Unit 1
  1. make predictions 做预测
  2. free time 空闲时间

  3. fly rockets to the moon…乘飞船飞往月球
  4. on a space station 在太空站上

  5. study at home on computers 呆在家里通过电脑学习
  6. live to be 200 years old 活到 200 岁
  7. fall/be in love with sth./ sb.
  8. keep pets
  9. be able to 养宠物 能够 爱上某物/某人

  10. predict the future 预测未来
  11. come true 实现
  12. see sb. do sth. 看见 sb.做某事(的全过程) See sb doing sth. 看见 sb.正在做某事(片断)
  13. help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事
  14. hundreds of
  15. try to do sth. 数以百计的 尽力做某事

  16. look smart 看上去聪明
  17. look for 寻找
  18. twenty years from now 从现在算起 20 年 from now on = in the future 今后
  19. do the same things as us 和我们做同样的事情

  20. live alone 一个人住 Key Points
  1. Do you think …? I think (that)…. I don't think (that)….
  2. study at home on computers 辨析:on, in 和 with. on:表示使用通讯工具、信息或传媒,乘坐交通工具等; in:使用语言文字等媒介; with:借助具体的手段或工具。 Eg. I don't want to talk about it on the phone. Can you speak it in English? Don't write it with a red pen.
  3. Will people use money in 100 years? "in+时间"结构常与一般将来时连用,对其进行提问时 用特殊疑问词 how soon.
  4. before ago 与过去时连用

  5.It's+adj./n.+(for sb.)to do sth. 对某人而言做某事是… Grammar Focus
  1. The Simple Future tense 一般将来时的三种基本结构: ⑴ will +V 原形. He will wear a uniform to school
next Thursday. ⑵ be going to +V 原形. He's going to wear a uniform to school next Thursday. ⑶ be + V-ing Thursday. 一般将来时的时间状语:in + 时间,in the future, next + 时间, 与 tomorrow 相关的时间, this + 时间, from now on, one day…
  2. 形容词、副词的比较级用法 Less+ 不可数名词 fewer+ 可数名词复数 He's wearing a uniform to school next
less pollution/ time 更少的污染/ 时间 fewer people/apartments 更少的人/公寓 more pollution 更多的污染 more tall buildings 更多的高楼 Unit 2
  1. argue with sb. 与某人争吵 为某事争吵
argue about sth.

  3. be out of style 过时的 be in style/danger 时尚的
  4. call sb.up (代词放中间)给某人打电话
  5. keep out 不让…进入

  6. , talk about it on the phone 通过电话谈论它
  7. be surprised at… 对…感到吃惊
  8. borrow sth. from sb. 从某人那里借入某物
  9. ask your parents for some money 向你的父母要一些钱
  10. need to do sth. (某人)需要做某事 为某物付…(钱) 与…一样的 n. 与某人相处融洽

  11. pay … for sth.

  12. the same + n. + as…
  13. get on well with sb.

  14. have a fight with sb/ fight with sb.与某人争吵
  15. take part in 参加

  16. don't have any money 没有钱
  17. as much as possible 尽可能多的…
  18. a ticket to a ball game 一张球赛的票
  19. too much pressure 太多的压力
  20. have free time to relax 有空闲时间放松
  21. busy enough 足够忙 enough money 足够的钱
  22. find it difficult/hard to think for themselves 发现为 他们自己着想很难。 KP.
  1. Sb. pay …for sth. 某人为某物花了…钱。 Sb. spend … on sth. 某人花了…(时间、金钱)在某事上。
It takes/took sb. … to do sth. 花了某人…(时间、金钱) 做某事。
  2. not … until 直到…才… (主句动词是短暂性动词)
  3. leave sth.+地点介词短语 an hour ago.
  4.Everyone was invited except me 除我之外每个人都被 邀请了
  5.I don't know what to do./ how to do it.
  6. The tired children don't get home until 7:00 疲惫的孩 子们直到七点钟才到家 GF 情态动词
  1. 情态动词没有人称和数的变化;
  2. 情态动词不能直接做谓语,必须和一个动词原形同 时使用;
  3. 大多数情态动词没有时态的变化;
  4. 情态动词加上 be,通常表示猜测的语气。 Unit3
  1. in front of behinde 在…的前面 在…的 后面(范围外) in the front of at the back of 在…的前部 在… 的后部(范围内) She left her keys at home

  2. take off 起飞 /
land on 降落

  3. get out of the shower 刚洗完澡…
  4. You are kidding. 你在开玩笑
  5. call the police/TV station 给警察/电视台打电话
  6. have an unusual experience 有一次不寻常的经历
  7. take place about 30 years ago.发生在 30 年前
  8. follow sb. to do sth. 跟着某人做某事
  9. get into 进入
  10. shout at 训斥、责备
  11. What happened? 发生什么事了? happen = take place 发生
  12. in silence 沉默地
  13. at the doctor's 在诊所
  14. think of 想起 think about 考虑

  15. climb up the tree 爬上树
  16. run away 逃跑,逃掉 KP "as + 形容词/副词的原级+as"表示"和…一样" 否定形式:"not as/so + 形容词/副词的原级+as" 表示" 和…不一样" GF
  1. The Past Progressive Tense
过去进行时 ⑴用法:表示在过去某一时刻或某段时间内正在进行 的动作。 ⑵谓语结构:be ( was, were )+ V-ing ⑶时间状语:at that time/moment at + 点钟 + yesterday/last night from +点钟 + to +点钟 + yesterday this time yesterday just then when he came in, ….(when 引导的时间状语从句是过去 时,并且动词是短暂性动词时,主句使用过去进行时)
  2. when & while when 与 while 都是从属连词,都有"当……时"的意思。 when 可与一个点的时间或表示一段的时间连用,从句 动词可以是短暂性或延续性动词; while 只指一段时间,。 因此 while 从句中的谓语动词必 须是延续性动词。
Unit 4 UE
  1. have a surprise party 举办一个惊喜派对
  2. be mad at/with sb. for sth. 因为某事对某人发火
be mad about sth./sb.

  3. not … anymore = not … any more = no more 不再
  4. first of all 首先

  5. pass ( on ) sth. to sb. 把某物递给某人 pass on (代词放中间)
  6. work on 从事
  7. be supposed to = should 计划…
  8. be good/better/best at 擅长于… do well/better/best in
  9. report card 成绩单
  10. the disappointing result 令人失望的结果
  11. this semester 本学期

  12. How's it going? 你好吗? How are things going?
  13. be in good/poor/bad/ill health 健康状况好/不好/糟 糕/病着
  14. end-of-year exams 期末考 对某事/做某事感

  15. get/be nervous of sth./doing sth. 到紧张

  16. have a hard time with sth. 在某事上/做某事处境 困难 Have a hard time doing sth.

  17. It's just that… 这只是由于…
  18. forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事 doing sth. 忘记做过某事
  19. get over 克服
  20. for now 至今为止
  21. as a volunteer on a one-year-programmer 作为一个一 年起教育援助计划的志援者
  22. open up my student's eyes 打开我学生的视野
  23. care for wild animals in danger 照料,照顾濒临危险 的动物
  24. last about 22 hours 持续了大约 22 小时 KP
  1. It's not right for you to copy other's homework.
  2. I don't think (that) cat can fly.… 置) GF
  1. The object clause 宾语从句 ⑴ 引导词:that -- 引导陈述句,在句中可省略; if,whether --引导一般疑问句,可相互替换(从句中出现 or not 时只能使用 whether); wh-,h- -- 引导特殊疑问句。 我不认为…(否定前
⑵ 时态: 主句 从句 一般现在时 各种时态 一般过去时 相应的过去时态 注意:从句讲述的是客观真理时,不根据主句改变时态。 ⑶ 语序:引导词后加陈述句语序 "主句 + 引导词 + 从句主语 + 从句谓语 + 其他"
  2. Direct Speech and Reported Speech 直接引语变为间接引语时参照宾语从句的变法,把双引 号内的句子变为宾语从句即可。以下是另需变化的两点 ⑷ 人称和所有格:" 一主,二宾,三不变 " ⑸ 状语与动词 Unit 5
  1. have a great time 过得很愉快 穿牛仔裤

  2. wear jeans to the party

  3. let sb. in/out/by 让某人进来/出去/过去
  4. be late for 迟到
  5. be sorry (that)… 感到遗憾
  6. organize sth. for … 为…组织某事
  7. half (of) the class 半班
  8. take away… 把…拿走、没收 bring sth. to … 把某物带来…
take sth. from … 从…把某物带走
  9. spent time with sb. 花时间与某人相处
  10. make a lot of money 挣许多钱
  11. be famous for… 因…而出名 be famous as… 因作为…而出名

  12. join = take part in 参加
  13. a professional athlete 职业运动员
  14. get injured 受伤
  15. a great chance 一次好机会
  16. all the time 一直
  17. travel around the world = travel all over the world 环球旅行
  18. make a living (by) doing sth. 做某事谋生
  19. complain about sth. 抱怨某事
  20. decide to do sth. 决定去做某事
  21. in order to do sth. 以便、为了
  22. talk on the phone 讲电话 KP
  1. too much + 不可数名词 too many + 可数名词 much too + 形容词
  2. against 反对、与…相反、与…对抗
argue against 抵制 GF
  1. The Conditional Adverbial Clause 条件状语从句由 if 或 unless 引导,表示如果有从句中的 动作发生,就会有主句的动作发生。在条件状语从句中,主句是 将来时、祈使句或含有情态动词的句子时,从句要使用一般现 在时表达将来的意思(即:主将从现)。 if:如果 Eg. We will have a meeting tomorrow if Mr. Gao doesn't leave for Shanghai



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