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《The Lord of the Rings》 , a film 》 adapted from a magical novel <The Hobbit>, is written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
J R R Tolkien was born on January 3rd 18
  92.He lived in a poor family and became an orphan at the age of
  12. In 1911 he entered Oxford University to ancient Germanic languages, English, Welsh and Gothic. During the World War I ,he went to France to join the battle and then was sent back because of illness. Then he worked as a teacher in Oxford University and Leeds University. In 1937,he published the novel <The Hobbit>,and he spent 16 years to finish the magical novel <great rings trilogy> ,which was a great success. He died in September 1973 ,buried in Oxford crime-wave.
The film <The Lord of the Rings> is directed by Peter Jackson , who has made another famous film <King Kong>
Story happened in a beautiful land named the Middle Earth
An ancient Ring lost for centuries has been found, and given to a small Hobbit named Frodo.
The ring was made by the Dark Lord , who was defeated by The Righteous Men years ago. But he would come back to life and ruled the world unless Frodo take the evil ring to the “Cracks of Doom” to destroy it.
However, he was not alone ,he was joined by his honest fellows
Two honest friends of Frodo , they are the Hobbits
The King of Men
A Master of Magic from the west.
A stubborn dwarf full of strength
A Prince in the Forest, doing great job in archey
Wow! He is so cool that I want to put one more his picture!
Finally, heroes defeated the evils and the world was saved.
And people lived in peaceful lives again.
Now let’s enjoy some scenes of the movie.


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