Topic3 sound terrible 听起来可怕 let/ make/ have sb. do sth. 使(让,叫)某人做某事 be sorry about 对……感到难过 过你的病 be afraid of (doing) sth / be afraid to do sth./ be afraid that…… 害怕…… 担心…… understand.你要是不懂,尽管来问 I’m afraid……恐怕……很遗憾…… get well 康复 be worried about 为……担忧. at the end of 在……最后,在……尽头(末端) the month.我很担心月底的考试 make sb./sth. +形容词/ 名词“使…….” Take it easy.= Don’t worry. 别紧张,别着急 take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事 help sb.with sth.帮助某人复习/学习… learn by oneself =teach oneself 自学 What/How about (doing) sth.…怎么样 let sth.让某人做某事 instead of (doing)sth.=in place of 代替(做)某事 take good care of yourself 好好照顾你自己 hope to do sth. 希望做某事 come back to 返回…… advise do sth. 建议某人做某事 a piece of advice 一个建议 be happy for…因……而开心 be bad/ good for 对…有害\益 (be) in a good/bad mood 处在好/ 糟糕心情中 in good health 健康状况良好 try to do sth. 设法做某事 smile at life 笑对生活 give a surprise to sb. =give sb. a surprise 给某人一个惊喜 put on 上演,放映 put on a short play 上演一出短剧 at the English corner 英语角 prepare for 为…准备 calm down 镇静 on the way to+ 名词; on the way+副词 在……路上 advice 是不可数名词
On the /his way to school. 在他上学的路上
take part in 参加(活动) give a speech=give speeches 做演讲 in front of 在……前面 make sb. happy 使某人开心 make sb. feel sad 使某人感到悲伤 on Mid-autumn Festival 在中秋节 the full moon 满月 in the sky 在天空 get together with sb. 与某人聚在一起
feel lonely 感到寂寞/孤独 be full of 装满,充满 fill…with…用把装满, be filled with….被装满 change one’s feelings 改变某人的感受 fall asleep 入睡 some day 总有一天 affect one’s moods 影响某人情绪 have unhappy thoughts 产生不开心的恋头 try out 试用,试验 try on 试穿
be in a good mood 处在一个好心情中 take care of sb.=look after 照顾某人 do in good spirits 处在良好的精神状态中做某事 take time to do sth 花时间做某事 remember to do sth 记住去做某事 talk with sb. 与某人谈话 remember doing sth.记住做过某事
tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事 get help from 从某人那得到帮助 make important decisions 制定重要的决定 think over 仔细考虑 get back to sth. watch TV 看电视 be late for (doing) sth. 做……迟了 get along / on (good)with 与……相处(好) had better do sth.最好做…… had better not do sth. 最好不做…… 恢复到……
decide to do sth. 决定做某事 Unit 6 Topic 1 去春/郊游 go on a spring trip= go on a field trip 去什么地方参观/旅游 go on a visit to sw. 泰山两日游 go on a two-day visit to Mount Tai 做决定 决定 make the decision decide on/upon sth.
到达那的最好方式 The best way to get there .
到达那的最佳时间 The best time to get there . 找出,查明 find out 一些信息 some information 乘……的费用 the cost to go by …=the cost by… 我想做…… I’d love to do… 问航空公司 ask the airline 打电话 on the phone 带回到--北京火车站 bring back…to… Beijing Railway Station
我想做…… I’d like to do …I would like to do=I’d love to do… 订票 book tickets 为某人/某物订房间 book a room for sb./sth. 硬卧 the hard sleeper 软卧 the soft sleeper
预定 make a reservation 20 张硬卧票 20 tickets for the hard sleeper = 20 hard sleeper train tickets 双人间 a room with two single beds 单人间 a room with a single bed 一间标准房 算出 总价格 筹款 a standard room
work out total cost / price raise money come up with
想出,产生,赶上 筹钱的途径
the ways to raise money
想出(主意),找到答案 come up with 在中午 在校门口 许多名胜古 many interesting places=many places of interest 立刻 , 马上 期望做某事 Topic 2 收到某人的来信 hear from right now=at once look forward to (doing) sth at noon at the school gate
at the foot of 在脚下 have a rest 休息 plan to do sth. 计划做某事 look at 看一看, 瞧 看夜景
look at the night scene
have a wonderful / good/ nice/ great / time = enjoy oneself= have fun 玩得高兴 get to =arrive in / at = reach 到达 last week 上星期 the sea of clouds 云海 in the daytime = in the day 在白天 have a big dinner 吃大餐
a local restaurant 一家当地的餐馆 places of interest 名胜古迹 收到某人的来信 receive one’s letter = hear from sb. 忙于做某事 be busy doing sth. 进行 be on 的确,当然 我在度假 I am on vacation. You bet.=Yes , of course.
在 40 分之后 forty minutes later after, in, later 在...之后
①in + 一段时间(用于一般将来时) ②after + 一段时间(用于一般过去时) ③after + 一点时间(常用于一般将来时) ④时间 + later 期望做某事 look forward to (doing) sth. at the foot of 在脚下 spread over 蔓延,拖延 40 km2=40 square kilometers the beginning of ……的开端
on both sides of 在……的两边 in the old days 在过去, 在古代 start do sth. =begin to do sth 开始做某事 make sure 确信 by the way 顺便问一下 two and a half hours 两个半小时 tell sth. from sth. 辨别…. the peace of country 祥和 high prestige 崇高威望 to the east of … 在…的….面(指……范围外) in the east of 在….的….部(指……范围内) on the east of 在…的东面(指……接壤) two and a half hours 两个半小时
arrive at /in = get to =reach 到达 the parking lot 停车场 look for 寻找 look for space to park bikes 寻找停车的空地 be surprised at 对……感到惊奇 take out 拿出 take pictures/ phones 照相 in different directions 以不同方向 step on 踏, 踩 rush out of 冲出
out of sight 看不见, 在视野之外 so …that+句子 如此……以致……(引导结果状语从句) so that 以便, 为了(引导目的状语从句) not…until…
直到……才……(引导时间状语从句) each other 互相 as soon as 一…….就……(引导时间状语从句) be famous for 以……著名 can’t help doing sth. 禁不住做某事 write to sb.写信给某人 be satisfied with 对……感到满意 e-mail sb. 发邮件给某人 pay attention to 注意 get off 下(车,马等) get on 上(车,马等) stand for 象征 the peace of the country 祥和 have lunch / breakfast / supper 吃午饭/早饭/晚饭 shout at 对……喊 have fun doing sth. 高兴做某事 look for 寻找 here and there 到处 ask sb. for help 寻求某人的帮助 Thank goodness! 谢天谢地 at last= finally = in the end 最后 Topic3 a traffic accident 一次交通事故 an accident 一次事故 be hurt 受伤 That’s terrible. 太可怕了 after a while 过一会儿 get used to (doing) sth.习惯于(做)某事 a little more confident 更舒适一点
obey the traffic rules 遵守交通规则 avoid sth./ doing sth. 避免(做)某事 spit everywhere 到处吐痰 be popular with 受某人喜爱 a sharp turn 一个急转弯 slow down 减速 run into = knock at /on 撞到,碰到 call the 122 hotline 拨打 122 急救电话 send sb. to sw. 送某人到某地 Accident Report Form 事故报告单 in fact 实际上, 事实上 break the traffic rules 违反交通规则 get a fine 受到处罚 a crossing / turning 一个十字路口 warn sb. to do sth. 警告 / 提醒某人做某事 traffic lights 交通灯 a sharp turn to the left 一个向左的急转弯
turn left / right / back 向左/ 右 / 后转 No left turn 禁止左转 on the left 在左边 keep fit 保持健康 many people around the world 全世界许多人 around= all over use sth. for doing sth. 用……做某事 hundreds of millions of people 数亿的人 What’s more. 而且 be in danger 危险
cause trouble 带来麻烦 make sb. mad 使某人悲伤 be famous for 以……而著名 be born 出生于 one of the top cyclists 一流的自行车选手之一 the way to success 成功的道路 later that year 在那一年的后期
that year later 那一年以后 stop doing sth. 停止做某事 stop to do sth. 停止去做某事 have cancer 患了癌症 in one’s life 一生中 face sth. head-on 迎头面对 go on doing sth. 继续做某事 ride into 进入, 跻身于
win sth. (the game/ match/ war) 嬴得比赛/ 战争 beat sb. 嬴某人, 打败某人 21 timed stages 21 个计时赛段 go through 穿过 total time 总时间 get a ticket 得到一张票 the World Championship 世界杯 Review 3 keep one’s mind on sth. 安心做某事 rainy days 大雨天 heavy traffic 拥挤的交通 loud noise 吵闹的噪音 cross =walk across=go across 穿过 look out 当心 leave for 离开……前往 wake up 醒来 talk to=talk with 与某人谈话 at least 至少 deal with 处理



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