I Care Education
第 1节 认 识 音 标
~~中国汉字是由笔画组成,英语单词则是由26个字母组成。 单词分为单字词和多字词。 单词 单字词是由一个字母组成的单词,只有两个,即 a 和 I。 单字词 多字词是由两个或两个以上字母按前后顺序排列而成的单词。 多字词
  1、英语中的元音字母、辅音字母和中文的单韵母、声母有什么区别。 英语中的元音字母、辅音字母和中文的单韵母、声母有什么区别。 中 单韵母/元音字母 b g sh a p k r o m h z e f j c q s i d x 文 u ü b k s a c l t 英 o d m v e f n w 语 i g p x u h q y j r
(y、w 不为首字母为元音) 、 不为首字母为元音)
t n l zh ch y w

  2、26个字母的发音。 26个字母的发音。 个字母的发音

  3、中文的发音是由拼音的拼写来完成,英语可以用音标的拼写来学习。 中文的发音是由拼音的拼写来完成,英语可以用音标的拼写来学习。 认 识 英 语 中 的 48 个 音标, 音标, 了 解 他 的 发 音 规律。 规律。
I Care Education
I Care Education
I Care Education
第 2节
  1、我们知道元音有 20 个。你知道元音发音的规律吗? 读出下面表格里的单词,看看字母组合的发音规律。 读出下面表格里的单词,看看字母组合的发音规律。
[ i: ]
ee ea e ie i y e a ea e a ir ur ear er or er or ou
three tree green sheep meet eat tea leave teacher mean he piece sit many defect bag head elephant many girl turn learn term work teacher shirt burn earn her worm leader she picture me ceiling is six fit pig it receive twenty decide hand ant bread sell any
beef clean
see please
happy delicious hat
dictionary map bed thirteen Thursday bad desk third black yes bird back
[?] [e]
pleasure lesson
[ ?: ]
skirt skirt thirty nurse earth nerd work heard serve
world player powder
doctor actor tractor gracious delicious pleasure familiar together collar dollar today banana lesson Japan china tomorrow
ar o a e u ar a u o ou oo al or
around elephant men listen famulus car fast up come trouble blood small short autumn four warm mourn quarrel court farm class supper mother rough flood wall more talk for Saturday card last lunch
[ a: ]
arm glass fun
garden plant gun aunt hunt love calm cup above bus
dose brother flourish tall hall
ball door
call floor
walk store
sport sport bought
[ ?: ]
au our ar
quarter I Care Education
我们更关心孩子的未来 aw [?] o a oo o u oo [u] ou u o a [ ei ] ay ea ai ey [ ai ] [ au ] i y ou ow o [ ?u ] ow oa oy oi eer ear air our oor ower draw hot want saw flaw fox box tooth mop hop loss not
lost lot wash
[ u: ]
food moon do two true look blue good
room full foot pull
book push gate way plane April
should could put full bull woman name play great rain they bike my house flower home know boat boy oil beer pear chair hour poor flower wolf cake
say may break paint grey plain
fine find die try fly eye out down cold low coat toy soil deer bear air tour shower flour now go below goal joy voice ear care fair no
light around how blow
night mouse ghost
ground cow grow phone
town host show flow
[ ?i ] [ i? ] [ ?? ]
choice idea there near where here fierce
[ u? ]
  2、读出下面表格里的单词,看看 28 个辅音的发音规律。 读出下面表格里的单词, [p] [b] [t] [d] [k] P b t d k x ch c pen book tree pear big two play boot ten pig bike town pour bread twenty city pull push
door dull desk dose do dog dictionary king kite key look cook book kitchen sky xfox box x-ray school card cat climb come accept
I Care Education
我们更关心孩子的未来 [g] [h] [l] [n] [m] [?] [r] g h l n m n ing r f gh ph [v] [w] [z] [?] [s] [θ] [j] [?] [ d? ] [ dz ] [ dr ] [?] v f w z s th s c ce th y ur g j ds dr sh ti ci [ t? ] [ tr ] [ ts ] ch tch tr ts girl good grade goal goat grade long language
hot hop home house horse how who long land lord fly flag black world cold could
pen ten nine fine night noon moon clean man make moon morning move come uncle bank English think thank sing king morning evening read red right run room write five fly fine flag frog fog roof knife life wife laugh physic photo phone very evening even every voice vest of when what where window zoo zebra zero zap wind wood
close nose pause those whose that this those these though six sit student same seat kiss miss case scarf city licence space think thank three thirty tooth mouth yes year Pleasure enjoy goods dry you sure bridge July June moods drive drink join your yellow
age language woods dream
sheep shoulder ship shoe she brush wash nation station social special child chicken China chair lunch ouch catch watch match country tree country students try track boats goats nuts teach
I Care Education
第 3 节
~~音素 ~~音素是英语语音中的最小单位,英语中有 48 个音素。由 20 个元音和 28 个辅音组成。 音素 音节:由元音和辅音构成的发音单位. 音节
开音节是以“辅音+元音”结尾的音节,且元音字母发本音。开音节又分绝对开音节和相对开音节。 开音节 绝对开音节由“辅音+元音”结尾,如:he hi go no do be tree three hello 绝对开音节 相对开音节由“辅音+元音+辅音(r 除外)音+e”结尾,如:kite cake name bike make take 相对开音节 闭音节是以一个或几个辅音字母(r 除外)结尾而中间只有一个元音字母的音节。map,desk,is。 闭音节是
重读音节是承担重音的发音突出的音节。常用“’ “’ ”重读符号表示。 重读音节 ”
~~课堂练习~~ 英语的 26 个字母中有 A、E、I、O、U 五个元音字母,它们在不同词汇中的读音是不同的,你能找出它们 在本节中出现的所有发音吗?
① a: : ② e: : ③ i: : ④ o: : ⑤ u: :
I Care Education



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