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  Z, z
  / zed; ?@ zi:; zi/ n (pl Z's, z's / zedz; ?@ zi:z; ziz/)1 the twenty-sixth and last letter of the English alphabet; zed 英语字母表的第二十六个也是最後一个字母.2 (idm 习语) from A to Z => A, a
  / 5zeInI; `zenI/ adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) amusingly ridiculous; eccentric 滑稽可笑的; 古怪的: a zany haircut, lifestyle, personality 滑稽古怪的发型、 生活方式、 性格.
  n comical or eccentric person 滑稽的或古怪的人.
  / zAp; zAp/ v (-pp-) (infml 口) 1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (with sth) (a) kill sb, esp with a gun 杀死某人(尤指用枪). (b) make sb unconscious with a hit, blow, etc; attack sb 将某人打昏; 攻击某人. 2 [Ipr, Ip] move suddenly or quickly in the specified direction (沿某方向)突然或迅速移动: Have you seen him zapping around town on his new motor bike? 你看见没看见他骑著自己的新摩托车在市区飞驰?
  n [U] (infml 口) feeling of energy, liveliness, etc; vigour 精力; 活力; 元气: I really admire her she's so full of zap! 我真佩服她--精力那麽充沛! Cf 参看 zip
  adj (infml 口) lively and energetic; amusing 活泼的; 精力旺盛的; 好笑的.
  / zi:l; zil/ n [U] (fml 文) ~ (for sth) (usu intense) energy or enthusiasm; keenness (通常为高度的)热忱, 热情; 热心: show zeal for a cause 表现出对一事业的热忱 * work with great zeal 热情洋溢地工作 * revolutionary, religious zeal 革命的、 宗教的热诚.
  / 5zelEs; `zZlEs/ adj full of zeal; eager 热情的; 热心的; 积极的: zealous for liberty and freedom 为争取自由而积极的 * zealous to succeed at work 一心要做好工作.
  / 5zelEt; `zZlEt/ n (sometimes derog 有时作贬义) person who is extremely enthusiastic about sth, esp religion or politics; fanatic (对某事物, 尤指宗教或政治)极热心的人; 狂热者.
  / -rI; -rI/ n [U] (fml 文) zealous attitude or behaviour 极热心的态度或行为.
  / 5zebrE, 5zi:brE; `zibrE/ n (pl unchanged or ~s 复数或不变或作 zebras) African wild animal of the horse family with a body covered by black (or dark brown) and white stripes 斑马.
  zebra crossing
  (Brit) part of a road, marked with broad white stripes, where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross 斑马线(用白色宽条标出的路面部分, 行人欲通过时车辆必须停止). =>illus 见插图. Cf 参看 pedestrian crossing (pedestrian), pelican crossing (pelican).
  / zed; zZd/ (US zee / zi:; zi/) n the letter Z Z字母: There are two zeds in `puzzle'. 在 puzzle 一字中有两个 z 字母.
  / 5zaItgaIst; `zaIt9^aIst/ n (German 德) spirit of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas, beliefs, etc of the time 时代精神.
  / zen; zZn/ n [U] Japanese form of Buddhism that stresses the importance of meditation more than the reading of religious writings 禅, 禅宗(日本佛教宗派, 注重静坐沉思而并非诵读经文): [attrib 作定语] Zen Buddhism 禅宗佛教.
  / 5zenIW; `zinIW/ n 1 point in the heavens directly above an observer 天顶(观测者正上方的天空). Cf 参看 nadir. 2 (fig 比喻) highest point (of power, prosperity, etc); peak (权力、 繁荣等的)最高点; 顶点: reach the zenith of one's career, power, influence 达到事业的、 权力的、 影响力的顶峰 * At its zenith the Roman empire covered almost the whole of Europe. 罗马帝国的全盛时期几乎占据了整个欧洲.
  / 5zefE(r); `zZfL/ n (dated or fml 旧或文) soft gentle breeze 和风; 微风.
  / 5zepElIn; `zZpElIn/ n type of large airship used by the Germans in World War I 齐柏林飞艇(第一次世界大战中德国使用的大型飞艇).
  / 5zIErEU; `zIro/ pron, det 1 0; one less than one; nought 0; 零: Five, four, three, two, one, zero. We have lift-off! 五、 四、 三、 二、 一、 零. 我们升空了! 2 lowest point; nothing; nil 最低点; 没有; 无: Economic growth is at zero, ie is not increasing. 经济无增长. * Prospects of success in the talks were put at zero. 会谈没有成功的希望. 3 (a) point between plus (+) and minus () on a scale, esp on a thermometer (刻度上的)零点, 零位; (尤指温度计的)零度: The thermometer fell to zero lastnight. 昨夜温度计显示气温下降到零度. (b) temperature,pressure, etc that corresponds to zero on a scale (相当於零度的)温度、 压力等: It was really cold last night ten degrees below zero, ie 10C, ten degrees belowthe freezing point of water. 昨夜真冷--零下十度(10C). =>Usage at nought 用法见nought. 4 (infml 口 esp US) nothing at all; none 毫无; 没有: Politics has zero interest for me, ie I am not at all interested in it. 我对政治丝毫不感兴趣.
  n (pl ~s) the number 0 *0; 零; 零号.
  v (phr v) zero in on sb/sth 1 aim guns, etc at or find the range of (a particular target) (将枪炮等)瞄准(某目标)或调整到(某目标的)射程. 2 (fig 比喻) fix attention on sb/sth; focus on sb/sth 将注意力集中於某人[某事物]; 将焦点调到某人[某事物]上: zero in on the key issues for discussion 把注意力集中到讨论的关键问题上来.
  zero growth
  no increase at all 毫无增长: zero growthin industrial output, the economy, population 工业生产、 经济、 人口毫无增长.
  n time when a military operation, an attack, etc is planned to start (部署的军事行动、 攻击等的)开始时刻: Zero-hour is
  3.30 am. 发动攻击的时刻是凌晨 3 时 30 分.
  adj (of goods, services, etc) on which no value added tax is charged (指货物、 服务等)免付增值税的.
  / zest; zZst/ n [U, sing] 1 ~ (for sth) great enjoyment or excitement; gusto 极大的快乐或兴奋; 热情; 兴趣: Her zest for life is as great as ever. 她对生活的极大乐趣一如既往. * He entered into our plans withterrific zest. 他满腔热情地参加了我们的项目. 2 (qualityof) having added interest, flavour, charm, etc 增加的兴 趣、 风味、 魅力等(的性质): The element of risk gave (an) added zest to the adventure. 这种冒险成分更给探险活动平添几分乐趣. 3 outer skin of oranges, lemons, etc when used as a flavouring in cooking (用於烹饪时调味的)橙子、 柠檬等的外皮. Cf 参看 peeln, rind, skin
  / -fUl; -fEl/ adj.
  / -fUlI; -fElI/ adv.
  / 5zIgzAg; `zI^zA^/ adj [attrib 作定语] (of a line, path, etc) turning right and left alternately at sharp angles (指线条、 小径等)锯齿形的, 之字形的, Z字形的: a zigzag road, course, flash of lightning 弯弯曲曲的道路、 路线、 闪电.
  n line, path, etc forming a zigzag 锯齿形的线条、 小径等.
  v (-gg-) [I, Ipr, Ip] go in a zigzag 曲折地前进: The narrow path zigzags up the cliff. 这条狭窄的小径曲曲折折地向峭壁伸延. =>illus at pattern 见 pattern 插图.
  / 5zIlIEn; `zIljEn/ n (infml 口 esp US) very large but indefinite number 极大而不确定的数目: [attrib 作定语] She's a zillion times brainier than I am. 她比我聪明亿万倍.
  / zINk; zINk/ n [U] chemical element, a bluish-white metal used in alloys and to cover iron sheets, wire, etc as a protection against rust 锌. =>App 10 见附录
  / zIN; zIN/ n [U] (infml 口) liveliness; energy 活力;精力; 生命力: You need to put more zing into your playing.你在这一活动中需要再增加些干劲.
  / 5zaIEn; `zaIEn/ n 1 the Jewish religion 犹太教. 2 the Christian Church 基督教会. 3 the kingdom of Heaven 天国; 天堂.
  / 5zaIEnIzEm; `zaIEn9IzEm/ n [U] political movement concerned with the establishment and political and religious development of an independent Jewish state in what is now Israel 犹太复国运动.
  / 5zaIEnIst; `zaIEnIst/ n person who supports Zionism 犹太复国运动的支持者或拥护者.
  / zIp; zIp/ n 1 (also esp Brit `zip-fastener, esp US zipper) [C] device for bringing together or separating two rows of metal or plastic teeth by means of a sliding tab, used for fastening clothing, baggage, etc 拉链; 拉锁: The zip on my anorak has got stuck. 我的皮猴上的拉链卡住了. 2 [U] (infml 口) vigour; energy 活力; 精力. Cf 参看 zapn. 3 [sing] short sharp sound, eg of a bullet going through the air 飕(如子弹穿过空气的尖啸声).
  v (-pp-) 1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a] fasten or unfasten (clothes, baggage, etc) with a zip(
  1) 拉上或拉开(衣物、 袋子等)的拉链: She zipped her bag open. 她拉开了袋子的拉链. 2 (phr v) zip across, along, through,etc move vigorously or quickly in the specified direction 活跃地或迅速地沿某方向运动: She's just zipped into town to buy some food. 她像一阵风似的进城去买些食物. * After a slow beginning, the play fairly zips along in the second act. 这出戏开场演得很慢, 到第二幕时进行得就很快了. =>Usage at whiz 用法见whiz. zip (sb/sth) up fasten with a zip 拉上拉链: Will you zip me up, please? 请给我拉上拉链行吗? * The dress zips up at the back. 这件连衣裙是用拉链在後面拉上的.
  adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) full of zip; lively and energetic 充满活力的; 活泼的; 精力充沛的.
  Zip code
  / 5zIp kEUd; `zIp9kod/ (US) = postcode (post
  / 5z\:kCn; `z[9kBn/ n (a) [C] translucent bluish-white gem 锆石. (b) [U] mineral from which this is cut 锆英石.
  / 5zITE(r); `zITL/ n musical instrument with many strings on a box-like body, played by plucking with a plectrum and the fingers 齐特琴(琴体呈匣形, 上有很多弦, 用拨子及手指拨奏).
  / 5zEUdIAk; `zodI9Ak/ n (a) the zodiac [sing] imaginary band of the sky containing the positions of the sun, the moon and the main planets, divided into 12 equal parts (the signs of the zodiac), named after 12 groups of stars 黄道带(天球上的假想带, 日、 月、 行星在其中分成 12 等份, 即黄道 12 宫signs of the zodiac, 依 12 星群命名). =>illus 见插图. (b) [C] (usu circular) diagram of these signs used in astrology to predict the future (通常为圆形的)黄道 12 宫图(用於占星术中预测未来). Cf 参看 horoscope.
  / zEU5daIEkl; zo`daIEkl/ adj.
  NOTE ON USAGE 用法: The signs of the zodiac are used in astrology and horoscopes (often called `The Stars') in newspapers and magazines. *signs of the zodiac(黄道12宫)用於占星术及报刊中的天宫图(常称为The Stars). *People often refer to the signs and tothe influence they are supposed to have on somebody's personality and fate 人们常提到星座及其所谓对人的性格及命运的主宰: She was born under Gemini. 她属双子座. * His birthday's on 19 October. He's (a) Libra/a Libran. 他的生日是10月19日. 他属天秤座. * She is a typical Taurus/Taurean/has a typical Taurean personality. 她有典型的金牛座性格.
  / 5zCmbI; `zBmbI/ n 1 (in various African and Caribbean religions) dead body that has been brought to life again by witchcraft (非洲及加勒比人诸宗教中)靠巫术起死回生的僵尸. 2 (infml 口) dull lifeless person who seems to act without thinking or not to be aware of what is happening around him; automaton 迟钝无生气的人(举动似不经思考或对周围事物麻木不仁者); 动作呆板而不动脑筋的人.
  / zEUn; zon/ n 1 area, band or stripe that is different from its surroundings in colour, texture, appearance, etc (颜色、 质地、 外观等与周围不同的)区域、 环带或条. 2 area or region with a particular feature or use (有某特点或用途的)区域或范围: the erogenous zones of the body 身体的性感带 * a nuclear-free, parking, war, time zone 无核区、 停车场、 战区、 时区 * industrial, residential, etc zones 工业、 住宅...区 * smokeless zones, ie urban areas in which only smokeless fuels may be used in houses, factories, etc 无烟区(房屋、 工厂等中只准使用无烟燃料的市区) * Danger zone keep out! 危险区--不可靠近! 3 one of five parts (the `torridzone, North and South `temperate zones and Northand South `frigid zones) that the earth's surface is divided into by imaginary lines parallel to the e



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