八年级下英语期末复习 U4 He said I was hard-working 一. 选择填空
  1. ( ) He was years ago. I hope he is in good now . A. unhealthy, health B. unhealthy, healthy C. unhealth, health D. unhealth, healthy
  2. ( ) There is no between you and me . A. different B. difference C. difficult D. differences
  3. ( ) Marcia me ,but I’m also angry her . A. mad at; with B. be mad at; with C. is mad at; at D. is mad at; with
  4. ( ) Ben is a student . A. twelve years old B. eight-year-old C. thirteen-year-old D. eleven year old
  5. ( ) I’m better English writing and also do better reading than others . A. at; at B. at; in C. in; at D. in; in
  6. ( ) She said she three languages . A. can speak B. could say C. could speak D. could talk
  7. ( ) He told me he his bike to school tomorrow . A. rode B. will ride C. would ride D. was ride
  8. ( ) not right to copy homework A. That’s , other’s B. That’s , others’ C. It’s , other’s D. It’s , others’
  9. .( ) Could you please some snacks here ? A. take B. bring C. carry D. move
  10. ( ) What are some things that happen the soap opera ? A. to B. on C. in D. for
  11. ( ) I found interesting . A. him B. he’s C. he D. his
  12.( ) He said he was . A. working- hard B. work hard C. hard-working D. hard working
  13.( ) Children good grades . A. supposed to get B. suppose to get C. are supposed to get D. are supposing to get 二、汉译英
  3. 他说他再也不想当我的朋友了。
  4. 虽然他很勤奋,但他数学学得不好。
  5. 近来过得怎么样?我希望你身体健康。
  6. 每当我看到学校邮寄来的信封时,我总是感到很紧张。
  7.我告诉她这会养成坏习惯,她应该自己做作业。 三、根据对话填入所缺的单词。
A: Did you your report card last week ? B: Yes , I got it last Friday . A: How your lessons ? B: I did very in my math but I wasn’t at P.E. A: What did your P.E. teacher ? B: He said I do more exercise . 四、根据句意,用适当的句子完成对话。 A: Did you see Marcia last night ? B: No, ? A: She was wearing a new dress. It was really beautiful . B: Really ? Where did she buy it ? A: She said . B: ? A: Yes , she liked it very much . And she said she would go to the party with it . 五 、根据句意,用适当的句子完成短文。 Peter got his report card yesterday , but . His math teacher said because he didn’t finish his homework every day . And his English teacher was also because he only got 8 grades. But his P.E. teacher was pleased ( 满 意 ) with him. He said . He was the captain of the school basketball team . 六 、根据提示语,写出恰当的句子。 (略)
U5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time
一. 选择填空
  1.( ) If he , people at him . A. do, will laugh B. will do, laugh C. does, will laugh D. does, laugh
  2.( ) If he exercise, he healthy . A. not , will B. isn’t, won’t be C. doesn’t , will be D. doesn’t , won’t be
  3.( ) you able to swim the river ? A. Can, across B. Are, across C. Do , across D. Are, cross
  4.( ) I think he too much lunch . A. don’t , eat B. \ , doesn’t eat C. don’t , eats D. \ , isn’t eat
  5.( ) Why give her flowers ? A. not , some B. don’t , some C. doesn’t, some D. not , any
  6.( ) I think I’m going to the party . A. on my bike B. by my bike C. take the bus D. taking the bus
  7.( ) “ for school ” said the teacher to the boys . A. Not late B. Don’t late C. Be not late D. Don’t be late
  8.( ) There will a football match this evening . A. be, in B. have, \ C. be , \ D .be, on
  9.( ) The teacher because I used in class . A. takes it away B. takes away it C. took it away D. took away it
  10.( ) Last night I saw my uncle with my aunt . That was too terrible .
A. argued B. argueing C. argue D. to argue
  11.( ) If you rich, you’ll be able to making a living something you like . A. do , do B. are , doing C. be, to do D. will be , doing
  12.( ) If I go to the old home, I them some flowers. A. people’s, will bring B. people, bring C. peoples’ , will bring D. people, will bring 二、汉译英
  6.对很多人来说,当律师似乎是理想的职业。 三、根据对话内容,用适当的句子完成对话。 A: What are you going to be when you grow up ? B: . A: Why ? I don’t think a taxi driver is a dream job . B: But I really want to . A: You will also be able to meet many interesting people if you have some other jobs. B: Maybe you’re right. But China will be the host for the 2008 Olympics. I think at that time , I’ll. A: That sounds good .I hope you will be successful . 四、根据句意,用适当的单词完成对话。 A: Hello, Jenny ! I’m going to have a party. Could you help me it ? B: Sure. are you going to have it ? A: I’m going to have it after school this . B: I think it’s a good idea . If you do that, half of your friends come . A: Why ? B: Because there will a test tomorrow , they have to study for it this afternoon . A: What about Friday afternoon ? We have any classes on Saturday . B: That great . Let’s have it Friday afternoon . 五 、根据句意,用适当的句子完成短文。 I’m thinking about what I’m going to do this summer. Maybe I’ll . If I get a job, I’ll . I would like to buy some books , CDs, new dresses and so on . Also I can use the money to . I play tennis very well, but I still want to improve it .If I can’t get a job, I’ll . My grandparents live in a small but beautiful village. They love me very much .I think I can help . My grandparents will be very happy .
U6 How long have you been collecting shells ? 一、选择填空:
  1.( )I’ve been learning English seven years . A. for, old B. since, old C. since, ago D. for, ago
  2.( ) you learn, you will be . A. The more, the cleverer B. The much, the clever C. The many, the cleverer D. Much, clever
  3.( )When he finished , he a walk . A. reading, talked B. to clean , took C. his homework, was taking D. reading, took
  4.( )My hobby is the violin and on the computer . A. play, work B. playing , work C. playing , working D. play , working
  5.( )There no room to store the globes because I the boxes. A. is, ran out of B. was, ran out of C. were, ran out of D. is, run out
  6.( ) The movie is , and Joan is in it . A. interesting , interesting B. interested, interested C. interesting, interested D. interested, interesting
  7..( ) My mother bought a globe me my eighth birthday . A. to, for B. for , on C. to , on D. for , to
  8.( )Mr Smith at this school since he Xiamen . A. has been teach, came B. has been teaching, came C. taught, came D. has been teaching, has come
  9.( ) This pair of shoes very nice expensive . A. are, but B. is , but C. are , and D. is , and
  10.( ) ?When did you start skating? - . A. Since two years ago B. Since I was nine years old C. For six hours D. Five years ago
  11.( ) - Was this your first marathon ? - No, I in a marathon last year . A. skating , skated B. skate, skated C. skating , was skate D. skate, did skate
  12.( ) China is a great country a long history . A. has B. have C. having D. with
  13.( )He thought he the first one the mountain . A. was , to climb B. is , to climb C. was , climbing D. is climbing 二、 汉译英
  1、-你小提琴拉多久了 -三年半了。 -你什么时候开始学拉小提琴的? -五岁的时候。

  5.上周我没买那辆自行车,因为我的钱用完了。 三、根据对话填入所缺的单词。 A: Hi, Lisa. What are you doing ? B: I’m the piano. I’m going to my piano lesson this evening . A: How long have you been the piano? B: last year. I’m very in it . A: do you play it ? B: I play every day . And I always play for one hour a day . A: You’re hard-working. do you want to be in the future ? B: Maybe I’ll be an pianist. I enjoy music . 四、根据句意,用适当的句子完成对话。 A: ? B: I have been studying Japanese for five years . A: You’re really great. ? B: I started when I was ten years old . A: ? B: Because it’s interesting. Maybe one day . 五 、根据句意,用适当的句子完成短文。 because they are special . I have all kinds of posters. , I got my first poster from my cousin, Bill . Now I have been collecting them . I love them very much but . Maybe I’ll have to give some to my friends or . We can all enjoy the beautiful pictures. I believe they will like them, too .



   英语期末复习( 英语期末复习(一) ??新增词汇学习 新增词汇学习 期末新增词汇(共16个) " " " " " " " " awareness disqualify equalize status immune irritate rank occasion " " " " " " " " convince assemble deliver original fulfill ginger graph inflammation 1. awareness n. 意识,认识 " Health ...


   七年级下期末复习句型转换练习 七年级下期末复习句型转换练习 一,将下列句子改为否定句,每空一词. 1. Tom is studying in the classroom. 2. I was at the party last Friday. 3. She has a TV in her bedroom. 4.They have to clean the classroom after school. 5. Please tell him about it. 6. He had a big b ...


   九年级英语期末复习手册 Unit 1 复习要点 一、短语。 1. by making flashcards 通过做单词抽认卡 2. ask...for help 向某人求助 3. read aloud 朗读 4. that way (=in that way) 通过那种方式 5. improve my speaking skills 提高我的会话技巧 6. for example 例如 7. have fun doing sth 玩得高兴 8. have conversations with ...


   复习建议 2011.1. 复习内容 " 与话题相关句型Grammar Focus 话题相关句型Grammar " 常用短语和句型 常用短语和句型 " 结合试题类型的解题方法 " 与话题相关的作文 U6-U10出现的语法项目 出现的语法项目 P141?过去完成时 P142?动词不定式 作宾语、状语、宾补、定语、主语 P143?被动语态 掌握一般现在时和一般过去时的被动语 态,理解一般将来时和情态动词的被动 语态的结构形式及其基本用法 P143?定语从句 理解引导定语的构成形式及基本用法. P ...

201012.28 初三 英语期末复习建议

   复习内容 " 与话题相关句型 话题相关句型Grammar Focus " 常用短语和句型 常用短语和句型 " 结合试题类型的解题方法 " 与话题相关的作文 U6-U10出现的语法项目 U6-U10出现的语法项目 P141?过去完成时 P142?动词不定式 作宾语、状语、宾补、定语、主语 P143?被动语态 掌握一般现在时和一般过去时的被动语 态,理解一般将来时和情态动词的被动语态的 结构形式及其基本用法 P143?定语从句 理解引导定语的构成形式及基本用法. P144 ?构词法:合成,派生 ...


   七、八年级英语(下) 八年级英语( 期末复习建议 2010.6.3 一、命题思路与指导思想 1. 渗透课标,考查能力 渗透课标, 按课标精神命题,以考查学生综合语言运用能力为主。 按课标精神命题,以考查学生综合语言运用能力为主。 2. 依据教材,突出双基 依据教材, 以本学期所学教材为主,兼并考查以前教材所学知识, 以本学期所学教材为主,兼并考查以前教材所学知识, 突出对双基的考查。 突出对双基的考查。 3. 紧扣中考,稳中有变 紧扣中考, 题型与上学期相比略有变化。紧扣中考题型,增加了阅 ...


   1.My friend I have a good friend . Her name is Susan .She is an English girl . She likes China very much and she is interested in Chinese . Chinese is her favorite subject . She has lots of hobbies and travelling is an important part in her life .T ...


   五年级英语期末复习计划. ??新标准三年级起点小学英语 5A 复习计划 中心小学 何侠 转眼又到了学期末,5A 教材让我们所有的任课老师都感到困扰,单词量多,语 法知识多而散,句型多,文章篇幅长,这一切的一切都给我们的教学带来很大的 困难。现在整个年级新课基本结束,根据平时教学过程中以及单元测试中学生暴 露出来的问题,制定一下复习计划: 一、学生情况分析: 五年级有学生七十人,由于两个班学生经过整合,我对学生的情况很不了解,造 成学生与我的配合不够,课堂教学风格的不适应。在这近两周的教学中, ...


   根据图片内容,判断下列句子是否正确,正确的写“yes” ,错误的写 “no”. Sally 1. There are six students. 2. They are unhappy. 3. Sally is playing with them. 4. Only two trees in the picture. 5. Many presents on the tree. 根据图片内容,判断下列句子是否正确,正确的写“yes” ,错误的写 “no”. 1. It’s a rainy ...


   四年级英语上册期末复习计划 年级英语上册期末复习计划 上册 刘崇志 一 复习的背景分析 (一)课标的分析 对英语学习有持续的兴趣和爱好。能用简单的英语互致问候、交换有关个人、家庭和朋友的简单信息。 能根据所学内容表演小对话或歌谣。能在图片的帮助下听懂、读懂并讲述简单的故事。能根据图片或提示写 简单的句子。在学习中乐于参与、积极合作、主动请教。乐于了解异国文化、习俗。 (二)教材的分析 纵向分析 四年级第一学期用书共有 8 个单元,1,2,3,5,6,7 单元各按不同的话题编写。每个单元 4 ...



   求职路上英语面试问答大全   Q: What contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization?   (你对目前或从前的工作单位有何贡献?)   A: I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position. (我已经完成个新项目,我相信能将自己的经验用在这份工作上。 ...


   1.一周内试着丰富一下自己的词汇量和学习一些简单的句型 句型从简单的开始学 比如:我有一个苹果(I have an apple.) 以这句话为基础 慢慢的将句子拓展 比如:他有一个伟大梦想(He has a great dream) 在他小的时候,他有一个伟大的梦想(When he was young,he had a great dream) 2.问你得观点一定要以第一人称(I)来回答。而对于英文初学者来说 回答最简单的开头莫 过于重复一下老师的问题 比如:请问你对全球变暖怎么看?(Wha ...


   God works. 上帝的安排。 Not so bad. 不错。 No way! 不可能! Don't flatter me. 过奖了。 Hope so. 希望如此。 Go down to business. 言归正传。 I'm not going. 我不去了。 Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用 吗? I don't care. 我不在乎。 None of my business. 不关我事。 It doesn't work. 不管用。 Your are w ...


   脑不忘常年开设: 一年制初中★一年制高中★小升初至高三 1 对 1★中高考小升初应试班…… 72010 年中考英语一轮复习新目标七年级下册 Unit 7-9 一:重点短语及句型 Unit 7 What does he look like? 1. look like 看上去像;长得如何 2. have short/curly/long/straight hair 留着短发/卷发/长发/直发 3. be of medium height 是属于中等身高 4. be of medium build ...


   五年级英语( 五年级英语(上)lesson7 复习 一. 词汇 1 fount_ _ n pen(钢笔) 2 b_ _ utiful(美丽的)3.h_ _ _ pin (发卡) 4.f_nd(找到) 5.w_ _r(穿) 6.j_ _n(牛仔裤)7.b_ _t(靴子)8.pr_se_t(礼物)9._de_(主意)10.p_nt(裤子) 二.短语 1.take it easy. 2.What’s the matter? 3.buy…for 4.How about 5.wear glasses ...