Words and the expressions:

  1. agent n.
  2. professional adj.
  3. make a living
  4. against prep.
  5. charity n.
  6. chance n.
  7. all the time
  8. injured adj.
  9. sincerely adv.
  10. lawyer n.
  11. tonight n.
  12. mobile phone 代理人 ,代理商 专业的, 专业的,职业的 谋生 反对 慈善团体 机会, 机会,机遇 一直 受伤的,受损害的 受伤的, 真诚地 律师 今晚 移动电话
old people's home 敬老院 school clean-up 学校大扫除 children's hospital 儿童医院 帮助我组织聚会 help me organize a party 半班学生 half the class 玩聚会游戏 play party games 年终聚会 end of year party 年终考试 end-of- year exam 我也一样. 我也一样. Me , too. 为什么不呢? Why not ? 为什么不呢?
高兴 环游世界 上大学 赚许多钱 出名 受教育 手机 嘲笑(某人) 嘲笑(某人) 把头发染成棕色
be happy travel around the world go to college make a lot of money become/be famous get an education mobile phone laugh at (sb) dye hair brown
体育队 发胖 快餐 最无聊的功课 最有趣的老师 窗外 谈论结果
sports team get fat fast food the most boring subject the funniest teacher outside the window talk about consequences
解释一下为什么. 解释一下为什么. Explain why . 做下面的3 做下面的3件事情 do the following 3 things
If you are happy, what will you do?
If I am happy, I will smile. If I am happy, I will sing. If I am happy, I will dance.
If you are sad, what will you do? If I am sad, I will cry. If I am sad, I will eat a lot of food. If I am sad, I will go shopping.
If I study hard
I will go to Peking University.
A: I think I am going to the party. B: If you do, you will have a great time. =If you go to the party, you will have a great time.
A: I think I will wear a dress to the party. B: If you do, you will have a great time.
B: If you wear jeans, you will be relaxed. But I won't let you in.
What will happen if you don't work hard? If I don't work hard, I will…get a bad grade.
A: If I don't work hard, I will get a bad grade. B: If I get a bad grade, my parents will be angry with me. C: If my parents are angry with me, I won't get any pocket money. D: If I don't get any pocket money, …
if 引导的条件状语从句
时态--主将从现 时态--主将从现 --
主句一般将来时, 主句一般将来时,从句一般现在时
例句1 如果他努力工作,他的梦想将会实现. 例句1 如果他努力工作,他的梦想将会实现. If he works hard, his dream will come true. 例句2 如果明天下雨,我将不出去散步. 例句2 如果明天下雨,我将不出去散步. tomorrow,I If it rains tomorrow, I won't go out for a walk.

  1. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it doesn't rain (not rain) tomorrow. doesn't do
  2. If he (not do) his homework, he'll be late.
  3. If she likes it, she (read) it soon. will read
  4. If you play computer games on weekdays, you will be (be) tired.
  5. If you watch TV tonight, you won't study (not study) for the test. bring
  6. If you (bring) candies to school, the teacher will take them away.
用所给词的正确形式填空. 用所给词的正确形式填空. are
  1.If you (be) late, the teacher will be angry.
  2.We don't know if it (snow). will snow will become
  3.He (become) a soccer player if he works hard.
  4. You (be) famous if you sing well. will be
is Half of the time (be) wasted now.
are Half of these bananas (be) bad. like Half of the boys (like) basketball.

  1. He is going to wear jeans the party.
  2. They're studying hard their tests.
  3. What happened his car yesterday?
  4. Mr Li is pleased what you did.
  5. She is going to take the bus Shanghai.
  6. Mum bought me a pair of jeans yesterday.
  7. What's this English?
  8. Henan lies the west of Anhui.
  9. Taiwan is the southeast of China.
  10. Li Lei joined us planting trees last week.
  11.Gook luck your English.
  12.Give me a pen to write .
  13. China is a great country a long history.
too much 太多
  1. Watching TV (太多 is bad for our eyes. 太多) laugh at
  2. It's bad manners to (嘲笑 others. 嘲笑) 嘲笑 took away 拿走
  3. The teacher (拿走 his mobile phone, 拿走) because he used it in class. clean up
  4. Please (清理 the broken glass. 清理) 清理 famous for 以 闻名
  5.Hangzhou is (以…闻名 the West Lake. 闻名) make money 赚钱
  6. He found a part-time job to (赚钱 赚钱). chance 机遇
  1. Don't miss the (机遇 when it comes. 机遇) explain
  2. Can you (解释 why you did it? 解释) 解释
  3. She wants to be a lawyer 律师 when she grow up. (律师 律师)
  4. May I open the window(s) 窗户 It's too hot. (窗户 窗户)? tonight 今晚
  5. There is going to be a concert (今晚 今晚).



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