topic2 走遍美国美语学校 八年级英语上 unit1 topic2 知识重点

  1.“Could you please +动原” 或“would you please +动原” 是 “能否麻烦……”、“请你……” 更为礼貌、委婉的说法,并不是过去式。 Could 更加表示“能否...”Would 更加表示“愿不愿意...”口语中,两者区别不大,可互用。
  2. do sb a favor= give sb a hand =help sb Could you please do me a favor?
  3. Do /Would you mind…? 通常的用法是表示请求允许或征求对方意见(后接动名词或 if 从 句,其中 Do 也可换成 Would,语气更委婉),意为“劳驾”“你可否……?”“请你做……好吗?” Would you mind helping me? 请帮帮我的忙好吗? Do you mind my closing the window? 我关上窗户行吗? mind 的其它短语: change one’s mind 改变主意 never mind 不要紧 make up one’s mind to do sth.)决定去做… mind 记住......
  4. beat“打败” 宾语是人或队伍 win 是赢,宾语不能为人,而是奖金,奖杯,比赛,战争等 即 race,match,game, competition,war,prize 之类的词 He won first prize in the surfing competition.他在冲浪比赛中获得第一。 We beat the strongest team in the football match this time. 足球赛中我们战胜了最强的队。
  5. ①with the help of sb. == with one’s help 在某人的帮助下 ②without one’s help 没有了…的帮助 We can't finish the work without your help.没有你的帮忙我们不能完成这项工作
  6. turn on ①打开 ②依赖 turn out 证明是,结果是 turn down ①关小 ②拒绝 turn around 转过身,转过去 7 ① so...that... turn off 关掉(煤气,水,电,收音机,电视机等) turn into 把……变成 turn up ①出现,到达 ②开大音量 turn back 转过身 It's your turn. 轮到你了
如此……以致于……so 是副词,常常用来修饰形容词或副词.
② such... that... “如此……以致于……”such 修饰名词 但当名词前有 many、much、(a) few、(a) little 等词修饰时,句子中要用“so...that...”而不 用“such...that...”。例如:He has so much money that he can buy what he wanted so 与 that 也可连起来写,即变成:... so that ...(以便 / 为了……),引导目的状语从句。 I got up early so that I could catch the early bus. ③ "太……而不能……(too+adj./adv.+to do) The boy is too young to go to school.这男孩年龄太小,不能上学。 ④enough to.足够...而能做某事(adj./adv.+enough to +v) He is old enough to go to school.他足够大了能上学了
  8.have fun=have a good time=enjoy oneself have fun (in) doing something 做某事很有趣 be full of fun 充满乐趣
  9. 一般情况下,形容词修饰名词时,通常形容词放在名词前面,形容词修饰不定代词时, 通常形容词放在不定代词之后。a beautiful bird something good
  10. other 和 else 的用法区别:作为形容词,二者都用作定语。else 一般用来修饰不定代 词(something, nothing, somebody, anyone 等)或疑问代词(who, what 等), 且必须放 在这些词之后。other 用来修饰名词,位于名词之前。另外,else 还可用作副词,放在疑问 副词(when ,where)后。Somewhere else 别的地方

  11. 比较级要注意的几种句式 ①the+比较级, the+比较级 “越……就越……”the higher ,the cooler ②比较级+and+比较级, “越来越…”,faster and faster ③the+比较级+of the two “两者中较…的那个人或物” ④比较级+ than He is the taller of the two. 他是两人中较高的那个
  12. instead of.代替, 而不是... 副词词组。后面不能跟句子。后面常接名词,代词,动名词 和介词短语 instead:副词“替代,顶替”的意思, instead 一般放在句末,在句中可以单独做状语 Mr. Wang is ill, I will take his class instead.We will skate instead of playing football
  13.“使某人做某事”是 make sb do sth、 Have sb do sth 和 let sb do sth “使某人一直做某事”是 keep sb. doing sth. 14 .miss 错过,想念.miss doing 错过做某事
  15. be angry with sb 生…的气 ( )
  1.?I’m sorry for I said. ?It doesn’t matter. B.which C.what D.when ( )
  2.I’ll play baseball, because it can. build me up build up me C. build up me D. build me up ( )
  3.He was too to cut himself with the knife. A.careful B.carefully C.careless ( )
  4.?You play the piano too loudly. Would you please play it ? ?I’m sorry. A.clearly B.silent C.quiet D.quietly ( )
  5.?Would you mind us in the game? ?Not at all. A.joining B.join C.join in D.joining in ( )
  6.?Why were you late for the meeting this morning? ?I got up too late, so I the first bus. A.caught B.missed C.took D.forgot ( )
  7.That’s very kind you, but I think I can manage it myself. C.of D.from ( )
  8.?You kept me so long. ?Sorry. I’ll be ready soon. A.wait wait C.waited D.waiting ( )
  9.?I’m so sorry for losing your dictionary. ? A.Oh, it doesn’t matter. B.You’re welcome. C.That’s OK. D.Thank you all the same. ( ) last,we decided to go hiking instead of A.go shopping B.going shop C.go shop D.going shopping ( )
  11.What things did he tell you? Anything ? Aelse;other B.others; else C other;else D.else;another



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