1.它有一点不整洁 It's a bit untidy.
  2.一套洋娃娃收集品 a collection of dolls
  3.听他演奏小提琴 listen to him play the violin
  4.在这学期期末 at the end of this term
  5.我们在夏令营的经历 our experiences at the (summer) camp
  6.结果… as a result
  7.给他带来愉快和成功 bring him enjoyment and success
  8.他也对许多其它的东西感兴趣 He is also in many other things.
  9.在将来 in the future Module2
  1.问你一些个人问题 ask you some personal questions
  2.在几个月内 in a couple of months
  3.祝愿…好运 good luck with
  4.一次到…的访问 a visit to
  5.初秋 early autumn
  6.我感到心都碎了 I felt my heart break
  7.我坐在我的书桌前 I sat at my desk
  8.像往常一样 as usual
  9.一天天… day by day
  10.有幸运微笑的那个男孩 the boy with the lucky smile Module3
  1.带我们参观北京广播电台 take us around Radio Beijing
  2.注意红灯 look out of the red light
  3.(请)往这边走! Come this way!
  4.收集最新消息 collect the latest news
  5.向下看着我 look down at me
  6.和我面对面交谈 speak to me in person

  7.让我们来做一个声音检查 let's do a sound check
  8.一同一个问题开始工作 begin work with the same question Module4
  1.打开录音机 turn on the recorder
  2.等待 30 秒 wait for thirty seconds
  3.一份 Kylie 演奏的录音 a record of Kylie playing
  4.一位英国厨师的惊人建议 the surprising advice of a British cook
  5.在他的手上咬一口 bite him on the hand
  6.几天前 a few days earlier
  7.保持冷静 keep cool
  8.他给那条蛇拍了一张照片 he took a photo of the snake
  9.给 Jackson 先生开正确的药 give Mr. Jackson the right medicine
  10.出院 leave hospital Module5
  1.一首一些爱尔兰舞曲的独奏 a solo of some Irish music
  2.关于他的学业警告他 warn him about his schoolwork
  3.因她而骄傲 be proud of her
  4.出错 go wrong
  5.把它复制到电脑上 copy it onto the computer
  6.把它从电脑上卸载 take it off the computer
  7.主动要求赔偿 offer to pay
  8.犯两个错误 make two mistakes
  9.对他说实话 tell him the truth
  10.对某人发脾气 be angry with sb.
  1.今天的文化报道 culture report for today
  2.使人物(变得)可信 make characters believable
  3.试着寻找一些丢失的金子 try to look for some lost gold
  4.与某人面对面遇见 come face to face with somebody
  5.依据真实生活 be true to life
  6.在我看来 in my opinion Module7
  1.街道上的车辆 the traffic in the streets
  2.到湖边走走 walk around the lake
  3.过桥 cross the bridge
  4.花费一些时间度假 spend some time off
  5.一片有着…的神奇土地 a magic land of
  6.因…而著名 be famous for
  7.仿佛有人在笑 as if someone is laughing
  8.叫醒某人 wake up sb.
  9.指向…里去 point into
  10.乘缆车上天子山 take a cable car up Mount Tianzi
  11.从一株植物上摘下一片叶子 pull a leaf off a planet
  12.第二大淡水湖 the second largest fresh water lake Module8
  1.休一天假 have one day off
  2.天气开始转凉 It starts to get cooler
  3.以同样的方式庆祝 celebrate in the same way
  4.开始于同一个日期 begin on the same date
  5.取决于季节 depend on the seasons
  6.从 10 开始倒数 count down from 10

  7.出去散步 go out for a walk
  8.为新年下决心 make resolutions for the new year
  9.遵循下定的决心 follow the resolutions Module9
  1.非常擅长 be really good at
  2.期待做某事 look forward to do sth.
  3.真正的英雄 the real hero
  4.他献身于帮助中国人民 He gave his life to helping the Chinese people
  5.照顾受伤的士兵 look after injured soldiers
  6.发明新的疗法 invent new treatments
  7.做一台手术 perform an operation
  8.尽管 in spite of
  9.使他成为英雄 make him a hero Module10
  1.乘火车去巴黎 take a train to Paris
  2.一场大型户外流行音乐会 a big outdoor pop concert
  3.和你们所有人一起呆在这里 stay here with you all
  4.乘坐 CA937 航班的乘客 passengers for flight CA937
  5.保持联系 stay in touch
  6.因公出差 go away on business
  7.关于烹饪了解得很少 know little about cooking
  8.基本生活技能 basic life skills
  9.上大学 go to college
  10.得体地打扮你自己 dress yourself properly



   博 锐 精 品 教 育 初二下册英语学习第一课时 一、知识讲解 ◆Unit 1 Will people have robots? 目标语言:Make predictions. 目标语言 重点句型:1.Will there be less pollution?Yes,there will./No,there won't. 重点句型 2.Everything will be free. 3.They'll study at home on computers. 4.I think there w ...


   " " " robot ['r??] n. 机器人 " " " fewer ['fju:? a. 较少的(few 的比较级) " " " won't [w?nt] 将不(= will not) " " " pollution [p?'lju:?] n. 污染 " " " they'll [?il ] 他们将(= they will " " " tree [tri:] n. 树 " " " everything ['evriθiK] pron. 每件事物;一切事物 " " " ...


   八年级英语必背 Unit 1 1、 People won’t use money. Everything will be free.人们不会再用钱了,一切都是免费的 2、 People will live to be 200 years old.人们会活到 200 岁的。 3、 Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study at home on computers.孩子们不会去上学了,他们会呆在家里学 习 5、There will be fewer trees ...


   Unit 1 Let’s try Amy : Mike, when do you get up? Mike: I usually get up at 6:30. Amy: When do you eat breakfast? Mike: At 6:50 Amy: When do you go to school? Mike: At 7;20. Let’s try Amy: What do you do on the weekend, Mike? Mike: On Saturday, I re ...


   五年级下册英语四会句子 1.When do you eat dinner? 你什么时候吃晚饭? 2.I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening. 我在晚上 7 点钟吃晚饭。 3.When do you get up ? 你什么时候起床? 4.I usually get up at 12:00 noon. 我通常在中午 12 点钟起床。 5.What do you do on the weekend? 你周末做什么? 6.Usually I watch TV and ...


   七年级下册英语作文复习试卷 by 陈颖欣 (一) 假设你有一位笔友广州,请把他介绍给你的同学。 姓名`年龄`国籍`语言`学校`爱好`家庭等) ( I have a pen pal in Guangzhou, China. He is Andrew King. He is 15 years old and his birthday is on October 19. He lives in Guangzhou. He thinks China is a very interesting co ...


   2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 年上期 一、班情分析 通过一学期的教学,大多数学生英语学习有进步,英语字写得漂亮了,学习 态度有所好转,上学期通过采用边学习新知识和复习旧知识相结合的方法,他们 的学习有所进步。但是因为教材衔接有问题,学生学习这套教材有一定难度。这 学期他们将步入六年级的第二学期,学生的学习负担会越来越重,他们将面临着 毕业和升中学考试的压力,会把更多的精力放在语文和数学上,因为考初中不考 英语,所以家长和学生会更加不重视英语,大多数会放弃 ...


   Unit 1 一、教学内容与目标: 教学内容与目标: 1.Let’s talk Welcome back to school 第一课时 本部分主要巩固 Good morning./ Hi.并学习新句型:We have a new friend today. I’m from …(国家)。Welcome!通过教学会话,让学生学会介绍他人及做自我介 绍。 2.Let’s practice 为了巩固 Let’s talk 部分而设计的练习。 二、教学重点、难点: 教学重点、难点: 国家名称及介绍他 ...


   2011 年义乌市佛堂小学五年级(下)英语期中检测卷 义乌市佛堂小学五年级( 佛堂小学五年级 英语期中 期中检测卷 ListeningPart (45%) 听录音, 序号。 一、Listen and circle.听录音,圈出相应的序号。(10%) 听录音 圈出相应的序号 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. B. C. 4. A. B. C. 5. 6. A. B. C. A. B. C. 7. A. skate B. snake C. sister 8. A. fi ...


   五年级下册单词及四会句子 一,单词 1.一(个,件) 5.小牛 9.绵羊 13.小狮子,小老虎 16.大象 20.小鸭子 24.那些 2.马 6.猴子 10.小绵羊 13.小袋鼠 17.老虎 21.鹅(复数) 25.小猫 3.小马 7.山羊 11.兔子 14.狮子 18.母鸡 22.小鹅 26.小狗 29.婴儿 32.圆环 36.动物 40.跑,奔跑 44.借 48.向,到 52.观察 56.请 60.听 64.跳舞 68.项目制作 72.在……上面 76.写 80.曲棍球 92.游戏 96 ...


高考英语语法专项练习 定语从句精练300题

   英语语法,定语从句,练习,英语,语法,高考 英语语法,定语从句,练习,英语,语法,高考  1. We should learn from those are always ready to help others.    A. who B. whom C. they D. that   2. Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who in China.    A. works B. is working C. are working D. has ...


   九年级英语教学反思 汪小红 面对九年级的学生,不论是对老师来说,还的对学生来说,英语 教学都是一个巨大的挑战.它关系到学生的毕业与升学,关系到学生 的前途和命运.尤其是对于教师来说,那简直是"任重而道并不远" . 本学期的英语教学已经历经一个多月,回顾这一个多月的教学,其中 有收获,也有不足.以下是我在这一个月以来在英语教学工作中的一 些做法以及认识. 一.面向全体学生,为学生全面发展和终身发展奠定基础. 1.创设各种情景,鼓励学生大胆地使用英语,对他们在学习过程中 的失 ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   21世纪大学英语读写教程(第二册)课文翻译及课后答案 第一单元 UNIT1 翻译 TEXT A 温斯顿?丘吉尔??他的另一种生活 玛丽?索姆斯   我的父亲温斯顿?丘吉尔是在40几岁开始迷恋上绘画的,当时他正身处逆境。1915年,作为海军大臣,他深深地卷入了达达尼尔海峡的一场战役。原本那次战役是能够缩短一场血腥的世界大战的,但它却失败了,人员伤亡惨重,为此丘吉尔作为公务员和个人都付出了代价:他被免去了海军部的职务,失去了显赫的政治地位。   “我本以为他会因忧伤而死的。”他的妻子克莱门泰因说。 ...


   A Simple Analysis on the Skills of English Interpretation Abstract: With China’s reforming and opening up, interpretation plays an important role in the international activities. As more and more fields and companies deal with the foreign communica ...