八年级英语必背 Unit 1
  1、 People won’t use money. Everything will be free.人们不会再用钱了,一切都是免费的
  2、 People will live to be 200 years old.人们会活到 200 岁的。
  3、 Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study at home on computers.孩子们不会去上学了,他们会呆在家里学 习
  5、There will be fewer trees.会有更少的树
  6、There will be less pollution.会有更少的污染
  7、What do you think Sally will be in five years?你认为 Sally10 年后会干什么呢?
  8、I think she’ll be a doctor.我认为他会成为一名医生的
  9、I fall in love with Shanghai.我爱上了上海
  10、I don’t like living alone.我不喜欢独自居住
  11、I will be able to dress more casually.我会穿得更随意些
  12、Predicting the future can be difficult.预测未来可能是难得
  13、They do simple jobs over and over again.他们一遍遍地作简单的工作 Unit 2 1, My parents want me to stay at home every night. 我的父母每晚都想让我呆在家里。
  2、I don’t have enough money. 我没有足够的钱。
  3、I argued with my best friend. 我与我最好的朋友吵架了。
  4、My clothes are out of style. 我的衣服过时了,
  5、I don't want to surprise him. 我不想让他惊异。
  6、You could give him a ticket to a ball game. 你能给我一张球赛票。
  7、You could have a bake sale 你可以卖些烧烤食品
  8、I think you should get a part-time job 我认为你应该找一份兼职工作
  9、Everyone else in my class was invited except me 除了我,班里别的任一个同学都被邀请了
  10、My cousin is the same age as me 我的表兄的与我年龄一样大
  11、I don't want to have a fight with my cousin 我不想与我的表兄弟争吵
  12、Parents seem to push their children a lot more 父母们好像逼迫他们的孩子们更多
  13、They are always comparing them with other children 他们一直将他们与别的孩子做比较 Unit 3
  1、What were you doing when the UFO arrived? 当 UFO 到达时,学生们正在干什么?
  2、I was standing in front of the library
  3、When the UFO took off , the man was taking photos 当 UFO 起飞的时候,这个人正在拍照
  4、I had a very unusual experience on Sunday 星期天,我有一个十分不寻常的经历
  5、I followed it to see where it was going
  6、Isn't that amazing! 太令人惊异了!
  7、You're kidding! 你在开玩笑!
  8、His friends walked home together in silence 他的朋友们默默的一起步行回家了 Unit4
  1、She said she was having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night 她说她要在周五晚上为 Lana 举行一个令人意外的聚会
  2、I'm mad at Marcia 我生 Marcia 的气了
  3、I'm hard-working. 我是努力工作的
  4、In English I'm reading than listening 在英语方面,我更擅长读、听
  5、How's it going? 近况如何?
  6、I hope you are in good health 我希望你健康
  7、I finished my end-of-year exams 我结束了我的期末考试
  8、I can open up my students' eyes to the outside world and give them a good start in life 我能让学生面向外面的世界开阔眼界,并且给他们一个好的生活的开端。 Unit 5
  1、I think I'm going to go to the party with Karen and Ann 我想我打算与 Karen 和 Ann 一起去参加聚会
  2、If you do , you'll have a great time 如果你做的话,你会玩的很高兴的
  3、When is a good time to have the party? 什么时候开晚会合适?
  4、If we have it today, half the class won't come 如果我们今天举行的话,一般学生不会来的
  5、I want you to remember the rules for school parties 我想让你去记得学校聚会的规则
  6、Don't bring food to the party If you do , the teachers will take it away . 不准带食物到聚会中,如果你做的话,老师会将它拿走的
  7、For many young people, becoming a professional athlete might seem like a dream job 对许多年轻人来说,成为一名专业运动员看起来好像是一份梦想的工作
  8、You will have a difficult time knowing who your real friends are 你了解谁是你真正的朋友是困难的
Unit 6
  1、How long have you been skating? 你滑冰多长时间了?
  2、I've been skating for five hours . 我已经滑了五个小时了
  3、When did you get your first pair of skating ? 你什么时候买的第一双滑冰鞋?
  4、Students are skating to raise money for charity 学生们正在为慈善团体捐款 5Alision was the first one to start and has been skating for the whole five hours Alison 是第一个开始的人,并且已经滑了整整五个小时
  6、How long have you been playing ?你打了多长时间了?
  7、Three and a half years 三年半
  8、thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster 谢谢你送给我怪物冰雪球
  9、We've run out of room to store them 我们已经用完了储存他们的空间
  10、If you know anyone else who collects them, please tell me 如果你认识一些收集他们的一些人的话,请告诉我 11This is on interesting city with a very colorful history 这是一个拥有丰富多彩历史的有趣的城市
  12、I'm certain I will be here for the Olympic Games in 2008 ! 我确信我会一直呆到 2008 年奥运会的 Unit
  1.Would you mind turning down the music? 你介意把音乐关小
  2.No,not at all. 一点也不
  3.Would you mind not playing baseball here? 你介意不在这里打棒球吗?
  4.Sorry. I'll do it right away. 对不起,我马上去做。
  5.Nncy,would you mind getting out of the bathroom? 南希,你能不能从浴室出来。
  6.OK, I'll them in a minute. 好的,我立刻去做。
  7.If you finish these tasks, we can go to a move tonight. 如果你完成这些任务, 我们今晚可以去 看电影
  8.Your barber gave you a terrible haircut. 我的发型师给你理了一个很糟糕的发型。
  9.The store clerk gave you the wrong size. 店员给你量错尺寸了。
  10.The waitress brought you the wrong food. 服务员给你上错菜了。
  11.The pen you bought didn't work. 你买的钢笔坏了。
  12.I don't like waiting in line when a say shop assistant has a long telephone conversation. 我不喜 欢排队等候时售货员却在电话上长谈。
  13.I get annoyed when someone thanks to me while I'm reading. 当我看书时。 有人跟我说话我会 生气。
  14.In fact, we should also take care not to cough or sneeze loudly in public. 事实上, 我们也应该 注意不要在公共场合大声咳嗽好打喷嚏。
  15.If we see someone breaking the rules of etiquette, we may politely give them some suggestion. 如果我们看到有人违反礼节规则,我们可以有礼貌的给他们一些建议。 Unit
  1.What should I get my mom for her birthday? 妈妈过时生日我应该送什么?
  2.How about a scarf? 围巾怎么样?

  3.No, what's too boring. 不,那太乏味了。
  4.What's the best gift you have ever received? 你曾经收到的最好的礼物是什么?
  5.Who gave it to you? 谁送个你的?
  6.However, life with a pig isn't always perfect. 然而和一头猪在一起生活并不总是那么如意
  7.Some presents are never too small. 一些礼物从来不会太小
  8.Thesame gift may be give away to someone else. 这份礼物可能以后被赠送给其他人。
  9.Some people ask their families and friends to give money to charity rather than buy them gifts 一些人不让他们的家人和朋友买礼物,而是请他们把钱捐到慈善机构。
  10.Today many Chinese people want to improve their English in different ways. 如今许多中国 人想以不同的方式提高他们的英语水平。
  11.Nearly all the singers sang very clearly and looked comfortable on stage. 几乎所有的歌手演 唱的都非常流畅清晰,并且在舞台上表现的落落大方。
  12.The winner of the men’s competition was a 40-year-old man from Xi'an. 男子组比赛的冠军 是一位来自西安的四十岁的男子。
  13.It suggests way for Beijing to take an interest in learning English. 它向北京人推荐了对学习 英语产生兴趣的方法。
  14.Maybe you could even make friend with a native speaker of English. 也许你甚至还可以同 以英语为母语的人交朋友 Unit
  1.Have you ever been to an amusement park? 你去过游乐园啊?
  2.Me neither. Let's go to Water City tomorrow. 我也没去过,明天我们去水城把。
  3.Disneyland is an amusement park, but we can also call it a theme park. 迪斯尼乐园是一座游 乐园,但是我们还可以把它称为主题公园。
  4.The boats take different routes, but they all end up in the same place. That is Disney's own island. 游船会有不同的进行路线,但它们都到达同一个目的地。那里是迪斯尼自己的小路。
  5.When I was a young girl, all I ever wanted to do was travel, and I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant. 当我还是小女孩时,我想做的就是旅行,我认为现实这个愿望最好 的方法是成为一名空姐。
  6.I discovered that the most important requirement was to speak English well. 我发现最重要的 一个要求是讲一口流利的英语,
  7. It was because I could speak English that I got the job. 正应为我会讲英语我才拥有了这份工 作。
  8. For many Chinese tourists, this small is land in Southeast Asia is a wonderful plea to take a holiday. 对于所有中国游客来说,这个位于东南亚的笑道是一个度假的好地方
  9.If you're feeling Drave, Singapore is an excellent place to try new food. 如果你自我感觉很勇 敢,那么新加坡也是一个品尝新食品的好地方。
  10.One great thing about Singapore is than the temperature is almost the same all year round. 有 关新加坡一件很棒的事情就是一年到头气温几乎保持不变。 Unit
  1.I hope so. 我希望如此
  2.It sure is. But it's a little hot for me. 的确如此。但对我来说有点热
  3.Theie prices are really low. aren't they? 他们的价格确实低廉,不是吗?
  4.How much did that shirt cost? 那件衬衫多少钱?
  5.Thank you so much for inviting me. 非常感谢你邀请我。
  6.I feel like part of the group now. 我现在感觉像是这个集体的一员了
  7.He's really good at math, isn't he? 他的数学真的很棒,不是吗

  8.Friends like you make it a lot easier to get along in a new place. 有你们这样朋友(对我来说) 去适应这种新环境就容易多了。
  9.You’'ve been waiting for ten minutes. 你已经了十分钟了
  10.Everyone is here, aren't they ? 大家都来了,是不是?
  11.Something is wrong with your bike, isn't it? 你的自行车坏了,是不是?



   八年级英语必背 Unit 1 1、 People won’t use money. Everything will be free.人们不会再用钱了,一切都是免费的 2、 People will live to be 200 years old.人们会活到 200 岁的。 3、 Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study at home on computers.孩子们不会去上学了,他们会呆在家里学 习 5、There will be fewer trees ...


   长郡双语实验中学 C091306 丁钰宸 八年级下册 Unit 1 1.在人们家中 in people’s home 2.在家通过电脑学习 study at home on computers 3.将来 in the future 4.免费的 be free 5.活到 200 岁 live to be 200 years old 6.一百年之后 in 100 years 7.一张纸 a piece of paper 8.更多/更少的树 more/fewer trees 9.更多/更少的污染 ...


   " " " robot ['r??] n. 机器人 " " " fewer ['fju:? a. 较少的(few 的比较级) " " " won't [w?nt] 将不(= will not) " " " pollution [p?'lju:?] n. 污染 " " " they'll [?il ] 他们将(= they will " " " tree [tri:] n. 树 " " " everything ['evriθiK] pron. 每件事物;一切事物 " " " ...


   一、基本情况 三年级的学生聪明活泼、勤奋好学,这些学生基本上都未曾接触过英语,他们对 英语感到好奇,对英语都 有着十分浓厚的兴趣。 二、教材分析 本册是小学开设英语的第一学年第一学期使用,本册教材具有以下几个特点: 1、注重学生语言运用能力的培养,突出语言的实践性和交际性,同时也突出语言的真 实性和实用性。 2、注重学生自学能力和学习策略的培养,为学生的进一步学习或终身学习奠定基础。 3、注重中外文化的双向交流,使学生通过学习,培养未来跨文化交际所需要的能力。 4、注重学生学习兴趣的培养,以 ...


   教材四年级下册英语试题 找出划线部分发音不同的单词, 一.Read and choose. 找出划线部分发音不同的单词,将其序号填入括号内。10% ( ( ( 1. skirt 3. too ) 1. A. face ) 3. A. desk ) 5. A. white pants five B. cat B. she B. six short one jacket nine white C. gate C. dress C. picture 2. lunch 4. Chinese dinn ...


   词表 下单词表《新目标英语第四册》 共 655 词 若干;许多 一双;一副;一对 n.能力;才能;才智 adj.能够;有能力做某事 n.学院;学会 n.口音;腔调 n.行动;行为;所作之事 n.女演员 n.(法语)告别;辞行 n.成年人 prep.反对;不支持 n.代理人;代理商;代办人;经纪人 adv.向前;往前;在前 n.相片薄;纪念册;集邮册等 n.外星人 一直;总是 n.(保龄球游戏等的)球道;球场;球房 初二思想品德月考试题 第1页 共 62 页 v.允许;许可;同意 adv.独自 ...


   听力部分 一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案,完成句子。(1×8)(读两遍) ( )1、He wants to with WangBing. A.play computer games B.play tennis C.play table tennis ( ( ( )2、I can for you. A.get some fruits B.get some fruit C.get some flowers )3、We havethis term. A.eight lessons B.ei ...


   五年级下册英语四会句子 1.When do you eat dinner? 你什么时候吃晚饭? 2.I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening. 我在晚上 7 点钟吃晚饭。 3.When do you get up ? 你什么时候起床? 4.I usually get up at 12:00 noon. 我通常在中午 12 点钟起床。 5.What do you do on the weekend? 你周末做什么? 6.Usually I watch TV and ...


   2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 年上期 一、班情分析 通过一学期的教学,大多数学生英语学习有进步,英语字写得漂亮了,学习 态度有所好转,上学期通过采用边学习新知识和复习旧知识相结合的方法,他们 的学习有所进步。但是因为教材衔接有问题,学生学习这套教材有一定难度。这 学期他们将步入六年级的第二学期,学生的学习负担会越来越重,他们将面临着 毕业和升中学考试的压力,会把更多的精力放在语文和数学上,因为考初中不考 英语,所以家长和学生会更加不重视英语,大多数会放弃 ...


   Unit 1 Welcome back to school 第一课时 一、教学内容与目标: 教学内容与目标: 1. Let’s talk 本部分主要巩固 Good morning./ Hi.并学习新句型:We have a new friend today. I’m from …(国家)。Welcome! 通过教学会话,让学生学会介绍他人及做自我介绍。 2. Let’s practice 为了巩固 Let’s talk 部分而设计的练习。 二、教学重点、难点: 教学重点、难点: 国家名称及介 ...


英语中五种基本句型 人教版

   英语句子有长在短,有简有繁,从现象看,似乎千 英语句子有长在短,有简有繁,从现象看, 变万化,难以捉摸,但从实质看,可以发现其内在联系, 变万化,难以捉摸,但从实质看,可以发现其内在联系, 找出其共同规律。 找出其共同规律。英语句子的基本结构可以归纳成五种 基本句型及其扩大、组合、省略或倒装。掌握这五种基 基本句型及其扩大、组合、省略或倒装。 本句型,是掌握各种英语句子结构的基础。 本句型,是掌握各种英语句子结构的基础。 英语五种基本句型列式如下: 英语五种基本句型列式如下: 基本句型一: ...


   Section B interview In this section you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct answer to each question on your colored answer sheet. Questions 1 to 5 are based on an interview. A ...


   2010 年高考英语专题训练与解析单项选择题(共十 六套) 1.?He must be busy doing his homework right now. ?I imagine. A. that B. to C. so D. it 选 C.I imagine so=I think so, . 2. Mary had promised to give me a ticket for tomorrow. She failed, . A. either B. though C. but D. t ...


   无论是对学生进行英语阅读情况问卷调查还是对学生进行阅读能力测试,“阅读理解的准确 率低,阅读速度进程慢”这一结论似乎已经成为绝大多数学生共同具有的普遍性问题;无论 我们重新阅览“旧的教学大纲”还是解读现正在实施的具有重大改革的“新课程标准”, 阅读理 解始终都是教师教学与学生学习中必须侧重加强的一个重要内容。 如果我们研究产生上述结 论的原因,诚然,一方面,词汇的丰富多寡,阅读习惯的养成与发展,阅读心理品质的好与 差,无不与之有着必然的联系。但是,另一方面,阅读技巧与方法的科学与否,是影响阅 ...


   Unit 8How was your school trip? 重点语法:一般过去时态 结构:主语 + 谓语动词的过去式 + 宾语 谈论过去发生的事情用一般过去时态 do/does 的一般过去时态形式:did 例句:Last week I visited my aunt's house.(上个星期我去我姑姑家玩了.)She lives in California.(她住在加利福尼亚州.)The weather was beautiful.(那儿的天气很好.)I went swimming.( ...