Unit 11 The Sounds of the World
No.2 Middle School Mr. Zhang
Language Points

  1. practise
practise vi / vt 实践;练习 practise doing sth 练习做某事 ◆ Whenever possible, we should practise speaking English. ◆ After he practised hard for one month, he made great progress in oral English. practice n. 练习;实践 ◆ Practice makes perfect.
practical a. 实际的; 实用的 ◆ The ordinary school cannot give much practical training in living, because most of the students’ time is spent in classes, studying lessons. practised a. 熟练的; 精通的 ◆ It needs a lot of try and diligence in order to have a practised skill.

  2. what to buy
Can you help me decide what to buy … wh - 疑问词 + to - 动词不定式 做介词 动词不定式, 或动词宾语. ◆ I am not sure about what to do. ◆ Have you any idea how to open the packet? (本句介词省略了) ◆ When and where to have the meeting isn’t decided yet.

  3. have...in mind
What do you have in mind? have...in mind 记得,考虑,想要 记得,考虑, ◆Do you have anyone in mind for this job? ◆I could see that she was not telling me all she had in mind. ◆I have it in mind to go shopping on Sunday.
have sth. on one’s mind 为某事担忧 ◆ You look unhappy. Have you got anything on your mind? keep sth. in mind 记住 Keep these rules in mind. 注意比较: 注意比较 learn sth. by heart ◆ In order to do well in your lessons, you should learn all the texts by heart.

  4. dance to...
dance to 和着……的节拍跳 ◆ The man danced to the beautiful music. ◆ We sang the song to a new tune today. ◆ Do you want an egg to your tea? dance with 与某人一起跳舞 ◆ Would you like to dance with me? 考题点击: 考题点击: C The poem has been set music. A. with B. for C. to D. on

  5. consider doing
They are considering paying a visit to China. 注意: “认为、把…看作”的不同表达法。 ● regard / have / look on / think of / treat / consider sb./sth. as ● consider / think sb. / sth. to be 注:take / mistake sb. / sth. for… (把…误认为) ◆ She felt ashamed the moment she realized that she took the man for her old classmate.
He has read lots of books, that he is A young. A. considering B. considered C. being considered D. to consider
解析:此处 considering 为介词,意为“鉴 解析: 鉴 于”,其后可接名词或从句。如: ◆ He is active, considering his age. ◆ He did very well in this exam, considering that he had studied so little.

  6. characteristic
characteristic a. 特有的,独特的;典型的;表示特性的 n. 特性,特征,特色 ◆ Urban inhabitants have to live with the characteristic noises of cities.

It is their distinguishing characteristic. 这是他们与众不同的特征。

  7. contain
Today’s American culture contains many different musical styles. contain vt. 包含;容纳 ; ◆ The jar contains ten glasses of water. 这只大口瓶能装十杯水。 ◆ The pill contains vitamins. 这药丸中含有多种维生素。

  8. have much in common
have something / nothing / much / little in common (with sb. / sth.) ◆ Jane and I have nothing in common. ◆ I have much in common with Tom and we are good friends. in common with sb/sth 像… 一样 ◆ In common with many others, I also applied for the job.
辨析 common / usual / ordinary / general
common 常见的 ◆ Jackson is a common English name. ◆ This is a common mistake in spelling. usual 通常的,往常的 ( usually, unusual ) ◆ It is usual to start a speech by greeting the audience. ◆ He came back home later than usual.
ordinary 平常的,普通的 ◆ It was a very ordinary day. ◆ The meal is very ordinary. general 普遍的,大众的,大致的,主要的 ◆ Try to find the general idea of this paragraph. ◆ The book is written for the general reader, not for the specialist. ◆ a matter of general interest

  9. spread
Latin music has spread all over the world. spread v. 传播; 散布; 使伸展 [注意 过去式 过去分词和原形相同 注意]过去式 注意 过去式, ◆ If I tell you the secret, don t spread it around. ◆ The fire soon spread through the whole of the town ◆ I spread my arms as far apart as I could.

  10. variety
variety n. 多样化, 变化; 种种; 种类 ◆ What other ways do you know to add variety? 你知道其他增加变化的方法吗? ◆ People like to live a life full of variety. 人们喜欢过丰富多彩的生活。 vary v. Prices vary with the season. various adj. at various times

  11. universal
Is music a universal language? universal a. 全体的; 普遍的; 众所周知的; 宇
宙的; 全世界的; 万能的, 通用的; 多才多艺的; 博闻 广见的

The government introduced universal secondary education years ago. Football is a universal game.

  12. perform
perform vt.
  1. 履行; 执行; 完成; 做
  2. 演出, 表演, 演奏 vi.
  1. 演出, 表演, 演奏[(+on / at)]
  2. (机器)运转; (人)行动,表现 ◆ The young doctor performed the heart operation. ◆ Our team performed well in the match yesterday.

  13. turn...into...
turn ... into ... 把...变成/翻译/改写成... ◆ Turn this sentence into English. 将这句话译成英文。 ◆ The barren land has been turned into fertile fields. 贫瘠的土地已改成良田。 ◆ Water has turned into ice. 水已经结成了冰。

  14. similar
similar a. 相像的,相仿的,类似的(+to) ◆ His problem is similar to yours. 他的问题和你的相似。 ◆ My view is similar to yours. 我的看法与你相似。 ◆ They had similar views. 他们意见相似。

  15. satisfy
satisfy vt. 使满意, 使高兴; 使满足(+with); 满
足(需要,欲望等); 符合, 达到(要求,标准等)
◆ ◆

That answer won’t satisfy her. Our company will do everything to satisfy our customers. You can’t apply for the job until you have satisfied certain conditions.
satisfactory a. 令人满意的;符合要求的; 良好的 ◆ The result of the exam was satisfactory. satisfaction n. 满意,满足;称心 ◆ Your success will be a satisfaction to your parents. satisfied a. 感到满意的; 满足的 ◆ Are you satisfied with my answer? satisfying a. 满意的;充分的;确信的 ◆ He gave us a satisfying answer.
考题点击 Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does his boss. B A. serves C. promises B. satisfies D. supports

  16. desire
desire vt. 渴望; 要求[+ to - v][+ that] n. 欲望, 渴望 ◆ He desired us to leave soon. ◆ She desired to marry a rich man. ◆ It is desired that this rule should be brought to the attention of the staff. ◆ I come to help you at her desire.

  17. entertain
entertain vt.
  1. 使欢乐,使娱乐
  2. 招待,款待(+with/at/to) vi. 款待,请客 ◆ We were all entertained by his humorous stories. ◆ They often entertained their friends at weekends.

  18. intelligence
intelligence n. 智能;智慧;理解力 ◆ He’s obviously a man of very high intelligence. ◆ intelligence test 智力测验,智能测验 intelligent a.有才智的;聪明的;明智的; 有理性的;智能的 ◆ The child made a very intelligent comment.

  19. hit
The band has four hits in 19
  70. hit n. c. 打击; 击中; 成功而风行一时 的事物 ◆ They got five hits and one miss. 他们五次击中,一次未中。 ◆ The new play is the hit of the season. 这出新戏是本季最叫座的。

  20. sell
Michael’s first record sold eight million copies in America. 此处 sell 意为: 达到 ... 销售额

The novel has sold about two hundred thousand copies. 这部小说已销售约二十万册。
sell vt.卖,销售;【口】欺骗;背叛,出卖 vi. 卖,出售; (商品)(以...价格)售出 (+ at / for); 有销路
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
He sold his bike to me for $
  40. She was sold again. 她又上当了。 His house sold for $ 20,0
  00. This kind of disc sells well.
注意类似的词: 注意类似的词 write; wash; write; …

  21. think...(to be)...
Money was also thought to be important. think...(to be)... 认为, 以为, 后接宾语从句或宾语加宾 语补语 ◆ We thought it our duty to take care of the orphans.
think highly / well / little of
think nothing of sth./ doing sth.
think better of sb. 对某人持较高的看法 think better of sth. 重新考虑 ◆ What a foolish idea! I hope you'll think better of it.
其它有关“评价”的短语: 其它有关“评价”的短语:
sing high praise for…; speak highly of

  22. express
  1) vt. 表达、表示 ◆ The guests expressed their thanks before leaving. ◆ He is still unable to express himself in English. (
  2) expression n. 表示、表达、表情 ◆ The scenery is beautiful beyond expression. ◆ “Shut up ” is an impolite expression.
  3) n 快车,快递,速运 ◆ The 8 a.m. express to Edinburgh is leaving. ◆ send goods by express ◆ the Federal Express ( FedExp ) 联邦快递 (
  4) adj. 明确的、快速的 ◆ It was his express wish that you should not wait for him. 他明确表示你不用等他了。 ◆ express way 高速公路


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