Unit3 What are you doing for vacation?
  1.go+V-ing: go shopping 去逛街,go fishing 去钓鱼,go camping 去野 营,go swimming 去游泳,go boating,去划船 go skateboarding 去参加滑 板运动,go hiking 去远足,go sightseeing 去观光,go bike riding 骑自行车 旅行,go skating 去滑冰
  2.babysit one’s sister 临时照顾某人的妹妹
  3.go to the sports camp 去参加运动野营
  4.relax at home 在家放松
  5.go hiking in the mountains 去山里远足
  6.how long 多长时间
  7.go away for too long 离开很长时间
  8.have a good time 过得愉快
  9.send sth to sb=send sb sth 把某物寄给某人
  10.show sth to sb=show sb sth 向某人展示某物
  11.stay in Tibet for three weeks 在西藏待三周
  12.get back to school 回到学校
  13.take walks 散步
  14.tent videos 租碟
  15.the south of Italy 意大利南部
  16.ask a few questions 问几个问题
  17.vacation plans 假期计划
  18.take a long vacation 度长假
  19.think about 考虑(thought)20decide to do sth 决定 做某事
  21.do something different 做些不同的事
  22.the first week in June 六月的第一周
  23.plan to do sth 计划去做某事
  24.have a very relaxing vacation 有一个非常轻松的假期
  25.spend time in the beautiful countryside 在美丽的乡村度过时光
  26.forget all my problems 忘记我所 有的问题
  27.can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待去做某事
  28.finish making my last movie 完成拍摄我的上一部影片
  29.ask her about her plans 问她关 于她的计划
  30.a good place to do sth 一个可以做…的好地方
  31.leave for +地点动身去某地
  32. the famous movie star 著名的影星
  33. an exciting vacation 激动人心的假期
  34.forget to do sth 忘记去做某事 forget doing sth 忘记做过某事
  35.sleep a lot 保证充足的睡眠 重要句子: 重要句子:
  11. 你要去哪里度假?我要去夏威夷度假。
  22.我刚刚完成上一部影片的拍摄。 23 我想问问你关于在中国可以去游览的地方。
  24.我听说海南是个观光旅行的好地方。 翻译及解释
  1.What are you doing for vacation? I’m babysitting my sister. Be+V-ing,现在进行时,表示计划,安排做……
  2.Who is he going camping with? He is going with his parents go with 和…一起去 play with 和…一起玩 take sth with sb 把某物带在某人身边
  3.Wang Lin is going swimming with his classmates.
  4.That sounds interesting. 这是“主语+系动词+表语”结构的简单句。
sound(听起来),look(看起来),smell(闻起来),taste(尝起来), feel(觉得),seem(好象),grow(变得),get(变得)等词在英语 中可用作系动词,后跟形容词作表语。如:It tastes good. 这味道好。 They look cool。他们看上去很酷。
  5.What are they doing for vacation? They are relaxing at home.
  6.When are you leaving for Paris? I’m leaving on October twelfth. leave A for B 离开 A 地去 B 地,leave for 动身去某地,具体某天或某 天的早上下午晚上前用 on
  7. How long are you staying in Paris? I’m staying there for about one month. How long 多长时间,for+一段时间,表示动作持续多久。
  8. I don’t like going away for too long. go away 离开,for too long=for too long time 很长时间
  9.Remember to send a postcard to me from Hong Kong. remember to do sth 记得去做某事 remember doing sth 记得已经做过某事,send sth to sb=send sb sth,相似用法的有:show sth to sb=show sb sth, give sth to sb=give sb sth
  10.Show me your photos when we get back to school.
  11. Where are you going for vacation? I’m going to Hawaii for vacation.
  12.How is the weather in Thailand?=What’s the weather like in Thailand?
  13.Jet Li ,the famous movie star, is taking a long vacation in Spain this summer. famous 著名的, famous for 以……闻名 China is famous for its china. be 中国以瓷器闻名。 famous as 作为……而闻名 Yao Ming is famous as Be a basketball player.
  14.He thought about going to Greece or Spain, but he decided on Canada. think about 考虑?thought about 原本考虑, think of 想起, 认为 Do you often think of me?你经常想起我吗?What do you think of me?你觉得 我怎么样?decide to do sth 决定做某事=decide on sth/doing sth 决定… 15This time I want to do something different. This time 这次 next time 下次 last time 上次 Something 等复合不定代词做主语时,谓语单词用三单。复合不定代 词和形容词一起使用时,形容词置于不定代词之后。I have something important to tell you.
  16.I heard Canada is beautiful, and I know there are many people there who speak French. Hear-heard,听见听到听说, listen (to)听; who speak French 是定语从句, 用来修饰名词 people.
  17.He is leaving at the beginning of June, and he is staying until September. at the beginning of 在……的开始,until 直到…… 18She plans to spend this weekend in the beautiful beach. plan to do sth 计划做某事,plan-planned-planning
  19. Please don’t forget to close the door when you leave. Forget to do sth 忘记去做某事remember to do sth 记得去做某事 Forget doing sth 忘记做过某事remember doing sth 记得做过某事

  20.When I left home this morning, I left my keys on the table. leave 离开 leave for 动身去;leave 遗忘某物,过去式是 left,注意它与 forget 的区别
  21.Can I ask you some questions about your vacation plans? Ask ab about sth 询问某人关于某事;vacation plans 名词做定语修饰另 一个名词时,前者通常是单数。
  22.I just finished making my last movie. finish doing sth 完成做某事,做完某事 23I want to ask you about places to visit in China
  24.I heard that Hainan is a good place to go sightseeing. 作文:国庆长假就要到了,同学们都在谈论自己的假期计划,打算好 好度过这难得的休闲时光。Peter 参加了谈论,还把大家的计划进行了 汇总,并写到了日记里,请你用下面的短语帮他完成日记。 riding a bike, visiting cousin, fishing, babysitting, camping, going to grandma’s home, to the beach for a week, renting videos, relaxing at home, going to the movies, sleeping a lot.
about 担心某人或某事
  40.must be 一定是 may be 或许是 can’t be 不可 能是 重点句型
  1.How does Bob get to school? Bob 怎么去学校? He takes the subway to school.=He goes to school by subway.=He goes to school on the subway. 他坐地铁去学校
  2.How far is it from your home to school ?从你家到学校有多远? It’s three kilometers from my home to school.从我家到学校有三公里。
  3.How long does it take you to get from home to school? 从家到学校花 费你多长时间?It takes me half an hour to get to school by bike.骑自行 车去学校花费我半小时的时间。
  4.I ride my bike to the subway station.我骑车去地铁车站。
  5.In North America,not all students take the bus to schoo
  1.在北美,并 非所有学生坐公共汽车去学校。
  6.In China,bikes and buses are the most popular means of transportation. 在中国,自行车和公共汽车是最流行的交通方式。
  7.What do you think of the transportation in your town? 你认为你们镇 上的交通情况如何?
  8.Other parts of the world are different from the United States.世界上其 他地方与美国不同。
  9. It depends on where you are. 它取决于你在哪里。
  10.The bus ride usually takes about 25 minutes.车程大约花 25 分钟。
  11.Tom wants to know how she gets to school. Tom 想知道她怎么去学 校。
  12.Taking a boat must be a lot more fun than taking a bus.乘船一定比乘 公共汽车有趣的多了。
  13. When it rains I take a taxi.下雨时,我乘坐出租车。
  14. I usually walk but sometimes I take the bus.我常步行但有时坐公车。
  15. It took the workers one year to build this bridge.建造这座桥工人们 花费了 1 年的时间。
  16. He spent 20 dollars on the new toy.=He spent 20 dollars in buying this new toy.=He paid 20 dollars for this new toy.=This new toy cost him 20 dollars.他花了 20 美元买这个新玩具。
  17. In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others also walk or ride their bikes. 在日本,大部分学生乘坐火车上学,尽管其他 人也步行或骑自行车。
  18. A small number of students take the subway to school. 小部分学生 乘坐地铁上学.
  19.Good health depends on good food and exercise.良好的健康取决于好 的饮食和运动。
  20.Children depend on their parents for food and clothes.孩子们衣食依 靠他们的父母。
  21.Not every boy likes soccer.并不是每一个男孩都喜欢足球。
  22.I think he must be on the way here.我想他一定在来这儿的路上。
  23.They left Zaozhuang for Shanghai yesterday evening 昨晚他们离开枣 庄去上海了。
  24.The number of studentsin our school is 4,0
  00. A large number of the students are from the city.我们学校学生的数量是
  00。其中大部分 的学生来自城市。
  25.The bus ride usually takes about half an hour.公交车程通常花费半小 时
Unit4 How do you get to school?
重点短语 重点短语
  1.go to school by bike=go to school on a/one’s bike ride a/one’s bike to school= 骑自行车去上学
  2.walk to school=go to school on foot 步行去 上学
  3.go to Beijing by plane=go to Beijing on a/the plane=take a plane to Beijing=fly to Beijing 乘飞机去北京
  4.go to school by car=drive a/the/one’s car to school=go to school in a/the/one’s car 开车去上学
  5.go to school by taxi=go to school in a taxi=take a taxi to school 打车去上学
  6.take the subway=go to school by subway=go to school on a subway 乘 地铁 take the boat=go to school by boat=go to school on a boat 坐小船 take the train=go to school by train=go to school on a train 乘火车 take the bus=go to school by bus=go to school on a bus 乘公共汽车
  7.on/in a/the + 交通工具=by +交通工具=take a/the+交通工具
  8.get to=arrive in/at=reach 到达抵达
  9.nine hundred 九百
  10.hundreds of 数以百计的
  11.second--minute?hour 秒、 分钟、 小时
  12.how long 多长时间
  13.①It takes sb +时间+to do sth 花某人多少时间做某事 ②人+ spends +T/M on sth 某人花费多少时间或金钱在某物上 ③人+ spends + T/M in doing sth 某人花多少时间或金钱做某事 ④人 pays + M + for sth 某人 为某物花多少钱 ⑤ 物 + costs sb +金钱 某物花某人多少钱
  13.how far 多远
  14.A is far (away) from B A 地离 B 地很远
  15.A is + 距离+ from B A 地离 B 地有…远
  16.take a shower 淋浴
  17.have a quick breakfast 快 速地吃了早餐=have breakfast quickly
  18.leave for 动身去某地
  19.at around six-thirty 在大约六点半
  20.at the bus station=at the bus stop 公 共汽车站
  21.the early bus 早班车
  22.five minutes’ walk 步行五分钟的 路程(提问用 how far)23train station 火车站
  24.subway station 地铁站
  25.what do you think of…? 你认为……怎么样=How do you like…?
  26.around the world =all over the world 全世界
  27.on the school bus 乘校车
  28.depend on 依……而定;依赖
  29.in other parts of the world 在世界的其它地方
  30.be different from 与……不同
  31.in places where there are rivers and lakes 在有河流和湖泊的地方
  32.the three most popular ways 三种最受欢迎的方式
  33.the way to do sth=the way of doing stzuomoushi de h 做某事的方式
  34.a large number of…许多,若 干.a small number of 少数的… 两者均跟可数名词的复数,做主语时 动词用复数
  35.the number of+可数名词的复数….的数量(做主语时动 词用三单)
  36.the most popular means of transportation 最受欢迎的交通 方式
  37.be ill in hospital 生病住院
  38.Don’t worry. 别担心


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