八年级上 八年级上册英语单词 Unit 1 how often exercise skateboard hardly ever shop once twice time surf internet program high school most no result active for as for about junk junk food milk coffee chip cola chocolate drink health how many interviewer habit try of course look after lifestyle grade better same as different difference unhealthy yuck maybe although for grandpa a lot of keep must
less Unit 2 matter have cold have a cold stomachache sore back arm ear eye foot hand head leg mouth neck nose stomach tooth throat toothache fever rest honey
dentist should headache ago so illness advice thirsty stress (be) stressed out early problem way traditional believe balance yin yang weak herb angry tofu medicine western everybody get few a few stay
important balanced diet moment at the moment late until dear host family yesterday hear Unit 3 babysit camp plan Tibet hike yeah how long away get back send postcard bike ride sightseeing fishing rent famous
take a vacation something lake leave countryside nature forget a lot finish tourist Unit 4 take subway hey walk train forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred minute take by by bus far how far
kilometer shower quick bicycle station early mile stop transportation north part thing other depend depend on river boat by boat must more than means car town ill worry look at so much
Unit 5 lesson another concert whom calendar tomorrow the day tomorrow weekday invitation training chemistry American project match whole over come over free till Unit 6 outgoing twin calm wild serious smart athletic note
mean as way both hers physics however more than in common be good at schoolwork make laugh for opposite view interest though necessary beat care friendship primary primary school information Review of units 1-6 wheel woman use
cheese sick before body begin begin with between swimming pool excited fast passenger safety Unit 7 shake milk shake blender turn on cut up cut up peel pour into yogurt ingredient cup watermelon teaspoon amount
instruction finally mix mix up popcorn popper boil salt add add…to… sandwich bread butter relish lettuce turkey slice super top recipe check green onion duck sauce pancake roll Unit 8 gift shark
aquarium seal hang hang out souvenir win autograph prize visitor outdoor octopus end monitor sleep late drive off day off rain yard yard sale luckily umbrella raincoat wet competition player future again Unit 9
born international record hiccup sneeze too…to… golf national achievement perform gymnast gold medal championship golfer become call talented loving creative outstanding kind unusual grandson violinist skate ice skating champion tour
well-known pianist could hum song piece accordion take part(in) person alive athlete because of table tennis university major major in management number single Unit 10 grow grow up programmer computer engineer pilot professional act move
dream somewhere exhibition artist part-time save at the same time hold rich travel all over retire yet resolution instrument over fax reader fit communicate lady foreign teach build exchange exchange student Unit 11 chore dish
do the dishes seep trash take out make one’s bed fold living room meeting work on hate do chores laundry do the laundry snack teenager borrow invite player care take care of feed mine Unit 12 radio radio station comfortable seat screen close
service quality theater cinema clothing jeans trendy teen funky easy jazz worse worst bargain meal positive negative dull loud talent talent show performer success act without together musical distance near
farthest province still lovely northern snow enough
Review of units 7-12
sea central diner curry deli leader band easy piece brown bread forbid Forbidden City camel rat at all cow ha seriously hen lay



   人教版八年级上册英语单词 Unit1 how often 多久一次 exercise v.& n.锻炼 skateboard v.踩滑板 hardly adv.几乎不 ever adv.曾,曾经 once adv.一次 twice adv.两次 time n.次,次数 surf v.在…冲浪 Internet n.网络 program n.节目,表演 high school 高中,完全中学 result n.结果 active adj.活跃的,积极的 for prep.对于,在…方面 ...


   外语教学与研究出版社八年级上册英语单词表 Module 1 translate v.翻译 translation n.翻译 correct v.改正;纠正 adj.正确的,对的 match v.将……配对 number v.给……标号码 n.数字;号码 repeat v.重复 grammar n.语法 pronunciation n.语音;发音 writing n.写作;文章 punctuation n.标点符号 spelling n.拼写 term n.学期 advice n.建议 wri ...


   八年级上册 Module 1 translate v.翻译 translation n.翻译 correct v.改正;纠正 adj.正确的,对的 match v.将……配对 number v.给……标号码 n.数字;号码 repeat v.重复 n.语音; grammar n.语法 pronunciation 发音 writing n.写作;文章 punctuation term n.学期 advice n.建议 write down 写下,记下 mistake n.错误 notebook ...


   八年级上册英语作文范文 八年级上册英语作文范文 语作文 Unit 1 根据下列班级活动调查表,用英语写一篇文章。 Class 12,Grade 8: Activity Survey Activity Watch TV Have Sports Do homework Every Day Twice a Week Four Times a Week 60% 10% 100% 20% 20% 0% 20% 70% 0% ( All students=100! Most students=51!-9 ...


   八年级上册英语作文范文 Unit1. 介绍你的一个朋友,表达他的兴趣爱好,同时写清他的习惯,他怎么样才能保持 健康(不少于 60 词) He thinks he isn't pretty healthy. He doesn't like exercise, so he does exercise once a week. He is very fat. He doesn't like vegetables, so he hardly ever eats vegetables. He like ...


   Ⅲ.书面表达。 (10 分) 下面是 Ann 的锻炼计划,请根据图片和时间提示,写一篇 60 词左右的短文,注意要有一定的感想。 Time Activity 8: 30-9: 30 Wednesday morning 4: 00-5: 30 Friday afternoon 1: 00-2: 30 Saturday afternoon tomorrow morning Ann likes sports. She does exercise/ has sports in the gym for ...


   八年级上册英语单词默写 Unit 1 多久一次 锻炼;运动 踩滑板;参加滑板运动 几乎不;几乎没有 曾;曾经 一次 两次 次;次数 在……冲浪;在激浪上驾(船) 网络;互联网 (戏剧、广播、电视等的)节目;表演 (美)高中; (英)完全中学 结果;成果 活跃的;积极的 对于;关于;在……方面;就……而言 至于;关于 几乎;大约 废弃的旧物;破烂物 垃圾食品 牛奶 咖啡 (食物等的)薄片 可乐 巧克力 喝;饮 健康;健康状况 多少 采访者 习惯 试图;设法;努力 当然;自然 照顾;照看 生活方 ...


   八年级上册英语单词默写 八年级上册英语单词默写 Unit1 姓名?????? 1.多久一次 2.锻炼;运动 3.踩滑板:参加滑板运动 4.几乎不;几乎没有 5.曾经;曾 6.购物 7.一次 8.两次 9.次;次数 10.在……冲浪 11.网络;互联网 12.节目;表演 13.中学 14.大多数的;几乎全部的 15.结果;成 16.活跃的;积极的 17.至于;关于 18.约摸;几乎;大约 19.垃圾食品 20.牛奶 21.咖啡 22.薄片 23.可乐 姓名?????? 24.巧克力 25 喝; ...


   ………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………作…………答…………………… 2010-2011 学年度第二学期 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 单词竞赛试 (试卷满分:100 分 考试时间:40 分钟) 考号: 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 四 五 总 分 一、将下列英文翻译成中文(20×2=40) 1.do morning exercises 2.eat breakfast 3.have English class 4.play sports 5.eat ...


   一.动词 be(is,am,are)的用法 我(I)用 am, 你(you)用 are,is 跟着他(he),她(she),它(it)。单数名词用 is,复数名词全用 are。变 否定,更容易,be 后 not 加上去。变疑问,往前提,句末问号莫丢弃。还有一条须注意,句首大写莫忘记。 二.this,that 和 it 用法 (1)this 和 that 是指示代词,it 是人称代词。 (2)距离说话人近的人或物用 this, 距离说话人远的人或物用 that。如: This is a flo ...



   大学英语精读第三版第四册 Book4 Unit3 答案 主编 1) cited 2) as for 3) exaggerate 4) Statements 5) preface 6) justified 7) horizon 8) authority 9) follow up 10) advanced 11) and so forth 12) threw light on/shed light on 13) pressing 14) burden 上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬 1) refut ...


   六年级英语专题训练题 专题训练(针对学生经常会出错的情况) 1.Ben and I playing badminton in the playground . are A. Do, do 3. My father often A. listen A. are A. are A. looking A. take A. is A. aren’t A. go fishing 4. Look, the old men D.do housework on Sunday? D. Does, does B ...


   2010 年 6 月 第 13 卷第 3 期 西安文理学院学报( 社会科学版) Journal of Xi’ University of Arts and Science ( Social Sciences Edition) an Jun. 2010 Vol. 13 No. 3 论英语语法中的独立主格结构及其翻译 马巧正 ( 西安文理学院 外国语言文学系, 陕西 摘 西安 710065) 要: 为了对独立主格结构这一较为复杂的语法现象加以全面深入的研究, 从独立主格结构的定义入手, 通 总结 ...


   优马思教育-您的商务英语顾问 优马思教育制作 www.youmars.com 外贸英语口语 900 句 第一单元 希望与要求 Part One (1) We'd like to express out desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equally, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 我方希望能在平等,互利,互通有无的基础上与贵司建立 ...


   A aboard prep.& adv.在船,飞机,火车或公 共汽车上 account vi.& vt.认为;说明;总计有 n.说明;理由;计算;帐目 account for 导致;做出解释 acid n.酸 acre n.英亩 admire vt.赞美;钦佩;羡慕 adventure n.奇遇;冒险 agriculture n.农业;农艺;农学 agricultural adj.农业的;农艺的 ahead adv.在前;向前;提前 go ahead 前进; (用于祈使句)可 ...