I.单项选择(20 分) ( )
  1. Could you give me? A . an advice ( B. some advice C. any advice
D. some piece of advice
  2.What will the weather like tomorrow? A is B be C are D was
  3. There are about five young trees on the hill. A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds
  4. I went to Shanghai last year and I it. A. fall in love with B. fall in like with C. fall in love in D. feel in love with
  5. If you want to talk to your teacher , you should first. A. called to her B. called up her C. call her up D. called her up
  6.there be more people in 10 years? No , there. A Have, haven’t B. Will , won’t be C. Are , aren’t D. Will, won’t
  7. If you want better grades , you watch so much TV. A .shouldn’t B .should C. could I do. C . with D . than D. must
  8. My friend has the same haircut A. as B. like
  9. I’m very because my best friend didn’t invite me to come to his party. A . popular B.happy C. late D . upset
  10.There are many famous predictions that never. A. come in B. came true C. come into D. come out
  11. My mother always tells me my classmates at school. A. don’t fight with C. not to fight with B. not fight with D. not to fight
  12.When you lose your way in the city , you can the policemen help. A. look, for B. find,out C. ask, for D.look, up
  13.His sister wants him a key ring.
A. buying (
B. buy
C. buys
D.to buy
  14.? How did Susan get so much money??She it her best friend. A. borrows, for B. borrow, to C. borrowed, from D.borrow ,from
  15.Toby won’t go to the party, I won’t,. A. too B. also C. either D.as well
  16.She looks very sad. I want to help her, but I just don’t know to do. A. what B. when C. how D.where
  17.I could give you a ticket a basketball game. A. to B. of C. at D.with
  18.The whole class went on a school trip George. A. without B. not C. except D.as
  19.There a speech contest tomorrow morning. A. will be B. will have C. has D.are going to be
  20.Her parents will come back two weeks. A. in B. next C. after D.for
II.完型填空(10 分) You will see a new very clever, 3 2 1 at a hospital near London if you are there. He is
he never speaks.He can work 24hours a day and never gets 4 a TV screen(屏幕). He is Dr
.He is one meter tall and has a face
Robot. Doctors often need to ask their patients(病人) a lot of questions. 5
doctors can only spend a few minutes with a patient,but Dr Robot can ask a patient questions for an hour if it is doctor can 8 6 . With the 7 of Dr Robot , a human
a lot of useful information when he meets his patients.
How can Dr Robot do this? A computer “tells” him what to do. Dr Robot can do a lot of things people can 10 ( ( doctors. )
  1.A.sick person )
  2.A.so B.nurse B.if C.chemist C.but D.doctor D.because 9 , though he can’t completely take the place of
( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  3.A.tired )
  4.A.like )
  5.A.Kind )
  6.A.late )
  7.A.help )
  8.A.spend )
  9.A.does )
B.off B.of B.Busy B.impossible B.helpful B.have B.doing B.computer
C.up C.as C.Free C.necessary C.helps C.send C.do C.women
D.wounded D.in D.Tall D.interesting D.helped D.speak D.did D.human
III.阅读理解(15 分) A Mr Brown is one of my friends. He can run very fast and likes to show people how fast he can run. One day, a thief(小偷)got into his house, took some of his things and ran out of the house fast. Mr Brown found it and ran after him, and shouted, “Hey! Don’t you know you can’t get away from me.”But the thief ran much faster, Mr Brown got angry and ran faster, too. He was soon a few kilometers away from his house, he was running hard when he met me. “Why are you running so fast?” I asked. “I want to catch a thief,” said Mr Brown. “But where is the thief?” I asked. “Kilometers and kilometers behind,” said Mr Brown proudly, “He thought he could run faster than me, but you see he is wrong.” ( )
  1. Did the thief steal(偷)anything from Brown’s house? A. Yes, he has. ( BNo,he wasn’t. C. Yes, he did. D. No, he didn’t.
  2. Who ran faster, Mr Brown or the thief? A. No one. B. The writer. C. Mr Brown. D. The thief.
  3. Did Mr Brown catch the thief? A. Yes, he did. C. Yes, but he let him go away. B. No, he didn’t. D. No, but his friend did.
  4. What did Mr Brown do when he found the thief? A. He ran after him. B. He was angry with him.
C. He caught him. ( A. 自豪地 B. 难过地 B
D. He stayed far behind him. C. 兴奋地 D. 不慌不忙地
  5. What does the word “proudly” mean? It means .
Lucy and Lily had a good time last Sunday.They got up very early.After breakfast they went to a park. In the park, they saw a lot of flowers.Lucy wanted to pick(摘) one of them. But Lily stopped her.Then they went to the river.By the river they found a small boat. They got into (进入) the boat and started boating on the river. Two hours later, they left the boat and began to climb the hill near the river.They reached the top (?部) at half past eleven. There they had their lunch. What did they have for lunch? Eggs, bread and some oranges.In the afternoon, they went home. Their mother asked them, “Did you enjoy yourselves?”“Yes, very much. ” They answered. 判断下列各句正(√)误(×): ( ( ( ( ( )
  6.Lucy and Lily went to a park last Saturday. )
  7.In the park, Lucy picked some flowers. )
  8.They had lunch before they started to climb the hill. )
  9.They had eggs, bread and some oranges for lunch. )
  10. They had lunch in the boat . C There are many kinds of walls in the word, but the Great Wall(长城) is the greatest(壮观) of all. It is famous all over the world. We Chinese call(叫做) it “ The Ten-Thousand-Li Great Wall”, but in fact(事实上) it is not so long. It’s over 6,000 kilometers(公里) long. The Great Wall has a history of over two thousand years. When people go to the Great Wall , They want to know how the Ancient (古代的)people could build(建造) it. Now, the Great Wall is a place of interest (名胜)in Beijing . Many people go
there to visit(参观) it every day.
  11. Where is the Great Wall?

  12. How long(多长) is the Great Wall?

  13. What do people want to know?

  14. Do many people go to the Great Wall?

  15. What do Chinese people call(叫做) the Great Wall? IV.补全对话:从方框内 A-F 选项选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话。 (选 项中有一项是多余的)(5 分) A:Tom , you look sad. What’s the matter? B: A:I’m sorry to hear that. You should see a dentist. B:Oh, yes. I want to be a professional football player,but my parents don’t agree . I argued with them. A:Well,you shouldn’t argue with them. B:You are right. I have already said sorry to them. A: B:That’s a good idea. Let me try. A:. V.词汇考查:(15 分) A.用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1.You should (go) to see a doctor.
  2.Parents should give their children more time and (free) to relax. A.You should talk about it with them. B.Can you help me? C.I have a toothache. D.I hope your dream will come true. E.And I have another problem. F.Why don’t you ask your coach(教 练)to help you.

  3.She wants to be a (science) when she grows up.
  4. There is a tall (build) in front of the post office.
  5.I can do my homework by (I).
  6.I was (surprise) to see you in this such party
  7.In ten years, I (be) a reporter.
  8.Look! The kids (swim) in the river.
  9. They (get) to school early every day.
  10.(Predict) the future can be difficult. B.根据句意及首字母完成单词。
  1.I wish I could live in the s station.
  2.He lives a in a small village, but he doesn’t feel lonely.
  3.The coat is too big. It doesn’t f you.
  4.The school things i pens,pencils,erasers and books.
  5.The pants are in s. We all like it. VI. 根据汉语意思,完成句子。一空一词。 (10 分)
  1. 今后在这座城市将会有更多的树木,更少的污染。 There will be trees and pollution in the city in future.
  2. 在周末我会穿得更随意一些。 On the weekend, I’ll dress more casually.

  3. 昨天 Tom 与英语老师争辩。 Yesterday Tom the English teacher。

  4.已经有机器人正在工厂里工作。 There already robots in factories.
  5.未来的学生在家里通过电脑学习。 The students in the future will study at home .


, students must work hard,

, they need enough time to play.

  7. 疲惫的孩子们直到下午 7 点才到家。 The tired children get home 7pm.
  8.我们从不会知道将来会发生什么。 We never know what will happen
  9. 我们每天应该尽可能多地做运动。 We should have exercise much every day. .

  10.我刚刚查明我的朋友正在为我最好的朋友计划生日晚会。 I just best friend. VII. 句型转换。 (10 分)
  1. They will have an English exam in a week .(就划线部分提问) they have an English exam ? my friends were planning a birthday party for my

  2. I have some money ,too.(改为否定句)
I money, .

  3.People will have robots in their homes. (改为一般疑问句) people robots in their homes?
  4. It seems that Kate has supper at home.(改为同义句)
Kate supper at home.

  5. It took Tom an hour to write to his friend . (同义句) Tom an hour to his friend . VIII.书面表达(10 分) 假如你是 Han Mei, 下面是一封你的笔友 Alice 给你发来的 e-mail 的内 容,给她写一封回信。与她交流看法,并帮她排忧解难。可适当发挥,词数 60?80,注意格式。 ( 可 选 用 的 提 示 词 语 : listen to,mother’s love,care about,communicate
with,get on with,smile)
Dear Han Mei, I’m afraid I have a big problem recently.My mother talks too much to me. She always tells me , “Be careful while crossing the street.” “Put on more clothes.” “Did you do a good job at school?” and so on. I’m annoyed(烦恼的).What shall I do? Alice



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