Ⅰ. 单项选择。(15分)
( )
  1.Ann used the computer for shopping, ?
A.used sheB.usedn’t sheC.did sheD.didn’t she
( )
  2.You must the traffic lights when you cross the road.
A.pay attention toB.pay attentions to
C.pay attention onD.pay attentions on
( )
  3.? is not easy to draw pictures with this pen.
?You are right.
( )
  4.?How many students are there in your school?
? students, I think.
A.Thousand ofB.Three thousands
C.Three thousandD.Three thousands of
( )
  5.?Where are you going to work next year?
? Maybe Hefei or Nanjing.
A.I’m not so sure.B.I think so.
C.That’s a good idea.D.I hope not.
( )
  6.Jenny and Jane were talking in the kitchen I was reading the newspaper.
( )
  7.?Why do you like living in the countryside?
?Because there’s noise and cars there.
A.less; fewerB.fewer; lessC.less; lessD.fewer; fewer
( )
  8.If you can’t get to sleep, then get up and try to do something lying in bed.
A.andB.orC.instead ofD.because of
( )
  9.Jack’s father is actor and his mother is scientist.
A.an; anB.an; aC.a; anD.a; a
( )
  10.Don’t make me the clothes. I’m too tired!
A.washingB.to washC.washD.washed
( )
  11.?I think dumplings are more delicious than noodles.
?I don’t agree with you.
( )
  12.?I called you this morning, but nobody answered.
?I the flowers in my garden at that time.
A.wateredB.was wateringC.waterD.am watering
( )
  13.?There are many old houses in Beijing, aren’t there?
? Only a few remain now.
A.Yes, they are.B.No, they aren’t.
C.No, there aren’t.D.Yes, there are.
( )
  14.?My aunt goes to climb Mount Gu every Sunday.
?Oh? But she hate climbing mountains.
A.used toB.use toC.uses toD.is used to
( )
  15.?Must I park my car behind the building?
?No, you . You park it there.
A.mustn’t; mayB.may not; must
C.don’t have to; mayD.shouldn’t; must
Ⅱ. 情景交际。(10分)
( )
  16.How do you like this movie? A.It’s so wonderful.
( )
  17.What’s the matter with Sue? B.I agree with you.
( )
  18.Do they like plants or animals? C.Have a good time!
( )
  19.I’m going to Beijing on vacation. D.Plants.
( )
  20.We should do our best to fight SARS. E.She has a sore throat.
A:Hi, Mike! Can you tell me something about Siberian tigers?
B:Of course.
A: 21
B:They are big and strong. They have bright eyes, yellow fur(皮毛) and black stripes(条纹).
A:Can they climb trees?
B: 22 But they can run very fast and are good at hunting(猎取) other animals.
A:How do they usually live?
B:They usually live as a family until the baby tigers are two or three years old.
A: 23
B:About two to four. They look lovely at birth.
A:So wonderful! 24
B:But the number of tigers is getting smaller and smaller.
A:What? How many Siberian tigers are there in the wild?
B: 25 There are fewer and fewer Siberian tigers because people hunt them for their fur and bones.
A:Yes, I think so. Let’s do something to protect Siberian tigers.
A.No, they can’t.
B.What’s your favorite animal?
C.I wish I could see one of them.
D.What do they look like?
E.About four hundred.
F.What do they like doing?
G.How many baby tigers can they have at a time?
Ⅲ. 完形填空。(10分)
Now in some places of our country, many people are cutting down(砍伐) the trees in the forests. They need more 26 to build houses and more farmland to grow crops and so on. The areas of forests are getting 27 . Some scientists say that there 28 no big forests in 20 or 30 years. It is really a(n) 29 thing. 30 the forests, we will have sandstorms(沙尘暴) often. The weather will get 31 . The earth will become a big desert(沙漠). A lot of plants and animals will 32 . Crops will not grow anywhere. Life will be 33 for everyone.
So we should do our best 34 our living environment and keep our mountains 35 , the water clean, and the sky blue.
( )
( )
  27.A.bigger and biggerB.less and less
C.smaller and smallerD.more and more
( )
  28.A.hasB.haveC.will haveD.will be
( )
( )
( )
  31.A.wet and coldB.hot and dryC.cold and dryD.hot and wet
( )
( )
( )
  34.A.protectB.to protectC.protectingD.protected
( )
Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(30分)(A、B两篇每小题1分,C、D两篇每小题2分)
Which is the biggest country in the world? Well, look at the map and you’ll know it is Russia. It is followed by Canada, China, the U.S.A. and Brazil. Among them, China has the largest number of people, with a population(人口) of about
  1.3 billion(十亿). Canada has the longest coastline(海岸线). The total length(长度) of the coastline is about 202,080 kilometers. It is long enough to go around the earth six times.
Do you know which is the largest island(岛) in the world? Is that Hawaii? No, it is much smaller than the largest island in the world?Greenland. Greenland is to the northeast(东北) of Canada. Ice covers 81% of its land. It is very cold there, so there are only about 56,000 people living on the island.
( )
  36.Russia is the largest country in the world.
( )
  37.The country with the largest population is China.
( )
  38.The total length of Canada’s coastline is about 202,080 kilometers.
( )
  39.The largest island in the world is Hawaii.
( )
  40.The population of Greenland is about 56,0
( )
  41.Nancy wants to learn more about computers. Because people write to, and even talk to each other on the computer today.
( )
  42.Mary is a good mother. She believes eating the right food is important. She likes to help her children grow better by eating the right food.
( )
  43.Kevin often sits at his desk, studying all night, but he still gets poor grades. He hopes to do better in the tests.
( )
  44.Bob’s sister wants him to move to New York. But he isn’t sure if that is a good idea. He needs to know more about the country.
( )
  45.Army is worried that there are too many used bags. She doesn’t know how to do with(处理) them.The following is the list of some books:
A. How to Be Good Learners.
B. Make the Waste Useful.
C. Around the World in Eighty Days.
D. You Are What You Eat.
E. Chicken Run.
F. How to Use the Internet.
G. 101 Q & A about America.
H. Harvard Girl-Liu Yiting.
We asked thirty young people between 14 and 18 several questions. All the children had computers at home. The average time spent on a computer in a week was about 12 hours, with the highest about 32 hours, and the lowest only 5 hours. Most children said they usually used computers to play games. Fourteen children told us they did some word-processing(文字处理) at times. Eight people told us they kept addresses and phone numbers on their computers or used them as diaries. Only three people said they were learning to write computer programs and nobody used databases(数据库). Only two of them said computers helped with their lessons. The diagram(表格) gives all the results one by one.
The results show that computer use is quite common among 14-18-year-old children. They also show quite clearly that computers are seen by most young people as little more than game machines. It means to us that, though computers are common(普遍) in the homes of young people, they have not yet become popular in everyday life.
( )
  46.In the diagram, what does the letter“c”show?
A.It shows three people between 14 and
B.It shows only 2 of the thirty children.
C.It shows that two of them use computers to help them with their lessons.
D.It shows that three of them use computers to help them write computer programs.
( )
  47.Most of the 30 children spent about hours on computers in a week.
( )
  48.There is one mistake in the diagram. What is it?
A.The number of “c” should be lower.
B.The number of “d” should be higher.
C.The number of “a” is too high.
D.There should be no number about “e”.
( )
  49.In the last paragraph(段)“little more than”means .
A.almost the same asB.far more than
C.different fromD.much more than
( )
  50.The writer thinks .
A.children must learn to play all kinds of games
B.we should learn many other uses of computers
C.young people should spend more time on computers
D.computers will become much cheaper.
What will the future be like? It’s possible that we may often fly up into space! Out of all the coolest inventions of the year, Times chose Spaceship One as the best.
Spaceship One is a 6-meter-long white spaceship. On June 21st, American pilot Mike Melvill flew it to space and back-about 100 kilometers up into the sky. ①Some might say it’s not a big deal. You know, people went to the moon years ago.
Well, Spaceship One is special because it is the first spaceship that wasn’t made by the government. A private(私人的) US company built and launched it. Lots of people want to travel in space. But it’s too expensive. American millionaire(大富豪) Dennis Tito paid almost US $20 million to become the first space tourist to visit the International Station in 20
  01. So private companies began to think of making their own spaceship to take other tourists up into space. The success of Spaceship One is a good start. In the next 10 to 15 years, ②if you pay $20,000 to $100,000 you could fly high above the earth.
③What about having your own spaceship in your garage(车库) and taking it to space at the weekend?




  54.Imagine(想象) what the future will be like.

  55.Do you want to have your own spaceship in your garage? Why?

第三部分 写作(30分)
Ⅰ. 词汇。(10分)

  1.I was (想知道) whether you’d like to come to a party.

  2.A car suddenly (出现)over the hill.

  3.Our teeth have a hard (表面), so we can eat hard food.

  4.Many old buildings (保留) in Beijing now.

  5.We take care of animals and plants. In fact we (保护) ourselves.
danger, sheep, make, France, science

  6.A lot of are eating grass by the river.

  7.Lin Tao can speak Chinese and .

  8.The traffic here is very busy and it’s for children to walk alone.

  9.What’s this building of ?

  10.Mrs. Green is a famous . She invented many useful things.
Ⅱ. 句型转换。(5分)

  11.My parents were repairing the computer at this time yesterday.(对画线部分提问)
your parents doing at this time yesterday?

  12.The wall around this city is
  13.7 kilometers long.(对画线部分提问)
is the wall around the city?

  13.It took them about five hours to finish the work.(改为一般疑问句)
it them about five hours to finish the work?

  14.I think this story is the funniest of all the stories.(同义句转换)
I think this story is any other story.

  15.Grandma Zhou enjoys the life in the countryside because it is much cleaner there. (对画线部分提问)
Grandma Zhou enjoy the life in the countryside?
Ⅲ. 书面表达。(15分)
Dear Tommy,
I’m going to a party today. I need your help. In the morning, would you mind

If you finish all these things, I will give you a big surprise.



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