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新目标八年级(上)英语复习提纲(全套) Unit 1: How often do you exercise?
  1. go to the movies 去看电影
  2. look after = take care of 照顾
  3. surf the internet 上网
  4. healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式
  5. go skate boarding 去划板
  6. keep healthy=stay healthy 保持健康
  7. exercise=take(much)exercise=do sports 锻炼
  8. eating habits 饮食习惯
  9. take more exercise 做更多的运动
  10. the same as 与什么相同
  11. be different from 不同
  12. once a month 一月一次
  13. twice a week 一周两次
  14. make a difference to 对什么有影响
  15. how often 多久一次
  16. although = though 虽然
  17. most of the students=most students
  18. shop=go shopping=do some shopping 购物
  19. as for 至于
  20. activity survey 活动调查
  21. do homework 做家庭作业
  22. do house work 做家务事
  23. eat less meat 吃更少的肉
  24. junk food 垃圾食物
  25. be good for 对什么有益
  26. be bad for 对什么有害
  27. want to do sth 想做某事
  28. want sb to do sth 想某人做某事
  29. try to do sth 尽量做某事
  30. come home from school 放学回家
  31. of course = certainly = sure 当然
  32. get good grades 取得好成绩
  33. some advice
  34. hardly=not nearly / almost not 几乎不
  35. keep/be in good health 保持健康
  36.be stressed 紧张的,有压力的
  37. take a vacation 去度假

  48.get back 回来
Unit 2 What’s the matter?
  1. Have a cold 感冒
  2. sore back 背痛
  3. neck and neck 并驾齐驱,齐头并进
  4. I have a stomachache 我胃痛 = I have got a stomachache = There is something wrong with my stomach = My stomach hurts = I have (got) a pain in my stomach
  5. What’s the matter? 怎么了? = What’s the trouble (with you)? = What’s your trouble? = What’s wrong (with you)? = What’ the matter (with you)? =What has happened to you? = Is there anything wrong (with you)? = what’s up?
  6. sore throat 咽喉痛
  7. lie down and rest 躺下休息
  8. see a dentist 看牙医
  9. drink lots of water 多喝水
  10. hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶
  11.That’s a good idea 好主意
  12.That’s too bad 太糟糕了
  13.I think so 我认为如此
  14. I’m not feeling well. 我觉得不太舒服 = I’m not feeling fine/all right. = I’m feeling ill/sick. =I feel terrible/bad. = I don’t feel well.
  15. get some rest 多休息
  16. I have no idea = I don’t know 我不知道
  17. stressed out 筋疲力尽
  18. I am tired 我累了 He is tired. 他累了
  19. a healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式
  20. traditional Chinese doctors 传统中医
  21. a balance of yin and yang 阴阳调和
  22. you have too much yin.你阴气太盛
  23. to eat a balance diet 饮食平衡
  24. healthy food 健康食品

  25. stay healthy 保持健康 =keep healthy=keep in good health = keep fit
  26. enjoy oneself (myself, yourself, herself, himself, themselves, ourselves, itself 反身代词) 玩得高兴,过得愉快 =have a good time = have a wonderful time = have fun
  27. enjoy sth. =like sth. (名词)喜欢某物, enjoy doing sth.喜欢做某事=like dong sth practice doing sth.练习做某事, mind doing sth. 介意做某事, finish doing sth.完成某事, give up doing sth.放弃做某事, can’t help doing sth.忍不住做某事, keep ding sth. 坚持做某事. (keep on doing sth. / keep sb. doing sth. ) be busy doing sth. 忙着做某事 be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事 make a contribution to doing sth.为..做贡献 go on doing sth. 继续做某事 forget doing sth.忘记做某事 remember doing sth. 记得做某事 spend....(in) doing sth. 花(时间)来做某事 prefer doing sth.to doing sth.比起(做...)来更愿意(做...)
  28. at the moment = now 此刻
  29. Host family 东道家庭
  30. Conversation practice 会话练习
  31. I’m sorry to hear that.听到此事我很难过
Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?
  1. babysit one’s sister 照顾妹妹
  2. visit one’s grandmother 看望奶奶
  3. spend time with friends 和朋友们一起度过时光
  4. visit cousins 看望表弟等
  5. go to sports camp 去运动野营
  6. o to the beach 去海滩
  7. go camping 去野营
  8. Go shopping 去买东西
  9. go swimming 去游泳
  10. go boating 去划船

  11. go skating 去溜冰
  12. go walking 去散步
  13. go climbing 去登山
  14. go dancing 去跳舞
  15. go hiking 去徒步远足
  16. go sightseeing 去观光
  17. go house-hunting 去找房子
  18. o on a hike 徒步旅行, go bike riding 骑自行车旅行, go fishing 去钓鱼
  19. do some shopping 买东西
  20. do some washing 洗衣服
  21. do some cooking 作饭
  22. do some reading 读书
  23. do some speaking 训练口语
  24. do some sewing 做缝纫活
  25. that sounds nice 那好极了
  26. at home 在家
  27. how about=what about ……怎么样?
  28. how long 多长时间
  29. how far 多远
  30. how often 多长时间一次
  31. how much, how many 多少
  32. have a good time =have fun= have a wonderful time = enjoy oneself 玩得高兴,过得愉快
  33. show sb. Sth.=show sth. to sb.出示某物给某人看 give me the book=give the book to me 给我书, pass me the cup=pass the cup to me 把杯子递给我, sell me the house=sell the house to me 把房子卖给我 buy me a book =buy a book for me 给我买书, make me a cake = make a cake for me 给我做蛋糕
  34. get back=come back 回来
  35. rent videos 租借影碟
  36. take walks=go for a walk 散步
  37. think about 考虑
  38. decide on= decide upon 决定一个计划
  39. something different 不同的事情
  40.a great vacation 一个愉快的假期
  41. I can’t wait 我等不及了
  42. the famous movie star 著名的影星
  43. an exciting vacation 激动人心的假期

  44. Ask her about her plans 向她询问她的计划 ask sb. about sth.向某人询问某事
  45. forget to do sth. 忘记要做某事 forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事 Unit 4 How do you get to school?

  1. get to school 到校
  2. get home 到家
  3. how about=what about …….怎么样?
  4. take the subway 乘地铁
  5. ride a bike 骑自行车
  6. take the bus 乘公共汽车
  7. take the train 乘火车
  8. take a taxi 乘坐出租车
  9. go in a parent’s car 坐父母的车
  10. by bike, bike bus, by subway, by taxi, by car, by train (乘坐……车,放在句尾)
  11. have a quick breakfast 迅速吃早饭
  12. the early bus 早班车
  13. how far 多远
  14. take sb. to sp.带某人到某处
  15. doing sth. takes sb. Some time/ money =It takes sb. some time/money to do sth. =sb. spends some time/money (on sth.) =sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth. =sth. costs sb. some time/money =sb. pay some money for sth. 花费某人多少时间/金钱做某事/某人花费多少金钱/时间做某事
  16. bus stop 公共汽车站,train station 火车站, subway station 地铁站,bus station 客运站
  17. want to do sth.想做某事
  18. walk to school 步行上学
  19. in North America 在北美
  20. in other parts of the world 在世界的其他地区
  21. depend on=depend upon 依靠,靠……决定
  22. not all 不是所有的
  23. need to do sth.需要做某事
  24. number of students 学生数
  25. a number of=many 许多 number 前可用 large, great, small 修饰其谓语是复数
  26. the number of….的数量,谓语是单数

  27. don’t worry(about sth./sb.)别着急(为某人/事担心
  28. around the world= all over the world 世界各地,全世界 Unit 5 Can you come to my party?
  1. come to one’s party 参加某人的聚会
  2. on Saturday afternoon 在星期六的下午
  3. I’d love to 我非常乐意
  4. I’m sorry 对不起
  5. study for a test 为测验而学习
  6. go to the doctor 去看医生
  7. visit one’s aunt 看望某人的姑姑
  8. have a piano lesson 上一堂钢琴课
  10. too much homework 太多家庭作业
  11. much too interesting 有趣得多
  12. maybe another time 也许下一次吧
  13.Thanks for asking(inviting)谢谢邀请
  14. go to the baseball game 参加棒球比赛
  15. Birthday Party 生日聚会
  16. go to the mall 去购物中心
  17. soccer practice 足球练习
  18. look for 寻找
  19. find out 找到,弄清楚,查明
  20. study for the math test 为数学考试而学习
  21. play tennis with me 和我一起打网球
  22. I have a really busy week 我一周很忙
  23. football match 足球比赛
  24. my cousin’s birthday party 我表弟的生日聚会
  25. write soon 尽快回信
  26. study for my science test 为科学考试而学习
  27. 给某人打电话的几种说法: call sb. up, call sb. phone sb., phone to sb. telephone sb. telephone to sb. phone sb. up,ring sb. give sb. a ring, give sb. a phone make a telephone call to sb.
  28. on Thursday night 星期四晚上
  29. be (go) on vacation 度假
  30. next week 下周
  31. join sb.加入某人一起

  32. Please keep quiet! 请保持安静, keep+形容词表示“保持某种状态”, keep+(sb.)+doing 表示“(使某人)不停地做某事”, keep sth. 保存某物
  34. culture club 文化俱乐部
  35. try to do sth. 努力(企图)做某事, try doing sth.试着做某事,try one’ best to do sth. 尽力做某事 unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

  1. long hair 长头发
  2. How are you? 你身体好吗?
  3. How old 多大年纪
  4. how tall 多高
  5. how long ago 多久前(的事)
  6.more outgoing 比较外向
  7. want/plan to do sth. 意欲,企图
  8. here are photos of me 这是我的照片
  9. as you can see 正如你所看到的
  10. in some ways 在某些地方
  11. we look the same 我们看起来一样, They look different 他们看起来不同
  12. the same to ……多……是一样的
  13. quite the same 完全一样
  14. all the same 还是, 同样应……
  15. look like 看起来像….一样,而 look same 看起来很像
  16. go to lots of parties 经常参加聚会=often go to the party
  17. a little taller 高一点
  18. take sth. from sth. 从某处拿/取出某物
  19. put sth. in sth. 将某物放入某物中
  20. make a list of 列出清单
  21. has cool clothes 有漂亮的衣服
  22. is popular in school 在学校受欢迎
  23. is good at sports 擅长体育
  24. make me laugh 使我发笑
  25. that’s not very important for me 那对我来说并不重要 ( be important for sb.)
  26. put up 举起,抬起,挂起,张贴,建造; put on 穿上,戴上,上演(戏剧); put down=write down=copy down 写下来; put out 伸出,扑灭; put away 收起来,收好;
put off 推迟; put one’s heart into…全神贯注于……,全身心投入……
  27. opposite views 相反的观点
  28. a weekend teacher 周末教师
  29. Abacus Study Center 珠算研究中心
  30. elementary school students 小学生
  31. be good with children 善于与孩子相处
  32. have good grades 成绩出色
  33. enjoy telling jokes 喜欢讲笑话
  34. can’t stop talking 不能停止讲话
  35. help others 帮助别人,help each other 互相帮助
  36. in one’s free time 在业余时间
  37. one of +复数名词(代词)……其中之一
  38. use sth. to do sth.=do sth.. with sth. 使用…做…
  39. be/feel sorry for sb. 为某事感到同情或难受; be / feel sorry for sth. 因某事感到抱歉或后悔; be sorry +to see/hear 听到或看到某种情况很不安或难过; say sorry to sb.向某人道歉
  40. begin with 从……开始
  41. next to 在……旁边,紧靠……
  42. be famous for 因… 而著名,因……而广为人知; be famous as 作为……而知名
  43. all together 总计,总共
  44. make sb. do sth. 让/使某人做某事, 相似的用法有几个感官动词 see, let, hear, watch, feel 等 Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk smoothie?

  1. make a banana smoothie 制作香蕉混合饮料(思木西)
  2. peel the bananas 剥香蕉
  3. cut up the bananas 切碎香蕉
  4. pour the milk in the blender 将牛奶倒入搅拌器
  5. turn on the blender 打开搅拌器电源
  6. put the yogurt in the blender 将酸奶放入搅拌器
  7. turn off 关上,(turn on 打开) turn up 旋大(灯火等),开大(煤气等)调高(声音等), turn down 把(灯火、电器等)关小一点
  8. how much cinnamon 多少肉桂
  9. one teaspoon of cinnamon 一茶匙肉桂
  10. make fruit salad 制作水果沙拉
  11. two pieces of bread 两片面包
  12. mix it all up 将它们混合在一起

  14. turkey slices 火鸡肉片, a slice of bread 一片面包
  13. takes turns doing sth, take turns to do sth.=do sth. in turns 轮流做某事
  15. slices of duck 烤鸭片
  16. roll pancake 卷上薄饼
  17. make faces 作鬼脸 make friends with 与……交朋友 make a noise 吵闹, make mistakes 犯错误, make the bed 整理床铺 make one’s way to 往…走去, make room for 给…腾出地方
  18. it’s easy to do sth. 做某事容易 it’s hard (difficult) to do sth.做某事难, It’s necessary to do sth.做某事必要
  19. put sth, in order 将某些东西按顺序排列
  20. a recipe for ……的烹调方法, ……的 Unit 8 How was your school trip?

  1. talk about 谈论,talk over 谈论
  2. give a talk 作报告
  3. have a talk to (with) sb.与某人谈话
  4. go to the beach 去海滩
  5. have ice cream 吃冰淇淋
  6. go to the zoo 去动物园
  7. go to the aquarium 去水族馆
  8. hang out with one’s friends 和朋友闲逛
  9. take photos=take a photo=take pictures=take a picture 照相
  10. buy a souvenir 买纪念品
  11. have pizza 吃比萨饼
  12. a famous actor 著名的演员
  13. get one’s autograph 得到了某人的亲笔签名
  14. win a



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   英语六级词汇 英语六级词汇(2010 年) 英语六级词汇 abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption adore advantageous advertise advoc ...


   2009中考历史热点复习专题资料 中考历史热点复习专题资料 中美关系 热点背景: 热点背景: 1、2009年是中美建交30周年。1978年12月16日,中美发表 《建交联合公报》,从1979年1月1日起两国正式建交,至2009 年整整30周年了。这是两国关系中具有历史意义的重大事件。 2、2009年12月4日上午,第五次中美战略经济对话在北京钓鱼 台国宾馆开幕,中国国务院副总理王岐山和美国财政部长保尔 森作为两国元首的特别代表共同主持对话。 3 3、中美两国首脑承诺要共同应对当前的世界金融危 ...


   英语形容词的排列顺序 当两个以上形容词修饰一个名词,形容词该如何排 列?为什么不能说 a black new pen,而是说 成 a new black pen?这里面有无规 则可循? 如果你记住 Opshacom 这个为帮助记忆而杜撰的词, 就能掌握英语中形容词排列的顺序。 Opshacom 中 p 代表 opinion,指表示人们观点的形容 词,如 beautiful,horrible,lovely,nice 等; sh 代表 shape,指表示形状的形容词,如 long,short,r ...

七年级英语上册 Unit6 Do you like bananas同步学案 新目标

   新目标七年级英语上同步学案 Unit6 Do you like bananas? 一、单词导航台 1.banana n.香蕉 【引申】go bananas(美口语)发疯,发狂;banana republic 香蕉共和国(指在政治、经济等方 面发展缓慢的中美洲小国) 。 2.breakfast n.早餐,早点 【记忆法】break+fast(旧用法)斋戒后开始进食,所用的第一餐,扩展译为每日的第一餐,即 早餐。 【考点】at breakfast 早餐时,正吃早饭;have breakfast ...