初二下册英语学习第一课时 一、知识讲解 ◆Unit 1 Will people have robots? 目标语言:Make predictions. 目标语言 重点句型:
  1.Will there be less pollution?Yes,there will./No,there won't. 重点句型
  2.Everything will be free.
  3.They'll study at home on computers.
  4.I think there will be more pollution.
  5.I don't like living alone.
  6.I'll go to Hong Kong on vacation.
  7.I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it.
  8.They help with the housework and do the most unpleasant jobs.
  9.Scientists are now trying to make robots look like people and do the same as us.
  10.It will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person.
  11.It's easy for a child to wake up and know where they are.
  12.We never know what will happen in the future! 重点短语: 重点短语
  1.on computers
  2.live to be 200 years old
  3.in 100 years
  4.less free time
  5.more pollution
  6.an astronaut
  7.an apartment
  8.space station
  9.a computer programmer
  10.fall in love with
  11.in the future
  12.as a reporter
  13.on vacation
  14.be able to do sth=can do sth 15keep a pet parrot
  16.the next World Cup
  17.predict the future
  18.one of the biggest movie companies
  19.see sb do sth
  20.see sb doing sth
  21.be like=look like
  22.wear a uniform
  23.wake up
  24.make sb do sth. make robots look like people
  25.get bored
  26.over and over again
  27.many different shapes
  28.help sb (to ) do sth=help sb with sth
  29.seem possible
  30.a hundred years ago
  31.hundreds of years ago
  32.the same as
  33.try to do sth
  34.come true
  35.as well as 也=too
  36.be worth doing sth. That film is worth seeing.
  37.stay at home 呆在家
  38.in some science fiction movies 知识点讲解: 知识点讲解:一般将来时 概念: 概念:一般将来时表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态以及计划、打算做某事 基本用法 ①一般将来时表示将来要发生的事(在口语中各人称后均用 will,常缩写为’ll) I will be eighteen next week. I will know the result tomorrow.。 She’ll be here at six.

You won’t be late. ②以下情况用 will a.用在“I think will”这类句型中,表示看法: I think they’ll succeed. I’m sure he’ll come back. I suppose they’ll buy the house. b.也可表示未来习惯性的动作: Spring will come again. Birds will build nests. c.提出请求:来源:考试大 Will you type this? Will you tell her I’ll be back at five? If you want help ?let me know,will you? d.作出允诺: I’ll be there,I promise you.。 This won’t happen again,I assure you. I won’t tell anybody what you said. e.表示同意:来源:考试大网 Don’t be late. No,I won’t. Will you answer him? Yes,I will. ③使用 shall 的一些情况 A.shall 主要用于第一人称后,构成疑问句,询问对方意见: What time shall I come? Where shall we go for our holiday? Shall I do the washing_up? Let’s go, shall we? What shall we do this weekend? B.shall 也可用在陈述句中(但现在口语中这样说的人比较少了,一般多用 will) Don’t worry.I shan’t(won’t)be late. We shall(will)be in touch. 其他表示将来时的 表示将来时 其他表示将来时的结构 www.Examda.CoM ①be going to 结构, (a)表示打算干某事(b)即将发生某事 a.I’m going to buy her some flowers. They’re going to sell their house. b.It’s going to rain soon. 这个结构有时可和 will 引导的结构换用 I{won’t tell you my age./ is going to} ②现在进行时(表示计划或准备要做的事) My brother is having a party tomorrow. When are you leaving?At the end of the term. ③一般现在时表示按计划要发生的事, 特别是以事物作主语时, 以人为主语时有时也可 以这样用: a.The plane takes off in ten minutes. Tomorrow is Sunday.

b.They have no classes tomorrow. I’m not at home tonight. 注:在时间及条件从句中代替一般将来时,或用在 hope 后的宾语从句中: a.Give me a ring before you leave. When she comes,I’ll tell her about it. b.I hope she gets back in time. We hope you are well. ④be+不定式结构表示将要发生的动作,可表示安排好的事,也可表示要求做的事: a.She is to be married next month. Who is to play Macbeth? b.You’re to stay here til we return。 You are not to smoke in the office. ⑤be about to 结构,表示就要发生的事: They’re about to start. I was just about to fall imto a doze when he started up. ⑥be due to 构成的谓语来。预定 源:考试大 Mary is due to leave at two o’clock. They are due to meet again tomorrow. She is due to graduate next summer. 基础过关练习 一、根据中文写出单词。
  21.各地;到处 32 牙刷
  22.人类 二、根据中文意思写出短语。
  1. 太空站
  9. (希望等)实现;达到
  2. 爱上(某人或某物)
  3. 去滑冰
  4. 有能力做某事 12 科幻小说
  5. 世界杯
  6. 未来;将来
  7. 大量;许多 15 活到 200 岁
  8. 在家用电脑学习
  16.喂养宠物 三、根据汉语意思,完成句子。一空一词。
  1. 书籍将会仅仅在电脑, 而不在纸上。 Books only on computers, not paper.

  2. 今后在这座城市将会有更多的树木,更少的污染。 There will trees and pollution in the city in future.
  3. 五年前萨莉还在上大学。 Sally was college five years .
  4. 你认为十年后你的朋友会做什么职业? What do you think your friend will ten years? 四、根据课文内容填空 a report ,I think I will meet lots of people .I think I’ll live an apartment with my best friends,because I don't like living alone.I’ll have pets.I can’t have pets now,because my mother hates them, and our apartment is too small.So in ten years,I’ll have many different pets.I even keep a pet parrot! I’ll go skating and swimming every day.the week I’ll look smart,and probably will a suit.On the weekend,I’ll be able to more casually.I think I’ll go to Hong Kong vacation,and one day I might even visit Australia. 单元检测 一、单项选择 ( )
  1. ? Will people live to be 300 years old? -- . A. No, they aren’t. B. No, they won’t C. No, they don’t D. No, they can’t ( )
  2. There will be __ __ pollution this year than last year. A. fewer B. much C. less D. many ( )
  3. I think people here are friendly. Do you agree me? A. with B. to C. on D. from ( )
  4. ? Where is Miss Wang? -- She went to Hainan last week and will return six days. A. ago B. later C. behind D. in -- They will play football. ( )
  5. -- __ will they play? A. What subject B. What sport C. What food D. What language ( )
  6. I will see you again __ . A.a day B. every day C. one day D. everyday ( )
  7. I hope your dream will __. A. come true B. come out C. come in D. come on ( )
  8. Everyone wants to __ to the moon for vacation. A. walk B. run C. swim D. fly ( )
  9. Robots won’t be able to the same things as person. A. did B. doing C. do D. does ( )
  10. Wait a moment, please. I need a piece of to write down your phone number on. A. paper B. bread C. cake D. music ( )
  11. -- Do you know __ __ she will be in ten years? -- Maybe she will be a teacher. A. what B. who C. if D. how ( )
  12. I think I will be _ astronaut when I grow up. A. an B. a C. the D. / ( )
  13. ? I heard you liked small animals very much. ? Yes, I _ a dog and a cat as pets. A. kept B. fed C. found D. felt ( )
  14. There _ some old people taking a walk in the park. A. is B. are C. has D. have ( )
  15. ? How are you getting on with your work? -- I can’t do it . I’ll have to get help.

A. quietly B. alone C. hard D. more 三. 完形填空 You'll see a new 1 at a hospital near London if you go there. He is very clever, 2 he never speaks. He can work 24 hours a day and never gets 3 . He is one meter tall and has a face 4 a TV screen. He is Dr Robot. Doctors often need to ask their patients (病人 ) a lot of questions. 5 doctors can only spend a few minutes with each patient. But Dr Robot can ask a patient questions for an hour if it is 6 . 7 the help of Dr Robot, a human doctor can 8 a lot of useful information when he meets his patients. How can Dr Robot do this? A computer "tells" him what to do. Dr Robot can do a lot of things people can do, though he can't completely 9 the place of 10 doctors. ( )
  1. A. sick person B. nurse C. chemist D. doctor ( )
  2. A. so B. if C. but D. because ( )
  3. A. tired B. off C. up D. happy ( )
  4. A. like B. on C. as D. in ( )
  5. A. Kind B. Busy C. Free D. Tall ( )
  6. A. late B. impossible C. necessary D. interesting ( )
  7. A. With B. For C. Behind D. Under ( )
  8. A. speed B. have C. send D. speak ( )
  9. A. bring B. give C. take D. lead ( )
  10.A.robot B. computer C. women D. human
We live in computer age (时代). People 1 scientists, teachers, writers and even students use computers to do all kinds of work. But more than 30 years ago, 2 couldn't do much. They were very big and expensive. Very 3 people were interested in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and 4 . But they can do a lot of work, many people like to use them. Some people 5 have them at home. Computers become very important because they can work 6 than people and make fewer mistakes. Computers can 7 people do a lot of work. Writers now use computers to 8 . Teachers use them to help teaching. Students use them to 9 . Computers can also remember what you 10 them. Computers are very useful and helpful. They are our friends. Do you want to have a computer? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. like B. as C. and D. with )
  2. A. students B. scientists C. teachers D. computers )
  3. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little )
  4. A. cheap B. cheaper C. more expensive D. expensive )
  5. A. even B. still C. already D. yet )
  6. A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower )
  7. A. help B. make C. stop D. use )
  8. A. write B. play C. study D. learn )
  9. A. sing B. study C. dance D. watch )
  10. A. put in B. put on C. put into D. put up
四. 阅读理解 (A) Tom and Fred are talking about the year 20
  20.“ What will our world be like in the year 2020?” “I don't know, ” says Fred.“What do you think?” “Well, no one knows, but it's interesting to guess.” “In the year 2020 everyone will carry a pocket computer.The computer will give people the answers to all their problems.We shall all have telephones in our pockets, too, and

we'll be able to talk to our friends all over the world.Perhaps we'll be able to see them at the same time. “A lot of people will live and work under the sea. ” Perhaps there will be big towns, factories and farms under the sea, too.” “Machines will do most of the work, and so people will have more holidays, perhaps they'll work only two or three days a week. They'll be able to fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there. “I'm looking forward (期待) the year 20
  20. hope ” to I to go to the moon! ” “And 1 hope I'll be able to live under the sea. says Fred. ” “Won't that be very interesting? Just like a fish! ” ( )
  1.Tom and Fred talked about . A.their school life B.some interesting news C.their life in the past D.their life in the future ( )
  2.Machines will . A.do most of the work instead of people B.do some of the work instead of people C.do as much work as people D.do as little work as people ( )
  3.From their talk, we know that . A. only Fred hopes to fly to the moon B. both of them hope to fly to the moon C.one of them hopes to fly to the moon D.neither of them hopes to fly to the moon ( )
  4.Fred said . A.he liked fish very much B.he would like to live under the sea like a fish C.he would go fishing under the sea D.he would spend a few days on the moon ( )
  5.Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned? A.People will be able to fly to the moon in a spaceship. B.People will have more holidays.



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