一. 选择填空:从 A,B,C,D 中,选出一个最佳答案完成句子. ( )
  1. What she usually on weekends? A. is, do B. does, does C. do, do D. does, do ( )
  2. What are you doing for this vacation? I'm my uncle. A. visit B. visited C. visiting D. visits ( )
  3. You should drink lots of water if you have a fever. A. drinking B. drink C. to drink D. drinks ( )
  4. -- ? --I've a sore throat. A. What's the matter B. What the weather like today C. Can I help you D. What are you doing for your vacation ( )
  5. -- does Mr. Green go to work? -- By bike. A. What B. How C. How often D. How soon ( )
  6. A: Can you come to my party on weekend? B: . A. Sorry, I can B. Sure, I would love C. No, I can D. Sure, I'd love to ( )
  7. Thanks for me the good news. A. tell B. to tell C. tells D. telling ( )
  8. weekdays we get up 7 o'clock. A. In; at B. On; in C. On; at D. At; at ( )
  9.Mary is than me. A. atheliticer B. heavier C. calm D. tallest ( )
  10.How milk do you need? A. many B. much C. far D. long
  11. Were there sharks in the aquarium? A. some B. a C. / D. any ( )
  12. You'd better do more exercise, and eat food, it's good for your . A. health, health B. healthy, healthy C. healthy, health D. health, healthy ( )
  13. Don't forget the window when you leave. A. to close B. closing C. close D. closed C. healthy, health D. health, healthy ( )
  14. Smith stopped in 1990? A. hiccup B. hiccuping C. hiccupping D. hiccupped ( )
  15. This coat is in the shop. A.expensive B. the most expensive C. more expensive D.most expensive 二. 选词填空(
  5) A. take care of B. leaving C. met D. have to E. hate

  1. She is for Hongkong on Tuesday.
  2. I can't join you because I help my mom.
  3. We a famous basketball player yesterday.
  4. Could you my cat when I'm on vacation?
  5. I doing the dishes, it's so boring.
三.完形填空(10 分) (A) Dear Tom,
How 1 your day off? Did you have fun camping ? I didn't 2 a very fun day. I visited my cousins. It rained all day. 3 the morning, I stayed in the house and watched DVDs. In the afternoon, Uncle Martin 4 some of his old things out in the yard and had a yard sale! However, no one came to the sale 5 the weather was so bad. Luckily, we brought our umbrellas and raincoats, so we didn't get wet. See you soon, Nick ( )
  1. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )
  2. A. have B. had C. has D. had ( )
  3. A. On B. In C. At D. in ( )
  4. A. puts B. to put C. puted D. put ( )
  5. A. although B. because C. but D. and (B) Deng Yaping is a famous 1 pingpong player. She was born 2 June 2nd , 19
  73. She started 3 table tennis when she was only five years old. In 1988 she joined the national table tennis team. In 1997 she 4 to Tsinghua University and studied English and management, she was good 5 her schoolwork. ( )
  1. A. Japanese B. American C. Chinese D. China ( )
  2. A. in B. on C. at D. under ( )
  3. A. play B. plays C. playing D. played ( )
  4. A. went B. goes C. go D. going ( )
  5. A. for B. in C. on D. at 四. 阅读理解 (A) Everyone wants to be healthy. Food is very important. There are a lot of healthy foods. You can eat more bananas, apples, oranges and tomatoes because fruit and vegetables are good for your health. But don't eat too much chocolate. It's not healthy food. Healthy food can make you
grow and make you strong and happy. Remember there is a saying"An apple a day keeps the doctors away." Sports can also keep you healthy. Get up early and play sports every day. Don't be lazy! You will be healthy and happy. ( )1,Which is right? A. No person wants to be healthy. B. We want to be healthy. C. We are important. D. Eat more chocolate. ( )2, What are healthy foods? A. Vegetables and chocolate. B. Bananas, apples and chocolate. C. Fruit and chocolate. D. Fruit and vegetables. ( )3,Why is healthy food good for you? A. It can make you happy. B. It can make you grow strong. C. It can make you grow. D. It can make you grow and make you strong and happy. ( )4, "An apple a day keep the doctors away" means(意思是). A. The doctor goes away when he sees an apple. B. The doctor runs away when you give him an apple. C. You eat an apple every day and you can be healthy. D. You can only apples, and the doctors will go away. ( )5,What keeps you healthy? A. Fruit and vegetables B. Healthy food C. Healthy food and sports D. Only apples. B. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F) In 2008, many visitors are coming to China for the Olympic Games. I can tell them how to get around Beijing. I want to tell them it is easy to use public transportation here. They can travel by bus. And visitors can also take the subway trains. It's not difficult, because the trains usually come every 5 minutes all day long. I want to study English very hard so I can talk to visitors when they come to China. ( )
  1.A lot of visitors are coming to China in 20
( ( ( (
  2.Visitors shouldn't use public transportation in Beijing. )
  3.It's difficult to take the subway . )
  4.The trains usually come every five minutes all day long. )
  5.The writer wants to study Chinese hard to talk to visitors.
C.阅读下面这张请贴,然后完成对话.(5%) It's a birthday party! For whom: Lisa Lisa: Hi, Simon, 1 you come Time: Friday, at four-thirty to my 2 ? Place: Lisa's house, 15th street Come and have fun Simon: 3 is it? Lisa: It's on 4 at 5 . Simon: Great, I'd love to.
  5. 五 按要求完成下面句子. (10%)
  1.Did you meet a famous actor?(作否定回答) ,
  2.Tina went to the zoo .(变一般疑问句) Tina to the zoo?
  3. He goes to school by bike. (就划线部分提问) does he to school?
  4.you, what, on, are, doing, Monday(连词成句)
  5. than, am, my, outgoing , I, brother, more 六 根据汉语意思,完成下列句子. (10%)
  1. 我必须得帮助我的父母. I help my parents.
  2. 你是怎样制作香蕉奶昔的? do you banana milk shake?

  3. 他比我矮一点. He is shorter than me.
  4. 我长大以后想当个演员. I want an actor when I grow up.
  5. 你打算呆多久? are you going to stay?
七 将下列单词进行归类.(10%) train, usually, shark, bike, often, seal, bus ,always,dolphin, never 频率副词: 交通工具: 动物名称:
1-5 DCBAB 6-10 DDCBB 11-15 DCACB 二.1-5 BDCAD 三. (A)1-5 CABDB (B)1-5 CBCAD 四. (A)1-5 BDDCC (B)1-5 TFFTF (C)1-5 Can , party, When, Friday, four-thirty 五.
  1. No, I didn't
  2. Did, go
  3. How, go
  4. What are you doing on Monday?
  5. I am more outgoing than my brother.六
  1. have, to
  2. How, make
  3. a little
  4. to be
  5. How long 七 频率副词: usually, often, always, never 交通工具: train, bike, bus 动物名称: shark, seal, dolphin



   八年级上英语期末练习题 一. 选择填空:从 A,B,C,D 中,选出一个最佳答案完成句子. ( )1. What she usually on weekends? A. is, do B. does, does C. do, do D. does, do ( )2. What are you doing for this vacation? I'm my uncle. A. visit B. visited C. visiting D. visits ( )3. You should dri ...


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