A Teaching Plan for Unit 3
(In New Horizon College English Book
Ⅰ. Time: 10 class hours Ⅱ. Contents:
Listening and Speaking Section A: Marriage Across the Nations Section B: Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law
Ⅲ. Suggested Timetable:

  1. The first two-class-hour session for listening and speaking(Unit 3 in College English Listening and Speaking Course Book
  2. Next four-class-hour session for Section A
  3. The fourth two-class-hour session for exercises of Section A
  4. The fifth two-class-hour session for Section B and Section C
Ⅳ. Aims and Requirements: Listening and Speaking:

  1. Train the students' ability to listen to and understand "between the Lines"
  2. Give them some CET-4 listening paper to do and summarize some useful skills.
Section A: Marriage Across the Nations

  1. Let the students acquainted with some new words: tolerance, compromise, mutual, overlook, resistance, counsel, reservation, confirm, suspect, hesitate, cancel, proceed, resolve
  2. Teach the students the "never too…to" structure and how to rewrite sentences by using an appositional structure.
  3. Teach the students the writing skill: denial of some opinions followed by some other opinions
Section B: Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law

  1. Teach the reading skill: recognizing differences between facts and opinions
  2. Enable the students to grasp the main idea of the text
Ⅴ. Focal Points and Difficult Points:
Listening and Speaking:
  1. Enable students to understand "between the lines"
  2. Grasp some words and expressions which often appear in CET-4 Section A: Marriage Across the Nations
  1. Analyze the structure of several compound sentences and comprehend them.
  2. Learn to use the structure "never too…to" and appositional structure
  3. Grasp the writing skill: denial of some opinions followed by some other opinions Section B: Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law
  1. Ask students to tell us the main idea of this story.
Ⅵ. Suggested Teaching Procedure and Methodology:
Listening and Speaking: (an interactive approach is introduced)
  1. Pre-listening Task: arrange the students in pairs and ask them to discuss the following questions: (
  1) Where do you usually have your meals? What do you think of the food there? (
  2) Do you sometimes eat out? What kind of place do you like to go to? (
  3) What is your favorite dish/drink? (
  4) What are good table manners in the place where you are from? Some useful words, expressions and phrases: school canteen 学校食堂 a variety of 各种各样的
I like/fancy/crave for/can't stand/hate… I occasionally have…
  2. Background Information: In large cities you can always find different styles of cuisine. And you have a variety of choices as to what to eat, from French food to Malaysian or Thai food. Every cuisine has its own taste. For example, Japanese style of cooking uses a lot of raw food, especially raw fish, and all kinds of seafood, and soy sauce with less oil and fat.
  3. Listening to Text and Additional Listening
  4. Speaking Tasks: ask students to get into pairs and make up dialogues about their meals/drinks and how to order a meal at restaurant.
Section A: Marriage Across the Nations

  1. Pre-reading Activities Listen to a short passage twice and answer questions. (
  1) For what two reasons did Gail and Mark live together? (
  2) How did Gail's father and mother react to the news about the wedding plans? (
  3) In what ways are Gail's and her father's views different? 听力原文: Gail and Mark lived together for two years to get to know each other before they decided to marry. They wanted to marry for the right reasons. Hearing news of wedding plans, Gail's mother, who was supportive of her daughter's marrying a black man, told her to be very certain Mark was the right life-long partner. Gail's father thought Mark might be using this marriage to obtain United States citizenship. Gail's father used statistics about mixed marriages, his counseling experience and children's problems to warn his daughter she was rushing into marriage without thinking enough about it. His strong-willed daughter thought doubt meant no action; she would rather act now and worry later. Her father reminded her it was never too late to change her mind. Answers:
  1) For what two reasons did Gail and Mark live together? One is that Gail and Mark wanted to get to know each other before they decided to marry; the other is that they wanted to marry for the right reasons. (
  2) How did Gail's father and mother react to the news about the wedding plans? Gail's mother told her to be very certain Mark was the right life-long partner. Gail's father thought Mark might be using this marriage to obtain United States citizenship. (
  3) In what ways are Gail's and her father's views different? Gail's father thought she was rushing into marriage without thinking enough, while Gail thought doubt meant no action and she would act now and worry later.
  2. Work on Section A A) Structure of the Text (a method of analyzing the text structure is employed) Part1 (Paras. 1-
  4): the mixed marriage of Gail and Mark. Part2 (Paras.5-
  9): the reaction of Gail's mother toward their wedding plans Part3 (Paras.10-
  21): the response of Gail's father toward their wedding plans B) Raise some questions to make students grasp some detailed information in the text(question and answer method is used) Part1 (Paras. 1-
  4) Question--What did Mark and Gail learn from their racial and cultural differences? Answer-- They learned a great deal about tolerance, compromise and being open with each other. (Para.
  2) Part2 (Paras.5-
  9) Question--What was Gail's mother's reaction when Gail spread the news of their wedding plans to her family? Answer--Her mother counseled Gail to be really sure she was doing the right thing. Part3 (Paras.10-
  21) Questions--When Gail's father learned of Mark's problems with the Citizenship department through Gail, what was his reaction? -- According to Paragraph 14 how did Gail's father try to persuade Gail to put off their decision until later? -- Why did Gail's father suggest that Gail be realistic? Answers--He immediately suspected that Mark was marrying his daughter in order to remain in the United States. --He quoted statistics showing that mixed couples had higher divorce rates than couples of the same race and gave examples of mixed couples he had counseled who were having marital difficulties. --He suggested that Gail be realistic because people can be very cruel toward children from mixed marriages.
  3. Language Points Part1 (Paras. 1-
  4) (
  1) During our two years together we had experienced the usual ups and downs of a couple learning to know, understand, and respect each other.(Para.
  1) Meaning: Like any other couples who were learning to know, understand, and respect each other, we had had both happy and unhappy periods during our two years together. ups and downs: a mixed of good experiences and bad experiences
e.g. Life is full of ups and downs.人生充满了欢乐与痛苦. (
  2)But through it all we had honestly confronted the weaknesses and strengths of each other's characters. Meaning: But in experiencing all the ups and downs we had honestly faced and tried to deal with the weak sides and good sides of each other's characters. through: prep. from the beginning to the end of e.g. The company is going through a very difficult period. weaknesses and strengths: weak points and strong points e.g. It's important to know your own weaknesses and strengths 了解自己的优点和缺点很重要. (
  3)…and being open with each other. Meaning: …being honest with each other. open: a. willing to talk honestly, frank e.g. Let's be open with each other. (
  4) Gail sometimes wondered why I and other blacks were so involved with the racial issue,… Meaning: Gail sometimes expressed a wish to know why I and other blacks gave so much time, energy and attention to the racial issue. be/get involved with: give a lot of time, effort, or attention to… e.g. He was involved with working out a plan. (
  5)… they overlooked serious personality conflicts in the expectation that marriage was an automatic way to make everything work out right. Meaning: They ignored serious personality conflicts. They hoped that everything would go right automatically when they lived their married life. overlook: vt 1> fail to notice or realize how important sth. is e.g. You have overlooked several of the mistakes in this work. 你忽略了这项工作中的几个错误. 2> pretend not to notice; forgive e.g. We'll overlook your bad behavior this time, but don't do it again. 这次我们不计较你的错误行为,但是以后就别犯了. 3> have or give a view of (a place) from above e.g. Her bedroom has large windows overlooking a lake. work out: a. develop in a certain way e.g. Things will work out if you will just be patient. 如果你耐心点,事情会有个圆满的结果的. b. find by reasoning or figuring e.g. Have you worked out the answer? 你已经得出答案来了没有? (
  6) That point was emphasized by the fact that Gail's parents, after thirty-five years of marriage, were going through a bitter and painful divorce… Meaning: That point was made particularly true when Gail's parents, after thirty-five years of marriage, were experiencing a bitter and painful divorce. go through: experience
e.g. The country has gone through too many wars. go through hardships 历经千辛万苦 Part2 (Paras.5-
  9) (
  1) When Gail spread the news of our wedding plans to her family she met with some resistance. Meaning: When Gail told her family of our wedding plans, her family expressed their views opposed to the wedding. meet with: experience e.g. I met with some difficulties in surfing the net. His speech met with a cold acceptance. (
  2) Instead of congratulations upon hearing our news, Deborah counseled Gail to be really sure she was doing the right thing. Meaning: When Deborah heard our plans, she did not express her congratulations but advised Gail to be really sure that that was the marriage she did want. Congratulation 常以复数形式出现: 对..表示祝贺,其后常接 on/upon. . e.g. Congratulations on your marriage! 恭喜你们喜结良缘! upon: immediately after(the same as "on") e.g. Upon / on hearing the news, she burst into tears. 一听到这个消息,她就放声大哭. He got a good job upon graduation. 他一毕业就找到了个好工作. Counsel: a. advise e.g. She counseled them not to accept his explanation. 她建议他们不要接受他的解释. b. give advice and support to e.g. The school is now providing a service to counsel students with drug problems. (
  3) When we met I saw him as my beloved, intelligent, charming, and caring. Meaning: When we met I regarded him as the one I loved because he was smart, attractive and caring. see…as: regard/perceive…as e.g. His father saw him as a man who could not make a living for himself. 他父亲把他看作是个连自己也养不活的人. Sometimes "as " can be replaced by "to be", but keeps the same meaning. e.g. Women are sometimes seen to be less effective managers. (
  4) We have seen each other at our worst many times. Meaning: We have had many times when we behaved as unpleasantly as possible towards each other. at one's worst: when one is behaving as unpleasantly as possible e.g. This was his mother at her worst: her voice was sharp and loud, and she was to be angry at anyone. 这是她母亲脾气最坏的时候: 说话声音又高又尖,对谁都发脾气. Part3 (Paras.10-
  21) (
  1) Then why the rush? Buy time, buy time… Meaning: Then why do you want to get married so soon? Delay your decision about marriage that seems too soon.
buy time : delay an action or decision that seems to be coming too soon e.g. She tried to buy time by doing a lot of talking. 她企图以滔滔不绝的谈话来拖延时间. (
  2)… it's never too late to change your mind. Meaning: You can change your mind any time, however soon or late. e.g. One is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老. (No one is so old that he can not learn. ) It is never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,未为完也.
  4. Assignments for Section A: .(
  1) Ask students to review the text and do the exercises in the textbook (
  2) Let students learn Text Structure Analysis on Page71 and do the exercises on Page72
Section B
Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law

  1. Reading Skills: Recognizing Difference Between Facts and Opinions (page
  2. Ask students to finish reading Text B in ten minutes and doing exercises on Page 81-
  82. .
  3. Structure of the Text Part I (Paras.1-
  3) I came up with a brilliant plan for Rich to meet my mother. Part II (Paras.4-
  18) The experience of Rich meeting his future mother-in-law for the first time. Part III (Para.
  19): Rich didn't realize that he had failed.
  4. Languages Points: Part I (Paras 1-
  3) ① After much thought, I came up with a brilliant plan for Rich to meet my mother and win her over. (line 1-
  2) (After much thought, I thought of a very good idea that would enable Rich to meet my mother and gain her support of our relationship.) 经过反复思考,我终于想出了一个绝妙的让里奇与我妈妈见面,并把她争取过来的计划 come up with: think of and suggest (an idea, plan, etc.) e.g. He couldn't come up with an answer. 他答不上来. Part II (Paras. 4-
  18) ①…secret ingredients to put in ….(line
  12) ingredient: a) any of foods that are combined to make a particular dish e.g. there is a list of ingredient on the side of t


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