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a pair of skates She is skating. She is a skater.
1980:be born 1989 ~now: basketball player
When did Yao Ming start playing basketball? He started playing basketball in 19
  89. How long has Yao Ming been playing basketball? He has been playing basketball since 19
  89. He has been playing basketball for22 years.
Yao Ming’s sports life was born started playing basketball 22years has been playing plays
He started playing basketball in 19
  89. He has been playing basketball since 19
  89. He has been playing basketball for 22 years.
Zhang Yining 1981: be born 1987 ~ now: play ping-pong
When did Zhang Yining start playing ping-pong? She started playing ping-pong in 19
How long has she been playing ping-pong? She has been playing ping-pong for 24 years. She has been playing ping-pong since 19
成龙( 成龙( Jackie Chan )
1954:be born 1961~now: act When did Jackie start acting? He started acting in 19
  61. How long has Jackie Chan been acting? He has been acting since 19
  61. He has been acting for 50 years.
Miss Li 1975: be born 2001~2011:teach Chinese
When did Miss Li start teaching?
She started teaching in 20
  01. How long has Miss Li been teaching Chinese?
She has been teaching Chinese for 6 years. She has been teaching Chinese since 20
  01. She has been teaching Chinese since 10 years ago.
I have been skating for five hours.
(一)时态-现在完成进行时 时态- 构成形式: 构成形式: have / has been + Ving have / has是助动词 是助动词 been是be的过去分词 是 的过去分词 表示从过去开始一直持续到现在的动作, 表示从过去开始一直持续到现在的动作, 并有可能持续下去. 并有可能持续下去.
(The Present Perfect Progressive Tense)
表示动作从过去某一时间开始,一直延续到现在,可能还要延续 表示动作从过去某一时间开始,一直延续到现在, 下去。常和表示一段时间的状语连用。 下去。常和表示一段时间的状语连用。
They have been working for two hours.
他们已工作两小时了。 他们已工作两小时了。
for和表示一段时间的词组连用 They have been running since six o’clock. 点起他们一直在跑。 从6点起他们一直在跑。 since 和表示过去某一时刻的词或词组连用 I have been waiting for you since I came here.
自到这儿以来我一直在等你。 自到这儿以来我一直在等你。
since后可跟句子,句子时态多用一般过去时 后可跟句子,
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用for和since填空 for和since填空
  1.They have been learning Chinese they came to China. for
  2. I haven’t seen her a long time. since
  3. He has been living here 20
  4. She has been doing her homework for two hours. since
  5. It’s 5 years we left school.
  6. ? How long has Mary been a teacher? ? two years ago. Since
How long has she been reading ?
2 hours
She has been reading for 2 hours. She has been reading since2 hours ago.
How long has he been playing computer games?
half an hour
He has been playing computer games for half an hour. He has been playing computer games since half an hour ago.
15 minutes
How long has he been drawing a picture/painting? He has been drawing a picture /painting for 15 minutes. since 15 minutes ago.
45 minutes
How long have they been playing soccer? They have been playing soccer for 45 minutes. since 45 minutes ago.
How long have they been swimming?
an hour
for an hour. They have been swimming since an hour ago.
Pair work
A: What is … doing now? B: She/He is … A: How long has she/he been … ? B: She/ he has been…
for… since…
Linda/30 minutes Harry/45 minutes
Lana/an hour
Alice four hours Alan /three hours
Sam two hours
1b Listen. A reporter is talking to the participants in a skating marathon. Fill in the chart below.
Alison Sam Victor Celia
How long? I’ve been skating for five hours. I skated for four hours. I’ve been skating for five hours. I skated for two hours.
1c PAIRWORK Ask and answer questions about the people in the picture. A: How long has Alison been skating? B: She’s been skating for five hours. A: How long did Sam skate? B: He skated for four hours.
running Marathon
A contest to see who can do something the longest without stopping. (run ;dance ; swim or skate)
skating marathon swimming marathon dancing marathon


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