Unit 6
How long have you been collecting shells?
Section B Period Two
I collect shells because they are beautiful.
to collect I’d like kites ,too. Because they are beautiful.
He’d like to collect stamps because they are interesting.
She to collect coins ’d like because they are interesting.
Theater and movie tickets
Jack likes collecting theater and movie tickets .
Because they are interesting and beautiful .
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Discussion What things do you collect? What things would you like to collect?
A: What’s your hobby ? B: My hobby is to collect kites. A: How long have you been collecting ? B: For about three and a half years. A: What else would you like to collect ? B: I’d like to collect stamps.
Would you like to collect any of these things? Fill in the chart. Add other things you collect. (1a) I collect I would like to collect stamps kites coins dolls envelopes
Listen. What do Bob, Marcia, and Liam collect? Fill in the chart. (2a) What Bob kites
Marcia stuffed animals Liam theater and movie tickets
Listen. How long have they been collecting these things? How many do they have? Fill in the chart. (2b) How long How many since he was ten 22 years old 35 20
Marcia for five years Liam since last year
Pair work
Ask and answer questions about Bob, Marcia, and Liam. A: What does Bob collect? B: He collects kites. A: How long has he been collecting kites? B: He’s been collecting kites since he was ten years old.
Do you think ?
  1. What is the most common hobby?
  2. What is the most unusual hobby?
  3. What is the most interesting hobby?
  4. What hobby would you like to have?

  1. Fill in the blanks with the words given. collect run out of skate store raise
  1. Our class is organize a talent show to raise money for charity.
  2. I need extra English lessons. Do you know a good English teacher ?
to collect
  3. My hobby is collecting old coins.
  4. I didn’t finish writing my test because I time. ran out of
  5. During the winter I store my summer clothes in bags under my bed.
My Hobby My hobby is to collect coins. I like collecting coins because they are valuable(有价值的). I 有价值的) 有价值的 started collecting coins when I was seven years old. I have been collecting them for six and a half years.
stamps Jack’s Hobby
However, my friend Jack’s hobby is collecting stamps. He likes collecting stamps because they are interesting. He started this hobby 3 years ago. He has been collecting stamps since he was ten years old.
My hobby is to collect . And I have a good friend. His / Her name is . His /Her hobby is to collect .
I. 根据句意及首字母完成下列单词。 根据句意及首字母完成下列单词。
  1. How long have you been c ollecting shells?
  2. Was this your first skating m? arathon
  3. When did you get your first p air of skates?
  4. I p love globes with articularly animals.

  5. Although I am new, I have s everal friends here .
  6. In Australia, students usually study ustralian A and western history.
  7. There is some European i nfluence in the city .
  8. Our class is organizing a talent show to r money for charity. aise
II. 翻译句子。 翻译句子。
  1. 我乐意收集邮票,因为它们很有趣。 我乐意收集邮票,因为它们很有趣。 I would like to collect stamps because they are interesting.
  2. - 他收集风筝有多长时间了? 他收集风筝有多长时间了? -从他十岁起就一直在收集风筝了。 从他十岁起就一直在收集风筝了。 从他十岁起就一直在收集风筝了 - How long has he been collecting kites? - He’s been collecting kites since he was ten years old.


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