Chapter 6 I. New words and expressions
  1. adventure n.
= unusual , exciting or dangerous experience 冒险的经历;冒险 have an adventure 有一次冒险的经历 some adventure stories adventure playground 惊险乐园 a love spirit sense adventurer [ ?d? vent??r? ] n. 冒险家 adventuress adventurous 女冒险家 adj. of adventure
喜欢冒险的;惊险的 adventurous children
What a horrible adventure !
  2. gun 枪 rifle shotgun pistol 步枪 猎枪 手枪
sub-machine-gun 冲锋枪 …
  3. therefore adv. 因此;结果
= as a result ; so e.g.

  1) The car hit the fence. Therefore, it was destroyed . = The car hit the fence. As a result it was destroyed .
  2) He was sick and therefore he asked for a leave . = He was sick and as a result he asked for a leave . ?We are going to have a basketball match with Class
  2. Therefore, the boys practise hard every day.
  4. depressed depressing = very sad adj. adj. 忧愁的;沮丧的
a depressing film / sight e.g. She is depressed about the election results . 她对选举的结果感到垂头丧气。 He felt very depressed because they lost the game. depress e.g. Wet weather always depresses me.
  5. paint v. 在...上刷油漆 n. 油漆 painting painter n. 刷油漆 ; [C] 图画 n. 画家;油漆工 漆刷;画笔 v. 使人忧愁;沮丧;消沉
paintbrush n.
do some painting e.g.
  1) He dipped his brush in the paint and painted a corner of the fence .
  2) The section that was painted was so small , and the unpainted
section was so big . 上了漆的 the painted section/part 没上漆的 the unpainted section/part paint sth. in … = add sth. to a picture using paint 在画上漆画某物 paint sth. out = cover ( a part of a painting ) by putting paint on top of it 用涂料覆盖或涂掉(部分画面) paint over sth. = cover sth. with paint 用涂料覆盖某物
  6. make fun of sb./ sth. = laugh at sb./sth. 取笑… e.g. It is cruel to make fun of people
who stammer .
… 口吃的人…
?He thought his friends would make fun of his new hair style. But to his surprise, they find it cool. play a joke/ trick = trick sb. on sb. 戏弄某人
make a joke about / of sb. /sth. = speak lightly or amusingly about sb./sth.
  7. properly 拿某人开玩笑 adv. 正确的;适当的
= in a proper manner ; correctly e.g.
  1) Do it properly or don’t do it at all.
  2) She will learn to behave properly.
  3) Aunt Polly wants it to be done properly .

  4)Students should learn to behave properly. proper adj.
?She doesn’t have proper clothes for the party.
  8. beg v. begged ; begging
= ask for ( money , food , clothes etc) as a gift or as charity 帮助 ; make a living in this way 乞求;请求 beg sth. from sb. beg from sb.
beg sb. for sth. 恳求/请求某人某事 e.g.
  1) He was so poor that he had to beg money from passers-by .
  2) He begged her for forgiveness. beggar n. 乞丐;很穷的人
= person who lives by begging = very poor person
  9. e.g. They were joyful because they won the game.
  10. sort n. 种类;种 joyful adj. 兴高采烈的
= group or class of people or things = type e.g.
  1) He is the sort of person I really dislike .
  2) What sort of paint are you using? all sorts of 各种各样的 = all types of …
all sorts of toys / jobs … ?We can buy all sorts of things on the Internet such as books, CDs, clothes and so on.
  11. fit v. fitted ; fitting
a. = be the right size and shape for sb. 适合;合身 e.g.
  1) These shoes don’t fit me.
  2) Her coat fits her exactly . …很… b. fit sb. / oneself / sth. for sth. = make sb./ oneself / sth. suitable for a particular role or task 使某人(自己)胜任某职位或任务 e.g. His experience fitted him for the Job/ to do the job. 他有经验,能胜任这项工作。
  12. lastest = recent the lastest news / fashion 最新消息/ 式样 adj. 最新的;最近的
her lastest novel 她最近出版的小说 e.g.
Chapter 7 I. New words and expressions
  1. operate v. 动手术;操作,运转 e.g. He operated on her at once, and Edison’s mother was saved. The doctor operated on her leg. Can you operate the machine? operation n. operator n. 操作者;电话接线员 a lift operator 电梯操作员 a camera operator 摄影师 a lighting operator 灯光师 a sound operator 音效师

  2. make sb./oneself up 为某人/自己化妆 make-up n. cosmetics such as powder, lipstick, etc used by a woman to make herself more attractive, or by an actor or actress 化妆
e.g. She never wears make-up. make-up artist 化妆师 make up an excuse 编造借口 make up a story 编故事 be made up of = consist of make fun of =laugh at make up one’s mind(s) make a decision
  3. extra n a person playing a very small part in a film, usually as a member of a crowd 临时演员,群众演员 e.g. We need hundreds of extras for the battle scenes.
  4. direct adj.straight, with nothing in between e.g. direct speech indirect/reported speech direct v. be in charge of actors/a film/a play e.g. Who directed the play ? I’d rather act than direct. director n. person in charge of a film/play , etc
direction n 方向,指南,指南针 e.g. Tom went off in one direction and Harry in another. When the police arrived, the crowd scattered in all directions. I gave him full directions to enable him to find the house.
  5. humid adjwarm and slightly damp/wet (空气或气候)温暖潮 湿的;湿热的
  6. chase after someone or something to catch them 追赶;追逐 e.g. My dog like chasing rabbits. He chased (after) the burglar but couldn’t catch him. The kids chased each other in the garden.

  7. jump out of one’s skin jump quickly and suddenly because of fear 大吃一惊;吓一大跳 e.g. He suddeniy shouted and I almost jumped out of my skin.
  8. awesome adjvery good 令人惊叹的 e.g. My cousin bought an awesome new CD.
  9. impress v.feel admiration for someone or something 给…留下 深刻印象 e.g. 他的演讲给我留下深刻印象.
I was deeply impressed by/ at / with his speech.
  10. special effectssomething in a by a computer and appears to be real 特效 film that is created
e.g. Superman does not really fly through the air. This is special effects.
  11. film v. make a film 拍摄电影 e.g. The crew were filming in the park near our house.
  12. select v. choose someone or something 选择,挑选 e.g. He was selected for the school basketball team. She selected the books which/that she wanted.
  13. envy n jealous adj; the feeling of wanting something that someone else has 妒忌 green with envy 妒忌的,眼红的 e.g. My cousin looked with envy at my new mp3 player. I was absolutely green (with envy) when I saw his splendid new car.
  14. instruct v. tell someone to do something 吩咐 指示 e.g. The teacher instructed the students to line up at the door.
  15. a piece of cake thing that is very easy 轻松的事
e.g. The exam paper was a piece of cake. Persuading him to give us the day off won’t be a piece of cake.
  16. comedy n.喜剧 (反)tragedy 悲剧


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