looked perfectly calm(相当平静).Then he told me 80 his plan. "It's very simple,"he said,"There are a hundred questions and I have to get fifty right 81the test.I'll take a coin(硬 币)into the examination room. I 82 the maths book for months.So I'm sure I'll just toss(抛掷)the coin. That way,I'm sure I'll get 83 the questions right. The next day,&127;Fred came happily into the examination room.He sat 84 a coin for half an hour as he marked down his answers.85 he left.half an hour 86 the rest of us. The next day,he saw the maths teacher at the school gate. "Oh,&127;good,&127;"he said,"Have you got the result of the test ready? What mark did I get?" The teacher looked at him and smiled,"Ah,87 you,Fred,just a minute." Then he reached into his pocket and took out a coin.He threw it __88, caught it in his hand and look at it."I'm 89 sorry.Fred,"he said,"You
  71.A.when B.as C.but D.so
  72.A.few B.least C.hardly D.little
  73.A.little B.enough C.many D.a few
  74.A.and B.than C.when D.as
  75.A.had B.is C.of D.have
  76.A.and B.but C.with D.or
  77.A.a lot of B.lots of C.lot D.a lot
  78.A.a B.an C.the D.x
  79.A.at B.in C.on D.of
  80.A.with B.of C.for D.at
  81.A.passed B.passing C.to pass D.passes

  82.A.don't study B.won't study C.didn't study D.have't studied
  83.A.all B.half C.whole D.every
  84.A.and toss B.tossing C.to toss D.tossed
  85.A.So B.As C.Then D.When
  86.A.before B.later C.ago D.after
  87.A.its B.it's C.that's D.this is
  88.A.to Fred B.onto the ground C.into the air D.to his hand
  89.A.true B.truely C.truly D.real
  90.A.will fail B.failed C.fail D.had failed IV.阅读理解(共20小题,计分40) Newspapers are very important in our daily life. Many people begin their day by reading the paper. In this way they learn what is going on in the world. Sometimes, however, they didn't have the time to read the news carefully and must be pleased with a quick look at the front page. At other times they may be in such a hurry that they have time only to have a quick look at the headlines(标题). There are newspapers to please every reader. In big cities there are many types with several different editions every day. In some towns there are fewer newspapers and perhaps only one edition each day. In some places the paper is printed( 印刷 ) weekly. Most papers have several editions, especially on Sundays when the edition is larger than usual. There are besides the front page with the most important news,&127;the sports news,&127;the amusement( 娱乐 )page, a business page and so on.
  91.People read newspaper to . A. learn about the most important news B.be pleased C.learn about whatever they want D.get some information ( 信息 )
  92.Reading the headlines,people can know . A. what the passages are about B.what is going on C.about the most important news D.about sports
  93.In big cities newspapers are usually printed . A.daily B.weekly C.monthly D.yearly
  94.Most papers have on Sundays than usual. A. more types B.more pages C.less types D.less pages
  95.If you want to see a film, you'd better read in a newspaper. A.&127;the business page B.&127;the front page C.the sports page D.the amusement page Denis was a thief. He wrote a letter to another thief Pat. But the police got the letter, It reads:BNLD ZS LHCMHFGS ZMC GZUD SGD SGHQSX ONTMCR VHSG XNT. What's it about? How can you read it? The policemen were quick. They studied the letter carefully and soon found out what they want. Now let's suppose you were a policeman, Can you read Denis' letter? Maybe you need some help: When Denis wanted a letter, he wrote down the letter before it in the alphabet ( 字母表 ). Now can you read Denis's letter? What must Pat do? When? And what did Denis want?
  96.The letter before B and C are A and B.The letter before A and B are A.C and B B.Z and A C.A and Z D.Z and B
  97.In the letter Denis asked Pat to go at . A. noon B.midnight C.five o'clock D.eight o'clock
  98."The policemen were quick." This sentence means the policemen . A. read the letter soon after they got it B.could run very fast C.were very bright D.were very careful
  00.Which of the four is the best title? A.A Strange Letter B.A Clever Thief C.The Clever Policemen D.How to Read a Letter Beijing Aug.21st Dear Dad. I'm writing to you from Beijing. You don't know how happy I am to be here. Mother and I arrived here on the night of the 10th.Auntie met us at the station. The next morning, we got up early. It was Sunday and Uncle took us out for a ride on the bus. Everything was so beautiful. I was so excited, so was Mother. That afternoon Auntie took us to Beihai Park. First we climbed the hill, then we went boating on the lake.&127;While we were there, we met some overseas Chinese. They come back to visit every year. They are proud of( 以 ... 为骄傲 ) China because it is becoming stronger and more beautiful every day. I haven't seen the Summer Palace yet, but Uncle has promised( 允诺 )to take me there and to the zoo this coming Sunday. Yesterday Uncle took me to see his factory. A week has passed. I've seen and heard a lot of interesting things. I've written down most in my diary. I'll tell you more next time.
It's time for bed, so I'll close here, Hope to hear from you soon. love Hua 1
  01.Where did Hua write the letter? In . A.Beihai Park B.the Summer Palace C.Beijing D.Shanghai 1
  02.&127;How many days have Hua and her mother stayed there to the time she wrote the letter? . A.A week B.Eight days C.Ten days D.Eleven days 1
  03.What day did Hua see her uncle's factory? . A.Monday B.Tuesday C.Sunday D.Saturday 1
  04.Which day will Uncle take her to the zoo and the Summer Palace? . A.Aug.22ndB.Aug.23rdC.Aug.24thD.Aug.25th 1
  05.Which sentence is true? . A.Hua comes from the USA B.Hua comes from England C.Hua's parents are in China now D.Hua may be a overseas Chinese First Frenchman: I once heard someone shout," Look out," I put my head out of a window and a bucketful(满桶的)of water fell on me. It seems that" Look out" may mean "don't look out." Second Frenchman: I once on a ship and heard the capt


QUIZ 43 2000年初三英语竞赛试题

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