Side By Side 朗文国际英语教程第一册 朗文国际英语教程第一册 Book1 Chapter1 P1 Vocabulary Preview
  1. alphabet Aa Bb C c D d E e F f G gH h Ii J j Kk LlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTt UuVvWwXxYyZz
  2. numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  3. name
  4. adress
  5. telephone number=phone number Page 2 What's your name? listen
M:What's your name? W:My name is Maria. M:What's your address? W:My address is 235 Main Street. M:What's your phone number? W:My phone number is 741-89
  06. M:Where are you from? W:I'm from Mexico City. Page 3 How do you say it? Meeting people M:Hello,my name is Peter Lewis. W:Hi, I'm Nancy Lee. Nice to meet you. M:Nice to meet you, too.
Page 4 What's your name? M:My name is David Carder. I'm American. I'm from San Francisco. W:My name is Mrs.Grant. My phone number is 549-23
  76. W:My name is Ms Martinez. My telephone number is (2
  55. My Fax number is (2
  57. M:My name is Peter Black. My adress is 378 Main Street, Waterville, Florida.My license number is 921DCG. W:My name is Susan Miller.My apartment number is 4-B. M:My name is Mr.Santini.My e-mail adress is M:My name is William Chen.My adress is 294 River Street, Brooklyn, New York. My telephone number is 469-77
  50.My social security number is 044-35-98
  1. a. Mary Black b. Mrs.Grant
  2. a. 265 River Street b. 265 Main Street

  3. a. 5-C b. 9-D
  4. a. 295-4870 b. 259-4087
  5. a. 032-98-6175 b. 032-89-6179
  6. a. b. INTERVIEW Spelling Name What’s your last name? Kelly How do you spell that? K-E-L-L-Y. What’s your first name? Sarah. How do you spell that? S-A-R-A-H. P6 PRONUNCIATION Linked Sounds Listen Then say it. My name is Maria. My address is 10 Main Street. My apartment number is 3B. Say it .Then listen.
My name is David. My address is 9 River Street. My phone number is 941-22
  7.supermarket office
  11. living room
  12. dinning room
  14.bed room
  15.bath room p8 In the classroom
  1. pen
  6. globe
  11. bulletin board
  16. desk
  17.dictionary p9 Where is it? (Where is)Where's the book? (It is)It's on the desk. Where's the map? It's on the wall. Where's the computer? It's on the desk.
  1. Where's the pen? It's on the desk.
  2. Where's the board? It's on the wall.
  3. Where's the globe? It's on the table.
  4. Where's the ruler? It's on the chair.
  5. Where's the pencil? It's on the desk.

  6. Where's the clock? It's on the wall.
  7. Where’s the notebook? It’s on the table.
  8. Where’s the dictionary? It’s on the bookshelf.
  9. Where’s the bulletin board? It’s on the wall. P10 At home
  1. living room
  2. dinning room
  5. bathroom
  7. yard
  9. basement P11 Where are you? Where are you? I’m in the kitchen. Where are you? We’re in the living room. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Jones? They’re in the yard.
  1. Where are you? I’m in the bedroom.
  2. Where are you? We’re in the kitchen.
  3. Where are Jim and Pam? They’re in the living room.
  4. Where are you? I’m in the bath room.
  5. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Park? They’re in the dining room.
  6. Where are you? We’re in my yard.
  7. Where are you? I’m in the garage.
  8. Where are you and Ben? We’re in the basement.
  9. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez? They’re in the attic. P12 Where’s Bob? Where’s Bob? He’s in the living room. Where’s Mary? She’s in the bedroom.
Where’s the car? It’s in the garage.
  1. Where’s Tim? He’s in the bedroom .
  2. Where’s Rosa? She’s in the yard.
  3. Where’s the newspaper? It’s on the desk.
  4. Where’s Peggy? She’s in the living room.
  5. Where’s the telephone book? It’s in the bedroom.
  6. Where’s Harry? He’s in the bathroom.
  7. Where’s Ellen? She’s in the dining room.
  8. Where’s Kevin? He’s in the garage.
  9. Where’s the cell phone? It’s in the kitchen. P13 THE STUDENTS IN MY ENGLISH CLASS The students in my English class are very interesting. Henry is Chinese. He’s from Shanghai. Linda is Puerto Rican. She’s from San Juan. Mr. and Mrs. Kim are Korean. They’re from Seoul. George is Greek. He’s from Athens. Carla is Italian. She’s from Rome. Mr. and Mrs. Sato are Japanese. They’re from Tokyo. My friends Maria and I are Mexican. We’re from Mexico City . Yes, the students in my English class are very interesting. We’re from many different countries…and we’re friends. How to say it? Greeting people a. Hi. How are you? b. Fine. And you? a. Fine, thanks. P14
Where are they?
  1. Where’s Albert? He’s in the restaurant.
  2. Where’s Carmen? She’s in the bank.
  3. Where’s Walter and Mary? They’re in the supermarket.
  4. Where’re you? I’m in the library.
  5. Where’re you? We’re in the park.
  6. Where’s Kate? She’s in the movie theater.
  7. Where’re Mr. and Mrs. Lee? They’re in the post office.
  8. Where’s the monkey? It’s in the zoo.
  9. Where am I? You’re in the hospital. P15 ALL THE STUDENTS IN MY ENGLISH CLASS ARE ABSENT TODAY All the students in my English class are absent today. George is absent. He’s in the hospital. Maria is absent. She’s in the dentist. Mr. and Mrs. Sato are absent. They’re at the social security office. Even our English teacher is absent. He’s home in bed. What a shame! Everybody in my English class is absent today. Everybody except me. LISTENING What’s the word? Where’re they? P16 Pronunciation Reduced and Listen. Then say it. Mr. and Mrs. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Park Jim and Pam You and Ben
Say it. Then listen Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Miller Walter and Mary Jim and I
  1. eating
  2. drinking
  3. cooking
  4. reading
  5. studying
  6. teaching
  7. singing
  8. sleeping
  9. swimming
  10. planting
  11. watching TV
  12. listening to music
  13. playing cards
  14. playing baseball
  15. playing the piano P18 What are you doing? What are you doing? I’m reading. What are you doing? We’re cooking. What are Mary and Fred doing? They’re studying English. What’s Tom doing? He’s eating. What’s Martha doing? She’s watching TV. What’s your dog doing? It’s sleeping. P19
  1. What are you doing? I’m reading the newspaper.
  2. What are Mr. and Mrs. Lane doing? They’re cooking dinner.
  3. What are you and Judy doing? We’re eating dinner.
  4. What’s Rita doing? She’s studying English.
  5. What’s Henry doing? He’s sleeping.
  6. What are Carol and Ken doing? They’re watching TV.
  7. What’s Irene doing? She’s playing the piano. P20
What’s everybody doing? A. Where’s Walter? B. He’s in the kitchen. A. What’s he doing? B. He’s eating breakfast.
  1. Where’s Karen? She’s in the park. What’s she doing? She’s eating lunch.
  2. Where’re Mr. and Mrs. Clark? They’re in the dining room. What are they doing? They’re eating dinner.
  3. Where are you? I’m in the bedroom. What are you doing? I’m playing the guitar.
  4. Where are you? We’re in the living room. What are you doing? We’re playing cards.
  5. Where are Gary and June? They’re in the yard. What are they doing? They’re playing baseball.
  6. Where’s Miss Baker? She’s in the cafeteria. What’s she doing? She’s drinking milk.
  7. Where are you? We’re in the library. What are you doing? We’re studying English.
  8. Where’s Ms Johnson? She’s in the classroom. What’s she doing? She’s teaching mathematics.
  9. Where’s Marvin? He’s in the bathroom. What’s he doing? He’s singing.
  10. Where’s Martha? She’s in the hospital. What’s she doing? She’s watching TV.
  11. Where’s your friend? He’s in the park? What’s he doing? He’s listening to music. P21
How to say it! Checking Understanding A. Where’s Walter? B. He’s in the kitchen. A. In the kitchen? B. Yes. P22 In the park The Jones family is in the park today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It’s a beautiful day! Mr. Jones is reading the newspaper. Mrs. Jones is listening to the radio. Sally and Patty Jones are studying. And Tommy Jones is playing the guitar. The family Jones is very happy today. It’s a beautiful day, and they’re in the park. At home in the yard The Chen family is at home in the yard today. The sun is shining, and the birds are singing. It’s a beautiful day. Mr. Chen is planting flowers. Mrs. Chen is drinking lemonade and reading a book. Emily and Jason Chen are playing with the dog. And Jennifer Chen is sleeping. The Chen family is very happy today. It’s a beautiful day, and they’re at home in the yard. P25 Side by side Gazette Global Exchange Sung Hee: Hello. My name is Sung Hee. I’m Korean. I’m from Seoul . I’m a student. Right now I’m in my English class. I’m looking for a keypal in a different country.
Daniel R: Hi, Sung Hee! My name is Daniel. My nick name is Danny. My last name is Rivera. I’m Mexican. I’m from Mexico city. I’m a student. Right now I’m at home. I’m at my computer, and I’m listening to music. I’m also looking for a keypal. Tell me about your school and your English class. Build your vocabulary Playing instruments, sports, and games Instruments I’m playing the violin. I’m playing the clarinet. I’m playing the trumpet. Sports I’m playing soccer. I’m playing tennis. I’m playing basketball. Games I’m playing chess. I’m playing checkers. I’m playing tic tac toe. P26 Around world Greeting Right now, all around world, people are greeting each other in different ways. They’re shaking hands. They’re kissing. They’re bowing. They’re hugging. How are people in your country greeting each other today?
  1. brushing
  2. cleaning
  3. feeding
  4. fixing
  6. reading
  7.washing P28 I’m fixing my sink What are you doing? I’m fixing my sink. What's Bob doing? He’s fixing his car. What's Mary doing? She’s cleaning her room. What are you doing? We’re cleaning our apartment. What are children doing? They’re doing their homework. P29 Are you busy? Are you busy? Yes, I am. I’m washing my hair.
  1.Is Frank busy? Yes, he is. He’s cleaning his apartment.
  2.Is Helen busy? Yes, she is. She’s feeding her cat.
  3.Are you busy? Yes, we are. We’re fixing our TV.
  4.Are J im and Lisa busy? Yes, they are. They’re painting their bedroom.
  5.Are you busy? Yes, I an. I’m doing my homework.
  6.Is Richard busy? Yes, he is. He’s washing his clothes.
  7.Are Ed and Roth busy? Yes, they are. They’re painting their garage.
  8.Is Timmy busy? Yes, he is. He’s feeding his dog.
  9.Are you busy? Yes, we are. We’re doing our exercises.
  10.Are you busy? Yes, I am. I’m fixing my bicycle.
  11.Is Karen busy? Yes, she is. She’s washing her car.

  12.Is Anwar busy? Yes, he is. He’s cleaning his yard.
  13.Are your children busy? Yes, they are. They’re brushing their teeth.
  14.Are you busy? Yes, we are. We’re washing our windows.
  15.Is Wendy busy? Yes, she is. She’s reading her e-mail. P30 How to say it? Attracting someone’s attention A. Jane? B. Yes? A. What are you doing? B. I’m doing my exercises. P32 A busy day Everybody at 159 River Street is very busy today. Mr. Price is cleaning his bedroom. Mrs. Hunter is painting her bathroom. Ricky Gomez is feeding his cat. Mr. and Mrs. Wong are washing their clothes. Mrs. Martin is doing her exercises. And July and Larry Clark are fixing their car. I’m busy, too. I’m washing my windows…and of course, I’m watching all my neighbors. It’s a very busy day at 159 River Street. P34 Pronunciation deleted h Listen. Then say it She’s fixing her car. She’s cleaning her room. He’s feeding his dog. He’s washing his windows. Say it. Then listen
He’s painting his apartment. She’s doing her homework. He’s brushing his teeth. She’s reading her e-mail.
  11.easy-difficult P36 Tall or short? A: Is Bob tall or short? B: He’s tall. A: Is Bill tall or short? B: He’s short.
  1.Is Kate young or old? She’s young.
  2.Is Peggy young or old? She’s old.
  3.Is Howard heavy or thin? He’s heavy.
  4.Is Mike fat or thin? He’s thin.
  5.Is Howard’s car new or old? It’s new.
  6.Is Mike’s car new or old? It’s old.
  7.Is Gloria married or single? She’s married.
  8.Is Jennifer married or single? She’s single.
  9.Is Robert handsome or ugly? He’s handsome.
  10.Is Captain Crook handsome or ugly? He’s ugly.

  11.Is Vanessa beautiful or ugly? She’s beautiful.
  12.Is Hilda pretty or ugly? She’s ugly.
  13.Is Robert’s house large or small? It’s large.
  14.Is George’s apartment big or little? It’s small.
  15.Are Kate’s neighbors noisy or quiet? They’re noisy.
  16.Are Peggy’s neighbors noisy or quiet? They’re quiet.
  17.Is the food at the Plaza Restaurant expensive or cheap? It’s expensive.
  18.Is the food at the Burger Town expensive or cheap? It’s cheap.
  19.Are the questions in Chapter 5 easy or difficult? They’re easy.
  20.Are the questions in Chapter 17 easy or difficult? They’re difficult.
  21.Is Marvin rich or poor? He’s rich.
  22.Is Larry rich or poor? He’s poor. P38 Tell me about…
  1. Are you married? No, I’m not. I’m single.
  2. Tell me about your new car. Is it large? No, it isn’t. It’s small.
  3. Tell me about your new neighbors. Are they quiet? No, th



   关于<<朗文国际英语教程 教材介绍 关于 朗文国际英语教程>>教材介绍 朗文国际英语教程 教材简介 《朗文国际英语》是一套面向青少年学生的初级至中高级英语教材。为英语学习者提供积极互动的交 际型语言学习途径,通过引导会话的方式,帮助学生运用精心策划的语法结构进行会话,并鼓励他 们突破课本局限,自行组织会话。课文中的这些语言练习旨在促进学生之间的对话交流,让他们能 够面对面地练习对话。每一课都有一个语法中心点,再结合频繁使用该语法项的交际情景达到学以 致用; 四册书几乎 ...


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   Unit1A 学习外语是我一生中最艰苦也是最有意义的经历之一。虽然时常遭遇挫折,但却非常 有价值。 我学外语的经历始于初中的第一堂英语课。老师很慈祥耐心,时常表扬学生。由于这 种积极的教学方法,我踊跃回答各种问题,从不怕答错。两年中,我的成绩一直名列前茅。 到了高中后,我渴望继续学习英语。然而,高中时的经历与以前大不相同。以前,老 师对所有的学生都很耐心,而新老师则总是惩罚答错的学生。每当有谁回答错了,她就会用 长教鞭指着我们,上下挥舞大喊: “错!错!错! ”没有多久,我便不再渴望回答问题 ...


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   第一册 Unit1a 学习外语是我一生中最艰苦也是最有意义的经历之一。 虽然时常遭遇挫折,但却非常有价值。 我学外语的经历始于初中的第一堂英语课。 老师很慈祥耐心,时常表扬学生。 由于这种积极的教学方法,我踊跃回答各种问题,从不怕答错。 两年中,我的成绩一直名列前茅。 到了高中后,我渴望继续学习英语。然而,高中时的经历与以前大不相同。 以前,老师对所有的学生都很耐心,而新老师则总是惩罚答错的学生。 每当有谁回答错了,她就会用长教鞭指着我们,上下挥舞大喊:“错!错!错!” 没有多久,我便不再渴望 ...



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