八年级下册期末考试英语试卷( 八年级下册期末考试英语试卷(总分 75 分) 期末考试英语试卷
一, 单项选择。(共 10 分)
  1. ?What did you do last week? ?I for exams and some food in the supermarket. A. study, buy B. studied, buyed C. studied, bought D. studyed, bought

  2. When I came home, I my father a newspaper. A. find, read B. found, reading C. found, reads ? I went to the zoo. C. When D. Why D. find, reading

  3. ?did you go last Sunday? A. How B. Where

  4. Peter, remember your umbrella. It’s raining. A. to take B. taking C. took D. for taking

  5. in class, please. A. Not talk B. Not talking C. Don’t talk D. Not to talk

  6. My mom asked me her to do housework. A. help B. to help C. helping D. help with

  7. Those jokes made me . A. laughing B. laughed C. laugh D. to laugh

  8. Tom Sawyer spent 2 months his book. A. on writing B. in writting C. in D. writing

  9. ?How was your vacation? ?It was . The food was awful, and the hotel was crowded. A. not bad B. fantastic C. terrible D. so-so

  10. There some iced tea in the cup. A. are B. is C. have D. has
二,完型填空。(每题 1 分,共 10 分。) 完型填空。(每题 。( It 11 Sunday yesterday. We had 12classes. I got up at 6:30 13 morning. Then my mother and I went to the shop. We wanted to do some14 . My mother wanted to buy some food 15 supper and I wanted to buy some school things: some books and a pen. The shop 16 early in the
morning.17 a lot of people in the shop. They were 18 , old and young. Some things in the shop were cheap, some were not. We bought some food and school things. The people in the shop19 kind 20 .
  11. A. is
  12. A. no
  13. A. in B. was B. some B. in the C. were C. any C. at D. it was D. much D. at the

  14. A. shops
  15. A. for
  16. A. open
  17. A. There is
  18. A. man and woman C. men and women
  19. A. was
  20. A. for we
B. shoping B. to B. opening B. There has
C. shopping C. with C. is opening C. There were
D. shop D. at D. opened D. There have
B. mans and womans D. a man and a woman B. were B. to us C. did C. for our D. have D. to ours
三, 阅读理解。(每题
  1.5 分,共
  22.5 分。) A One day Liu Hong’s class had an English exam. The teacher marked(评分) the students’ papers and then gave them back to the students. Liu Hong got 80 marks. Class was over. The students all went out to play on the playground,but Liu Hong still sat in the classroom. He did the exercises again, then gave the paper to the teacher. This time he got all the exercises right. One of his classmates said to him, “Why did you do the exercises again? You can’t get more marks for that.” Liu Hong answered, “I don’t look at a thing in this way(按这种方式). I know how I can do the exercises now.” ( )
  21. This story is about . A. a teacher ( B. a class C. a boy D. a girl
  22. went to play on the playground after class. A. Everyone B. Liu Hong C. The boys D. Liu Hong’s classmates
  23. Liu Hong did the exercises again and got . A. 80 marks B. 95 marks C. nothing D. everything right
  24. said Liu Hong couldn’t get more marks for that. A. The teacher B. Some boys C. His classmates D. One student
  25. From this article we learn that Liu Hong didn’t study for . A. himself B. his father C. his teacher D. marks
B Billy and Sam are twins. They were born on New Year’s Day. Their father Mr. Smith is an English teacher in Sichuan International Studies University. Their mother Mrs. Smith is a bank clerk. They came to China 3 years ago. Billy and Sam are in the same class. Both of them like playing basketball. Billy likes Chinese best. He thinks Chinese is very interesting and popular in the world now. Sam’s favorite subject is P.E because he can learn Taiji in P.E class. They are both very happy. One day their teacher asked the class to write a composition(作文) “My Mother” Sam .
wrote one, but Billy was lazy. He just copied (抄袭) brother’s. The next day, the teacher asked his Billy why his composition was the same as Sam’s. “We have the same mother, don’t we?” answered Billy.
根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的在机读卡上涂 A,错误的涂 B。 ( ( ( ( ( )
  26. Sam’s birthday was on January 2nd. )
  27. Sam and Billy are in different classes. )
  28. The name of the composition was “My Mother”. )
  29. Billy’s composition was the same as Sam’s. )
  30. Billy was not lazy. He was very clever.
C I’ll Show You the Way Pat Hogan was traveling around the country in his car. One evening he was driving along a road and looking for a small hotel, when he saw an old man at the side of the road. He stopped his car and said to the old man, “ I want to go the Sun Hotel. Do you know it?” “ Yes,” the old man answered. “ I’ll show you the way.” He got into Pat’s car, and they drove for about twelve miles. When they came to a small house, the old man said, “ Stop here.” Pat stopped and looked at the house. “But this isn’t a hotel,” he said to the old man. “No,” the old man answered, “ this is my house. And now I’ll show you the way to the Sun Hotel. Turn around (转身) and go back nine miles. Then you’ll see the Sun Hotel on the left.”
  31. What was Pat looking for? A. The Sun Hotel. C. The Star Hotel. B. The Moon Hotel. D. His house.
  32. Who did Pat meet? A. A policeman. B. An old man. C. An old woman. D. A boy.
  33. Where did the old man take Pat to? A. The Sun Hotel. C. The old man’s house. B. A supermarket. D. A restaurant.
  34. How far did Pat drive after the old man got on his car? A. Five miles. B. Twelve miles. C. Three miles. D. Nine miles.
  35. How far was the hotel from the place Pat saw the old man? A. Twelve miles. B. Nine miles. C. Three miles. D. Five miles.
四, 交际用语。(根据 A 栏内容在 B 栏选择正确的答案,每题
  0.5 分,共
  2.5 分。) A ( ( ( ( ( )
  36. Where did your parents go on vacation? )
  37. Can you help me carry this box? )
  38. Would you love to go shopping with me? )
  39. What size hamburgers would you like? )
  40. What do you think of soap operas? B A. I’d love to, but I have to do my homework. B. Medium, please. C. They went to Mount. Tai. D. Certainly. It’s my pleasure(乐意). E. I don’t mind them. 五, 根据所给首字母提示及所给单词用适当形式填空。(每空 1 分,共 10 分)
  43. Linda is ill(生病) in bed. But n knows that. In this restaurant, Special 1 is just 10RMB for 20 d. My favorite subject is g.

  44. This shirt is beautiful but e. I have no money to buy it.
  45. We went to the Palace M last weekend. There were many old things in it.
  46. Do you mind (close) the door?It’s windy outside.
  48. I (visit) my grandpa last month. Mary was ill and she (feel) bad.

  49. We bought some beef and (potato) from the supermarket. 50 My uncle is of medium (high).
六, 句型转化。(每空一词,每空
  0.5 分,共 5 分。)
  51. He would like a cup of tea. (变为否定句) He a cup of tea.
  52. We had some noodles in NO. 9 Noodle House yesterday. (变为一般疑问句) you have noodles in NO. 9 Noodle House yesterday?
  53. What do you think of talk shows? (同义句转换) do you talk shows?
  54. I paid 88RMB for that T-shirt. (同义句转换)
I 88RMB that T-shirt.
  55. He often took bus to school when he was a student. (同义句转换) He often went to school when he was a student. 七,翻译下列句子。 (每空一词,每空
  0.5 分,共 5 分。) 翻译下列句子。 每空一词,
  56. 他不同意我的说法。 他不同意我的说法。 He doesn’t me.
  57. 上课了,让我们停止讲话吧! 上课了,让我们停止讲话吧! It’s time for class. Let’s .
  58. 请让我看一看你的身份证。 Please your ID card me.
  59. 昨天,我呆在家里给我的笔友写了一封信。 I at home and a letter to my pen pal yesterday.
  60. Jane 每天放学后必须练习弹钢琴。 Jane to practice the piano after school every day.
八,短文填空。(每空一词,每空 1 分,共 10 分。) Our school l__61__ like a beautiful garden. There are many flowers and trees. All of us e62 our life(生活) here. We have classes every day and have fun p_63 games after class. We’re f__64__ to each other. There is a small playground in the c__65__ of the school. We often play ping-pong and badminton there. But some people s66__ food to us through the railing(围栏). Some students like it because they think the food is very d_
  67. In f__68, it is kind of dirty. Our teachers ask us not to buy it. It’s one of the school r_
  69. We have to obey (遵守)it. It’s good for our h70



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