Review the words
upset: unhappy and worried ignore: to take no notice of calm … down: to become quiet after nervous activity have got to: have to be concerned about: be worried about walk the dog: to take a dog for a walk loose: free, not tied up
A beautiful and sad story…
Anne Frank
The Concentration Camp
Background Information elements This is a true story. It took place in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 1940s after the German Nazis had occupied most of Europe. The Nazi Party ruled Germany from 1933 to 19
  45. One of their key policies was to kill all the Jews in Europe. If any persons known to be Jews were found, they would be sent to concentration camps farther east, mostly in Poland.
Families were separated and transported in trains. For many days, they went without food, water, sanitation or fresh air. To avoid this terrible fate, some Jewish families went into hiding, often with the help of non-Jewish friends. This diary was written during the time when Anne and her family moved to escape from being killed by Nazis.
elements Anne
Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father, Otto Frank, was a respected successful businessman. His family lived in a comfortable five-room flat and Anne was raised with loving concern and great care. In the spring of 1934, a year after Hitler rose to power, the family moved to Holland.
After the German invasion of 1940, Anne was forced to leave her school. Then in February 1941 the Gestapo began to arrest Jews and sent them to the concentration camps. It was at this moment that Otto Frank made plans to hide his family. For the next 25 months the Franks stayed on the top floor, curtains drawn so as not to attract unwanted attention.
Sadly, a Dutch employee in the office told the Gestapo of the whereabouts of the family. On the fateful day of August 4, 1944 they were arrested. Anne’s Mom got very sick at Auschwitz in Poland and stayed behind when Anne and Margot were moved to Belsen, a smaller camp in Germany. When Margot died in March 1945, Anne lost her desire to live. She died just before her 16th birthday and less than a month before the surviving Jews were liberated.
Fill in the form below. The time of the story The place of the story The heroine of the story Anne’s best friend The length of time they hid away World War II Netherlands Anne her diary--Kitty over two years
The date of the diary Thursday 15,June,1944
Read and fill in the blanks. Time Before hiding After hiding Nature blue sky, songs of birds, moonlight, flowers darkness, rain, wind, thundering clouds Feeling never felt spellbound grew crazy, held in their power
John the correct parts of the sentences.

  1.Anne kept a diary because
  2.She felt very lonely because
  3.They have to hide because
  4.Anne named her diary Kitty because
A.she couldn’t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed. C.she could tell everything to it. D.she wanted it to be her best friend.
After-reading exercise
Examples to show Anne longed for nature so much. p.1 B. The probable reason why Anne was mad about nature. m C. Anne grew crazy about nature while she was hidden from the German Nazis. p.3 D. It was disappointing to look at nature through dirty windows.
P.2 A.
1 .How would you describe Anne’s feelings when she was looking out into the night sky? Anne’s feelings were very sad and lonely for she realized what she was missing by going into hiding.

  2.What would you miss most if you went into hiding like Anne? Explain why?
my relatives and friends, my school, the department store….
Sentence structure
1 . Tell him he should have studied,….
我本该早点告诉你真相。 我本该早点告诉你真相。 昨天做实验时你该更仔细点。 昨天做实验时你该更仔细点。
Sentence structure
2 . It will be…. before… It was … before She and her family hid away for nearly twenty-five months before they were discovered.
It was a long time before she came to herself.
我们要过好久才会再见面。 我们要过好久才会再见面。
Sentence structure
3 . It is….that It’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.
Anne wrote her diary during the war. Frank published Anne’s diary after the war.
Sentence structure
4 . happen to I happened to be upstairs when the window was open. = It happened that I was upstairs when the window was open.
She happened to be out when we called. 你来找我时,我碰巧正在遛狗。 你来找我时,我碰巧正在遛狗。
Sentence structure
5 . Not until I didn’t go downstairs until the window had to be shut. Frank didn’t decide to hide away until his family was in danger. 我直到写完日记才去睡觉。 他直到平静下来,才进教室。
Sentence structure
6 . Time It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face…
It is the first time that he (write) letters in English. That was the third time that I (be) to Beijing. It’s time that we (have ) a rest. The first time I (see) him, I fell in love with him.



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