Unit1 Will people have robots? 一,知识点拨 I.Language Goals 通过做预言,谈论未来发生的事情.
用一般过去时,一般现在时和一般将来时谈论过去,现在和将来发生的事情. 能用上述三种时态谈论自己或他人的过去,现在和未来.
  1.in prep.在……之后(用于将来时) II.Key Words People
in l00 years 在一百年后
will have robots in their homes in 100 years. 机器人. 间之后)
比较:after 在……之后(用于过去时,表示从过去某时间起一段时 He will come back in two hours.他两小时后会回来. He came
back after two hours. 他是两小时后回来的. more 比较多

  2.1ess,fewer 比较少; fewer 是 few 的 much 修饰不可数
less 是 little 的比较级, 修饰不可数名词 more 是 much 和 many 的比较级
比较级, 修饰可数名词
名词, many 修饰可数名词
I have less money than he has. 我的钱比他的少. 这个城市的楼
There are more buildings in this city than in that city. 房比那个城市多.
  3.fall in love with... 爱上……
Last year l visited the 去年我参观了艺
art exhibition and fell in love with the work Of Picasso. 术展,爱上了毕加索的作品. a kind of book 一种书
  4.a kind of... 一种
some kinds of... 几种 many different
  5. as
five kinds of flowers 五种花
kinds of gold fish 各种不同的金鱼 well as 也;与 too 同义. too. 那本书. 也能来.
(fish 单复数相同, 此处是复数)
He likes this book and he likes that book,
Or: He likes this book as well as that hook.他喜欢这本书,也喜欢 She can come here, too. Or: She can come here as well.她 This house is

  6.worth adj.值……;值得……;相当于……的价值
worth $l0 0
  00. 这个房子价值一万美元. 值得做
be (well) worth doing sth. (很) These
That film is (well) worth seeing. 那部电影 (很) 值得看.
books are worth reading twice. 这几本书值得看两遍. 倒,撞倒;拆除 拆除机器 knock down the pins 击倒球柱

  7. knock down... 击
knock down the machine knock Will
knock 组成的词语还有: knock up 叫醒
knock on(at)the door 敲门 III.Key Sentence Structures
into sb.撞了某人
there be less pollution? No, there won't . pollution.
There will be more What do you
Will there be fewer trees? Yes, there will.
think Sally will be in five years? I think she'll be a doctor. Unit 2 What should I do? 一,知识点拨 I.Language Goals 学会谈论有关生活中的问题. 学会
针对别人的问题给出建议. Words
  1. argue v. 争论; 争吵
能针对所提出的建议做出评价. argue with sb. 与某人吵架
I argued with
my best friend.我和我的好朋友吵架了.

  2.either adv.(用于否定句)也
He doesn't have any money, and I don't, either.他没有钱,我也没有. too 也(用于肯定或疑问句) 是老师, 他也是老师. I'm a teacher.He is a teacher, too.我 Don't

  3. (sb. for sth. ask ) 向某人寻求某物; 要……
ask for food every day.Go and find some work.别天天要饭,找点儿工作做. I don't think you should ask your parents for some money.我想你不应该 向父母要钱. He didn't want to ask his teacher for his book hack.他不
  4.the same as... 与……相同 The clothes are
the same as my friends'.这些衣服与我朋友的一样.
Tom is the same age
as Anna.= Tom is as old as Anna.汤姆和安娜一样大. 以外; (不包括……在内) haven't been invited.

  5.except 除……
My class has been invited except me.= Only I 除我以外, 我的同学都被邀请了. All the students besides
went to the park except him. Only he didn't get to the park. = 除……以外(包括在内) 除他以外,所有的学生都去了公园.
We all went 除他去以 ? What's
there besides him.= He went there.We went there, too. 外, 我们也都去了.
  6. wrong adj. 错误的; 有毛病的; 不合适的
wrong with you? 你怎么了?(你哪里不舒服?) 头痛. adv.错误地;不正确地;不对地
? I've got a headache.我
He answered wrong.他答错了. The students will get on well We get on well with each

  7.get on well with sb.与某人相处融洽
with the teacher.学生会和老师相处得非常好. other.我们彼此相处融洽. 某人打架 打架.

  8.have a fight with sb.= fight with sb.与
I don't want to have a fight with my cousin.我不想和我的堂兄 III. Key Sentences Structures What should I do? You could
write him a letter. him .
What should he do? Maybe he should say sorry to should they do? They shouldn't
Unit3WhatwereyoudoingwhentheUFOarrived? I.Language Goals 学会过去进行时的基本结构与用法 II.Key Words
  1.cut v.切;剪;割 己.
Be careful.Don't cut yourself.小心,别切到自 Nobody knows whether there are aliens or
  3. land v. 登岸; 登陆; 降落 The plane

  2.alien n.外星人
not. 没人知道到底有没有外星人.
will land in ten minutes.飞机将在十分钟后降落. 时候;在……之时 adv.正好;恰好 在那里.

  4.while conj.当……的
While I danced, she sang.我跳舞,她唱歌.
The accident happened right over there.事故正好发生 I was surprised that he was
  7. v. kid 欺骗; 哄骗 I'm

  6. surprised adj. 惊奇的; 吃惊的
late for the party. 我很惊讶他聚会居然迟到了. not kidding you.我没有骗你. 否定句中)

  8.anywhere adv.到处;无论哪里(用于
Did you go anywhere yesterday? 你昨天去没去过什么地方? A funny thing happened in the subway yesterday. 昨 happen to +名词 发生于……身上 She

  9. happen v. 发生
hoped nothing bad would happen to him.她希望不会有坏事发生在他身上.
  10. out of 从……出去 get 尽量逃避帮助她的妈妈. She tried to get out of helping her mother. 她
  11.run away 跑开;迅速离开;逃走 The thief
ran away when someone noticed him.当有人注意到他的时候,那个贼立刻逃 走了.
  12. the doctor's 在诊所; at 在医院 I'm thinking of going to the She
tailor's.在表示诊所,店铺或某人的家时,经常用名词所有格的形式. is staying at Mary's.她住在玛莉家.我在想到裁缝店去一趟. Sentence Structures UFO landed.
III. Key
The boy was walking down the street when the
While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO
landed. The girl was shopping when the alien got out. While the girl was shopping, the alien got out. Unit4HesaidIwashard-working. 一,知识点拨 I.Language Goals 学会间接引语的基本结构与用法 学
II. Key Words

  1. mad adj. 极
为愤怒的;十分恼火的 丢了钥匙而生我的气.
She was mad with me for losing my keys.她为我
  2. anymore adv. 还 再; (用于否定句) He doesn't He
come here anymore. 他再也不到这儿来了.

  3. however adv. 无论如何
can answer the question however hard it is.不管问题有多难他都能回答.
  4.suppose v.假定;认为;料想;期望 after school? 你放学后想干什么? What do you suppose you will do I

  5.nervous adj.紧张的;神经质的
felt very nervous when I went into his office. 我感到很紧张.
  6. semester n. 一学期; 半年
当我走进他的办公室时, We will have ten subjects
  7.disappointing adj.令
in this semester.这个学期我们将学十门功课. 人失望的 息.
Maybe this news is disappointing .也许这是一个令人失望的消 You are supposed to be She gets mad Can

  8.be supposed to 认为必须;认为应该

  9.get mad 变疯;变得着迷
about going to dance. 她对跳舞着了迷.

  10. over 恢复, get 克服困难
we get over this difficulty? 我们能克服这个困难吗? Structures Marcia. Direct speech Reported speech
III. Key Sentence I am mad at
She said she was mad at Marcia.
I am having a party for
Lana. She said she was having a party for Lana. I go to the beach every Saturday. He said he went to the beach every Saturday. tomorrow. He told me he would call me tomorrow. languages. She said she could speak three languages. I will call you
I can speak three



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