八年级(下)英语练习(一) 一,用所给词的正确形式填空.
  1.There are many new (build) in our city.
  2.We can do the work with (little) money and (few) people than they can.
  3.Maybe he wants to go (skate).
  4.Tom will (finish) the work tomorrow.
  5.There are (hundred) of people on the ground. 二,单项选择题.
  1. Hurry up! The train in two minutes. A. go B. went C. shall go D. goes
  2. I have homework to do than you. A. much less B. much C. very little D. fewer
  3. His mother in a village five years ago. A. lives B. lived C. is living D. will live
  4. Don't make her too much music. A. hear of B. listen C. listen to D. to listen to
  5. He often helps his mother the housework, but he never . A. with, get bored B. with, gets boring C. to do, get bored D. with, gets bored
  6. It her ten years to make money the big house. A. takes, to pay B. take, pay for C. took, paid D. took, to pay for
  7. a basketball player, he wants to be a person Yao Ming. A. Like, like B. As, as C. As, like D. Like, as
  8. students in my school are interested in listening to music. A. The number of B. A number C. The number D.A number of
  9. The river is dirty. people go to swim in it. A. Few B.A few C. Little D.A little
  10. That film is worth . A. see B. to see C. seeing D. saw
  11. Everyone of my class went camping me, because I was ill in bed. A. with B. except C. besides D. as well
  12. There are about five young trees on the hill. A hundred B hundreds C hundred of D hundreds of
  13. I live at home and I feel . A. alone, alone B. lonely, alone C. alone, lonely D. lonely, lonely
  14. He doesn't have any money , . A. either B. too C. also D. but
  15. Not all events in history are as as this. A. terrible B. more terrible C. the most terrible D. terrible 三,完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项. Life in the year 3044 is very different 1 life in the 21st century. We still do many of the things you did, but we do them 2 . For example, we now have e-friends to help us and keep us company. An e-friend is a machine that looks just 3 a human being. It can walk and talk and can do almost 4 we human beings do. My e-friend is a lot like me and we have 5 fun together. She helps me 6 my homework and we often go swimming. She is programmed to take care of me if anything 7 , so I always feel safe when we are together. She can also send me messages, just like old-fashioned e-mail, and I can download information from her memory. It's great 8 an e-friend ? I am never lonely and I always have someone to talk 9 . I would like to tell you more about life in the year 3044, but I have to send my e-friend to clean up my room. Maybe 10 I will be able to travel back in time and visit you.
  1. A. of B. from C. in D. with

  2. A. different B. difference C. differently D. differences
  3. A. like B. for C. at D. up
  4. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything
  5. A. many B. a number of C. a lot of D. the number of
  6. A. with B. at C. on D. doing
  7. A. will happen B. happens C. happened D. is going to happen
  8. A. have B. having C. to have D. has
  9. A. to B. about C. with D. Both A and C
  10. A. one day B. in one day C. after one day D. with one day 四,阅读理解 Tom and Fred are talking about the year 20
  20. "What will our world be like in the year 2020?" "I don't know," says Fred. "What do you think?" "Well, no one knows, but it's interesting to guess." "In the year 2020 everyone will carry a pocket computer. The computer will give people the answers to all their problems. We shall all have telephones in our pockets, too, and we'll be able to talk to our friends all over the world. Perhaps we'll be able to see them at the same time. " "A lot of people will live and work under the sea. Perhaps there will be big towns, factories and farms under the sea, too. " "Machines will do most of the work, and so people will have more holidays, perhaps they'll work only two or three days a week. They'll be able to fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there. " "I'm looking forward (期待)to the year 20
  20. I hope to go to the moon! " "And 1 hope I'll be able to live under the sea." says Fred. "Won't that be very interesting? Just like a fish! "
  1. Tom and Fred talked about . A. their school life B. some interesting news C. their life in the past D. their life in the future
  2. Machines will . A. do most of the work instead of people B. do some of the work instead of people C. do as much work as people D. do as little work as people
  3. From their talk, we know that . A. only Fred hopes to fly to the moon B. both of them hope to fly to the moon C. one of them hopes to fly to the moon D. neither of them hopes to fly to the moon
  4. Fred said . A. he liked fish very much B. he would like to live under the sea like a fish C. he would go fishing under the sea D. he would spend a few days on the moon
  5. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned? A. People will be able to fly to the moon in a spaceship. B. People will have more holidays. C. Many people will live and work under the sea. D. All the factories and farms will be built under the sea. 五,连词成句 将所给单词连成完整,正确的句子. (单词不得重复使用,标点已给出)
  1. less, in, will, years, there, pollution, be, 100
  2. won't, be, any, there, money, paper .
  3. will, there, time, more, leisure, be .
  4. the, which, win, World, country, will, next, Cup ?
  5. think, you, weather, what, the, do, like, will, be, tomorrow ? 六,句型变换 按要求转换句型,每空一词.
  1.There will be a meeting tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句并作出否定回答) ? be a meeting tomorrow? ?No, .
  2.The child will take the bus to school.(改为否定句)The child the bus to school.
  3.They will go home in two days.(对画线部分提问) they home?
  4.Jim has ten books and I have five books.(改为同义句)I have five books Jim.
  5.He won't be a doctor. I think.(合并为一句)I he be a doctor.



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