八年级下册英语培优( 八年级下册英语培优(八)
曾文娟 基础知识(一) 一、用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1.Liming often (play) computer games.
  2.I (be) a teacher, you (be) a student, she (be) a girl and he (be) is a boy.
  3.Look! Who (sing) in the next classroom.
  4.Yesterday I (argue) with my good friend.
  5.The Greens (have) dinner at this time yesterday.
  6.There (be) fewer trees in the future.
  7.I don’t know if it (rain) tomorrow.
  8.If I (make) a lot of money, I (travel) around the world.
  9.I think I (be) a doctor in 10 years.
  10.I usually (run),but I (go) skating now.
  11.The girl (shop) when the alien got out.
  12.I (collect) stamps for 10 years.
  13.He (get) over these questions and finished the work.
  14.We ( study) English since 20
  15.My science teacher said I ( be) good at speaking. 二,选择题。
  1. The accident happened the evening of September 20,19
  90. A. on B. at C. by D. in
  2.I can see old woman with cat sitting on the chairs. A. a, an B. a, a C. an, an D. an, a
  3.There is apples in the basket, so I have to buy some. A. few B. little C. a few D. a little
  4. The old man lives ,but he doesn’t feel . A.alone , lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D. lonely,lonely
  5.Beijing is famous the Great Wall. A. as B. for C. by D. on
  6. The old woman is ill and she is now .
A.in hospital B.in the hospital C.at hospital D.at the hospital
  7. The sick people are waiting . A.at the doctor B.at the doctor’s C.in the doctor D.in doctor’s
  8. There’s a big tree the building. A. in front of B. in the front of C. in front D. at the front of
  9. cold weather it is! A.what a B.what C. how D.how a
  10. They are thinking about the poor children. A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps
  11. What you said made her so angry that she left without saying anything. A. feel B. to feel C. felt D.feeling
  12. The teacher told us the moon around the earth. A. went B. goes C. going D. to go
  13. I am at thenews. A.surprised,surprsing B.surprised,surprised C.surprising,surprised
  14. Tom desn’t have speak French ,and Mike doesn’t, . A. too B. either C. also
  15. .I failed my math test and I don’t know . A.what to do B what to do it C.how to do D.what should I do
  16. Tom is anboy. He can read and write very well. A.eight-years-old B. eight-year-old C. eleven-years-old
  17. I don’t know if it tomorrow, If it, I will go to America. A .will rain, rains C. rains , will rain B. will rain, will rain D. rains , rains
  18.--Why not football?Good idea. A.playing B.play C. to play D. played
  19. Sally doesn’t like playingsoccer,but she like playing guitar. A.the, the B. the, / C. /, the D./, /
  20.The little boy looks . A. happy B. happily C. sadly D. to happy
  21. There are people over there. A. hundred of B.two hundreds C. hundreds of D. two hundreds of

  22.will she get to shanghai.In four hours. A.how soon B.how long C.how often D. how far.
  23.I think she come here tomorrow. A.don’t , will B. don’t ,won’t C. /, won’t D.don’t ,doesn’t
  24. a basketball match in our school next month. A.there is B. There has C. there is going to have D. there will be
  25.The little girl isn’t old enough to herself. A. wear B.dress C. put on D.be in
  26.He eat meat,so he is heavy . A.too many, much too B. too much, much too C. too much ,too much D. too many , many too
  27.Tim is one of in our lass. A. the tallest boy B.the tallest boys C. tall boy D. tallest boys
  28. The dress is , but I don’t have to buy it. A.nice enough, enough money B. enough nice, enough money C. well enogh, money enough D. enough well, enough money
  29.I found difficult to study math well. A. that B.it C. it is D that is
  30.would you like apple? No, thanks. A. other B. another C. others D.else.
  31.Tom is always up late. A. gets B. getting C. geting D. got
  32. Oh I key in the classroom, what should I do? A. forgot B. forget C. left D. leave
  33.The Lions a great soccer team. A. is B.are C.be D. were
  34.Can give me ? A. some advice B. some advices C. any advice D. any advices
  35.I have a hard time English. A.study B. to study C. with study D. studying
  36.The robots will many boring and simple jobs. A. can B could C. be able to
  37.I 10 yuan buying the book last week.
A. spent B. took C. paid for D. cost
  38.It’s important for us a good education. A. to get B. get C.getting D.gets
  39. Have you finished that book? A. reading B. read C. to do D. does
  40.Beijing is a city a long history. A. with B. in C. on D. has
  41.Each of us a book. A. have B. having C. had D. has
  42.We are studying hard good grades. A. get B. to get C. getting D got
  43.Mary bought two yesterday. A.pairs of shoes. B. pairs of shoe C. pair of shoes D. pair of shoe
  44.my surprise, all students passed the test. A. in B. to C. for D.on
  45.Don’t forget the door when you leave the classroom. A. locking B lock C. to lock D. to locking
  46.The teacher asks us in class. A. not to talk B. to not talk C .don’t to talk D. not talk
  47. Don’t smoke anymore and I believe you can . A. get it over B. get over it C. get out it get it out
  48.You had better again. A. not do it B. not to do it C. don’t do it D. to not do it
  49. she didn’t go to bed her mother came back. A. after B. if C. before D. until
  50.The children had great fun in the zoo last Sunday. A. play B. playing C.to play D. played
  51.We must do our homework possible. A. as careful as B. as carefully as C. so careful as D.so carefully as
  52. in my class wants to go to college. A. Else everyone B. Everyone else C.Other everyone.
  53.All the students go to the school me. A. except B. besides C. but D.and


八年级 下册 英语 unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music

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   一、基本情况 三年级的学生聪明活泼、勤奋好学,这些学生基本上都未曾接触过英语,他们对 英语感到好奇,对英语都 有着十分浓厚的兴趣。 二、教材分析 本册是小学开设英语的第一学年第一学期使用,本册教材具有以下几个特点: 1、注重学生语言运用能力的培养,突出语言的实践性和交际性,同时也突出语言的真 实性和实用性。 2、注重学生自学能力和学习策略的培养,为学生的进一步学习或终身学习奠定基础。 3、注重中外文化的双向交流,使学生通过学习,培养未来跨文化交际所需要的能力。 4、注重学生学习兴趣的培养,以 ...


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   听力部分 一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案,完成句子。(1×8)(读两遍) ( )1、He wants to with WangBing. A.play computer games B.play tennis C.play table tennis ( ( ( )2、I can for you. A.get some fruits B.get some fruit C.get some flowers )3、We havethis term. A.eight lessons B.ei ...


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   2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 年上期 一、班情分析 通过一学期的教学,大多数学生英语学习有进步,英语字写得漂亮了,学习 态度有所好转,上学期通过采用边学习新知识和复习旧知识相结合的方法,他们 的学习有所进步。但是因为教材衔接有问题,学生学习这套教材有一定难度。这 学期他们将步入六年级的第二学期,学生的学习负担会越来越重,他们将面临着 毕业和升中学考试的压力,会把更多的精力放在语文和数学上,因为考初中不考 英语,所以家长和学生会更加不重视英语,大多数会放弃 ...



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   初中英语课本里的惊人秘密(恶搞) 今天看到一个帖子是关于初中英语教材的,我无比惊喜的发现,竟然狂多人都跟我曾经有过共识,就是Jim喜欢Han Meimei,LiLei也喜欢Han Meimie,但是Lucy喜欢Lilei。我的证据就是有一课,我记得很清楚,“Can I borrow your ruler?”韩美美和李雷坐在第一排,韩美美问李雷借尺子,然后Jim在后面看着他们,眼神十分诡异,就是夹杂着嫉妒,羡慕阴险的目光```然后他旁边坐着Lucy,低着头,我当时觉得是因为Lucy不愿意看到面 ...


   义务教育阶段英语新课程标准 第一部分 前 言 社会生活的信息化和经济的全球化,使英语的重要性日益突出。英语作为最重要的信息载体之一,已成为人类生 活各个领域中使用最广泛的语言。许多国家在基础教育发展战略中,都把英语教育作为公民素质教育的重要组成部分, 并将其摆在突出的地位。 改革开放以来,我国的英语教育规模不断扩大,教育教学取得了显著的成就。然而,英语教育的现状尚不能适应 我国经济建设和社会发展的需要,与时代发展的要求还存在差距。此次英语课程改革的重点就是要改变英语课程过分 重视语法和词汇知 ...


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