1)六年级英语第三单元反馈练习 ( )六年级英语第三单元反馈练习
一.找出一个发音不同的单词 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. wash )
  2.A. what )
  3.A. bread )
  4.A. bike )
  5.A. trace )
  6. A. big )
  7.A. how )
  8.A. print )
  9.A. young )
  10.A. glue )
  11. A. play )
  12.A. bananas )
  13.A, talk )
  14.A. worm )
  15.A. peach B. watch B. where B . leaf B. finish B. safe B. dip B. row B. think B. finger B. blue B. stay B. carrots B. tall B. morning B. teach
  2.paint(名词) _ C. want C. white C. leave C. sometimes C. take C. right C. grow C. drink C. morning C, ruler C. says C. rabbits C. half C. for C. meat
  3.colour(复数) _ D. water D. who D. cheap D. find D. fast D. bring D. show D. thank D. reading D. cut D. today D. elephants D. walk D. forty D. great
  4.draw(名词) __
  1. Mike
  2. My hobby is
  3. They
  4. Sometimes she
  5. What
  6. What about
  7. I’m going to
班级 姓名 班级 姓名
(like) playing football. Look! He (listen)to music. (fly)a kite now . (go) he (want) (play)football? (stay)at home today. (collect)coins ? (read)in bed. (be)a toy shop near my school . (farm) . (goose).
  13. This is an
  15. He often goes (interest) book. (fish). (borrow)a book. (shop)after work. (buy)? (play) football over there now.

  8. Are you interested in
  9. I want
  10. He likes
  14. He keeps four
  16.What are your parents’
  17.Our teacher’s hobby is
  18. My
  20. Our school is 五.根据首字母填空。
  12. My father is a good
(hobby)? (read)books .
  19. Artists are good at (paint) . (difference)from hers .
(father) hobby is fishing .
  1.leaf(复数) 三.选词填空 grow, make, plant, feed, take, play, get…ready, dip, press, draw, cut, glue, paint
  1. Tom’s father likes
  2. He often
  3. I like
  5. My grandpa
  6. My father likes
  8. My little brother often likes
  9. Look! Li Lei
  10.People cannot 四.用单词的适当形式填空 pictures . tools. vegetables. flowers in the garden .
  4. You should a lot of animals on the farm .
  7. your finger into the water. with toy cars . a horse on the blackboard . down the trees .
  13. the enter button . a car red. everything .

  1. Can you guess what they are talking a?
  2. There are some i things in the picture.
  3. ?Do you like l to music? ?Yes, I do. 六.选择填空 ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. likes English. . B. toy car football. B. is interested in B in , on C . toys car A. to play D. toy cars A. a B. an B. play C./ D. the D. / C. playing interesting family photo. A. toys cars )
  3. Here is )
  4.He enjoys )
  5.He A. is interested on )
  6.I live A. in , in A. Everything B. Everybody C. All D. Every )
  2.Peter has a lot of
collecting stamps and knows a lot about it . C. is interested about a farm. C on , on D on , in D. is interesting Tianjin , but my father lives

  12. the stamp on the envelope(信封).
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  7.His son is good A. at A. for )
  10.What about A. what to get )
  12.Can they finish A. draw )
  13.We don’t know A. how to doing )
  14.We are in A. the different A. for A. sheeps, gooses B. by B. till
collecting stamps. C. on the whole day. C. in A. by
A. at D. in
B. for C. to
D. of

  3.He never swims in winter.(改为反意疑问句)
  4.You put a leaf on the paper. 改为祈使句) ( 九.补全对话,写出完整的句子 A: ? ? B: I like collecting matches. A: I like collecting stamps . I have many stamps here . B: Can I have a look at your stamps? A: B: How nice! A: 十.综合填空 A). Today is Sunday. Ted and his father are a home. They are moving to a new house. His father wants to p the books in some b. But he can’t find any e boxes. Ted tells him the boxes are in the n room. T he brings t to his father. They p the books in the boxes. The boxes are f now. They carry them o. There are no boxes f Ted’s t. So he puts his t in some bags. The bags of toys are very h. He can’t c them. He a his father f help. His father takes the h bags and he takes the l ones. Ted h his father and his father h him. T help each other. B). Jim and Tim are good friends. One day they are having a picnic together. Tim is q lazy. On the f evening of their holidays, Jim says to Tim, “Here’s some money. G and get some meat.” “I’m very tired,” a Tim. “You go.” So Jim goes to buy the meat. Soon he comes b. He says to Tim, “Tim, here’s the meat. Now cook it, please.” But Tim answers, “But I’m not good at c. You cook it.” Jim cooks the meat again. L he says to Tim, “Go and carry some water.” “I’m not strong I can’t c it.” Tim answers. At last Jim says, “ The meat is r. Come and eat it”. “Yes, I’ll do that,” answers Tim. “I don’t like s No all the time.” . This is a French stamp. That is a Japanese stamp. .
  8.Young children are interested )
  9.Sometimes he goes fishing plane ? B. where to get B. drawing . B. which to do class . B. the same B. by B. sheep, geese
picture books.
D. since B. bying C. biing D. to by D. how to get D. draws D. where do D. same D. at D. sheep, gooses B. at B. at C. for D. to C. for D. on
  11.The farmers want to learn
the most corn . C. which to get C. to draw C. what to do C. different painting . C. of C. sheeps, geese A. about A. in C. fishing A. grow B. plant pictures?
  15.He often makes interesting things
  16.There are some and some on the farm. )
  17.She can learn more farming. )
  18.He works a farm. )
  19.My uncle’s hobby is . A. play cards B. grow flowers D. playing toys cars C. keep D. farm )
  20.I have to the pigs. )
  1.Do you want to know about him? )
  2.Where does your grandpa live? )
  3.What animals does he keep? )
  4.Is he good at fishing ? )
  5.What’s his hobby?
七.情景反应,在Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏对应答语 A: He keeps chickens , ducks. B: He lives on a farm . C: My grandpa’s hobby is fishing . D: Yes, tell me something about him . E: No, he often gets nothing .
  1.The animals are talking about their hobbies .
  2.I like eating fish .(变为否定句)



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