Unit 8 Sports Language Points
No.2 Middle School Mr. Zhang
Unit 8

  1. stand for
stand for : 代表,代替 PO stands for Post Office or Postal order. 主张, 支持 He always stands for what is right. We want to know what he stands for. stand by袖手旁观、赞同、支持 (= support ) How can you stand by and see such cruelty? I’ll stand by you whatever happens.
Unit 8 2
stand in one’s way 挡住某人的路 Don’t let the cost stand in your way. She’ll pay for it. stand 容忍、位于 She says she's not going to stand for her children disobeying her. The house stands on a hill. stand (well) with sb. 与某人相处得(好) How do you stand with your class adviser?
Unit 8 3

  2. match
v.相匹配、使 …比赛 相匹配、 相匹配 比赛
  1) The curtains don’t match the paint. (
  2) He matched his dog against his neighbor’s in a race.
n.比赛、相配之物、对手、火柴 比赛、相配之物、对手、 比赛
  1) He is watching a wonderful football match. (
  2) The hat and the shoes are a perfect match. (
  3) I’m good at tennis and I’m a match for any player. (
  4) He struck a match to see it clearly.
Unit 8 4
试比较 match / suit / go with / fit

  1. match 和…相匹配、适合 We must find carpets that will match the curtains.
  2. suit 常指衣服的颜色、样式适合某人 The new dress suits her very well. The climate here suits me well. The seven o’clock train will suit best.
  3. go with (= match) Do these red shoes go with the dress?
  4. fit vt. vi. adj. n.
Unit 8 5
用 match / suit / go with / agree with / fit 填空
  1. Her clothes don’t her age. match
  2. The climate here me very well. suits
  3. Do these red shoes your go with / match new trousers?
  4. The hot weather didn’t him. agree with / suit
  5. This jacket me well. fits
Unit 8 6

  3. worth / worthy
worth 为表语形容词 可作表语或后置定语 为表语形容词, (
  1) 价值 The house is worth more than five million dollars. How much is it worth? (
  2) be worth sth / doing sth 值得做某事(以主动形式表被动意义) The book is well worth reading. (
  3) It is worth while to do (doing) sth.
Unit 8 7
worthy 有价值的 值得尊敬的 有价值的, a worthy man 高尚的人 of sth. be worthy of being done to be done The article is worthy of careful study. The article is worthy of being studied carefully. The article is worthy to be studied carefully.
Unit 8 8

  4. point / score
point 得分 点数 得分, c.n. They scored 20 points in this match. point 还可表示点 小数点 尖端 论点 意义 还可表示点, 小数点, 尖端, 论点, a turning point 转折点 the point of a needle What’s the point in doing so? A straight line is the shortest distance between two points.
Unit 8 9
five point three language points
score n. (
  1) 得分, 比分, 分数, 成绩 What’s my score? a score of 120 in the IQ test (
  2) 得分 v. He scored two goals before half time. (
  3) 作名词, 有20的意思 a score of people, three score people (
  4) scores of 大量,许多,+复数名词 How many people were there? There were scores of them.
Unit 8 10

  5. congratulate
congratulate vt. “祝贺、道贺”,常与介词 on 搭配。 I warmly congratulated him on his wonderful success. The young man was congratulated on what he had achieved. 注意: 后只能接受被祝贺的人, 注意:congratulate 后只能接受被祝贺的人,而不能 接受被祝贺的事。 接受被祝贺的事。 名词形式为:congratulation, 多用复数 多用复数,后面也接 on 名词形式为 表示原因。如: Congratulations to you on your success! Please accept our heartiest congratulations.
Unit 8 11
考题点击: 考题点击:

  1. Stram has done a good job of running the factory. He is . B A. to be congratulated on B. to be congratulated C. to be congratulations D. congratulations
  2. I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s. . D A. Oh, that’s very nice of you B. Congratulations C. It’s a pleasure D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that
  3. I’m pleased that I have passed the exam. B A. Oh, really? B. Congratulations! C. That’s very good. D. Quite OK.
Unit 8 12

  6. tie…to…/ tie…together / tie up
tie…to…把…系在 上 把 系在 系在…上 He tied a dog to the fence so as to stop the children picking up flowers. tie…together 把…捆在一起 捆在一起 The poor man tied the sticks together to hold the leaning roof.
Unit 8 13
tie up 捆紧;绑起来 捆紧; Make sure the parcel’s correctly tied up before you post it. tie 表示“捆”;wrap表示“包” 表示“ 表示“ 表示 Wrap presents in red paper. tie (和) 打成平局 和 They tied for first place in the game. We tied (with) them in the competition.
Unit 8 14

  7. prefer / would rather
注意 prefer 的几个句型
  1. prefer to do sth./dointg sth
  2. prefer sb (not) to do sth
  3. prefer to do sth. (rather) than do sth.
  4. prefer doing sth. to doing sth.
  5. prefer + n. to + n.
  6. prefer + that clause (should型)
Unit 8 15

  1. Which do you prefer, bananas or apples?
  2. I prefer bananas to apples.
  3. I prefer to walk to school.
  4. Even on holidays, he prefers doing something to doing nothing.
  5. She preferred to stay with us rather than go with us.
  6. I prefer that my daughter (should) study medicine.
Unit 8 16
would rather 宁愿, 表示选择的意思。在使用这 种表达方式时,要注意以下几点:
  1) would rather 后跟不带 to 的不定式, 常用缩写 不带 式 ’d rather: 如: Which would you rather have, sweets or fruit? I’d rather have something to eat. 我宁愿来点吃的。
  2) would rather 的否定式是在 would rather 后 加not, 即 would rather not do sth.。例如: 。 I would rather not go out tonight, if you don't mind. 如果你不介意的话,今晚我不想外出了。 17 Unit 8

  3) 在表示“宁愿......而不愿”时,要用 would rather ... than ... 这一结构,表示在两者之中进行 选择。 I would rather listen to music than go swimming.
  4) would rather 后不能带复合宾语 不能带复合宾语,但可带宾语从 不能带复合宾语 可带宾语从 过去式表示的虚拟语气。 句。从句中的动词需要用过去式 过去式 例:We’d rather that you came here tomorrow. Shall we ask John to go with us? . D A. I’d rather he don’t go with us B. I’d prefer him not going with us C. I’d like him not going with us D. I wish he didn’t go with us
Unit 8 18
考题点击: 考题点击:
  1. Whom would you rather have with you, B Mary or Jane? . A. to go … Either B. go … Either C. gone … Neither D. going … Anyone
  2. I blamed him so angrily for mistakes, but I it like that. C A. would rather not do B. wouldn’t rather do C. would rather not have done D. wouldn’t rather have done
Unit 8 19

  8. every 表示”每,每隔” 表示” 每隔 每隔”
every +基数词 + 复数名词 / + 序数词 + 单数名词 基数词 every year 每年 every two years / every second year 每两年 每隔一年 每两年(每隔一年 每隔一年) every three years / every third year 每三年 每隔两年) 每三年(每隔两年 每隔两年 每隔一…”还可用 every other +单数名词 表示 “每隔一 还可用 单数名词 如:every other year / day / line 每隔几…” 用 every few + 复数名词 表示 “每隔几 如:every few minutes , every few thousand meters
Unit 8 20

  9. join / join in / take part in / attend
◆join 指加入某组织团体,成为其成员之一。如: 参军、入团、入党、加入某人的行烈等。 ◆ join in 表示“加入某项活动”。如: join sb. in sth. ◆take part in 指参加群众性活动、公众性活动,往 take 往指参加者持积极态度,发挥一份作用。注意 part 前有修饰语时,要用不定冠词。 Lincoln took an active part in politics and was strongly against slavery. ◆attend 指参加会议或仪式、婚礼、典礼、上课、 上学、听报告等,强调的是“出席”,而不强调 参加者在其中所起的作用。 Unit 8 21
用 join / join in / take part in / attend 填空

  1. He’ll an important meeting tomorrow. attend
  2. My wish is the Army after graduation. to join
  3. Come and us in the discussion. join
  4. All the students an active part in the thorough took cleaning.
  5. They danced and danced until a lot of us . joined in
  6. I like the first high school I . attended
Unit 8 22
考题点击: 考题点击: C
  1. The leaders decided to tell all the workers to stop and the strike. A. working … join B. to work … join in C. working … take part in D. to work … attend
  2. He the making up exam yesterday. A A. took B. joined C. attended D. took part in
  3. You can us in the discussion if you . A A. join … wish to B. join in … want to join C. take part in … hope to D. attend … don’t want to
Unit 8 23

  10. the same … as …
the same … as … 和 … 相同 as 为关系代词, 引导定语从句。 That jacket is the same as mine. The student has made the same mistake as last time. He is no longer the same as he was. He looks the same as his father. the same … that… 与 … 是同一个 是同一个。试比较: This is the same pen that I lost. This is the same pen as I lost.
Unit 8 24

  11. compete
compete vi.竞争 比的上 比赛 竞争, 竞争 比的上, compete in a game / a match 参加 compete with / against sb 和某人竞争 compete for a prize / medal / the first place 角逐 ① He is going to compete with / against his old friend in the second round. ② There is no book that competes with this. ③ Several companies are competing against each other for the contract.
Unit 8 25
competition n. 竞争 比赛 竞赛 竞争, 比赛, competitor n. 竞争者 对手 竞争者, ① They found themselves in competition with people much more experienced than they were. ② There were 10 competitors in the race.
Unit 8 26

  12. further
adj. 更深入的、更近一步的、更远的、较远的 Keep working as usual till further notice. His house is on the further side of the street. adv. 更深一层的,更进一步的,更远的,更前面的 , , , The policemen questioned him further. I can’t work any further. 注: farther、further 都是 far 的比较级, 表示 、 “较远, 更远” 可以通用;further 有更进一 步的意思, 不能用 farther 代替。
Unit 8 27

  13. rank
  1. 位居 排名 把 … 分等级 把 … 列队 位居, 排名, 分等级, She ranks first in her class.
  2. rank with / among … 名列 中, 属…之列 名列…中 之列 rank as 把…看作, 可算做… …看作 可算做… 看作, He ranks among the greatest pianists of our day. They rank him as a first-class painter. n. 阶层 阶级 等级 地位 显贵 高身份 行列 阶层, 阶级, 等级, 地位, 显贵, 高身份, people of all ranks, a soldier of high rank He is a musician of the first rank.
Unit 8 28

  14. 现在分词做状语
In Sydney the Chinese … ranking third …
句中 ranking 是现在分词在句中做结果状语。 现在分词在句中可做时间、原因、方式、伴随、 结果状语,其逻辑主语通常是主句的主语. . ① Hearing the news, he jumped with joy (时间) ② Not knowing her telephone, I can’t ring her.(原因) ③ He came running towards us.(伴随或方式) ④ The child fell, striking his head against the door. (结果状语)
Unit 8 29

  15. prepare
prepare sth. 准备某物 Mother is preparing dinner in the kitchen. prepare for sth. 为某事做准备 We’re preparing for the examination. prepare to do sth. 准备做某事 Have you prepared to go on a trip? prepare sb for sth. / to do sth. 使某人准备好做某事 You must prepare him to face the difficulty. be (well) prepared for sth./to do sth. 准备好应付某事
Unit 8 30
preparation n. (
  1) in preparation for 为…做准备
She bought a new coat in preparation for winter. The meal is in preparation.
  2) make preparations for为做准备
We have made preparations for the coming exam.
Unit 8 31

  1. Mother was busy us lunch in preparing the kitchen when I got home.
  2. The doctor told the nurses to prepare for the operation at once.
  4. Will you help me the party? prepare for
  6. The teacher is the exam. preparing
  7. The students are the exam. preparing for
  8. Will you her for the bad news that prepare is coming?
Unit 8 32

  16. welcome
  1) v. 欢迎 迎接 欢迎,迎接 Welcome home / back. Welcome to Beijing. He welcomed his friend to his house. (
  2) adj. 受欢迎的 令人快乐的 受欢迎的, a welcome guest; a welcome suggestion You are always welcome at our house. be welcome to 欣然允许的,可随意做的 You are welcome to borrow my bike. Anyone is welcome to my share.
Unit 8 33
  3) n. 欢迎 款待,欢迎辞 欢迎,款待 欢迎辞 款待
We gave the teachers a warm welcome. Don’t give the children a cold welcome. (
  4) You’re welcome. 别客气, 不用谢 (用来回答别人对自己的感谢)
Unit 8 34

  17. honour
作为可数 可数名词, 与不定冠词连用, 意为 “光荣的 可数 人或事”; 表示 “荣誉, 尊


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