初二英语外研社<初中起点>Module 初二英语外研社<初中起点>Module 1 的学习同步练习 外研社
(答题时间:30 分钟)
  1. They are saying “Hello” their new friends over there.
  2. Match the pictures the correct words.
  3. The letter is my school and my family.
  4. Who are you writing now?
  5. He is doing a survey his school newspaper.
  6. What’s the weather today? 选择动词的适当形式填空,其中有两个是多余的: Write, wear, have, work, play, welcome, swim, run, see
  7. Look! They football on the playground.
  8. The boy a blue cap every day.
  9. you English lesson now?
  10. His father has to in that factory.
  11. Let’s go to a film , boys and girls.
  12. Can you in the river?
  13. to our school. 句型转换
  14. We have some new girls in our class.(同义句) some new girls in our class.
  15. Where is your teacher from? (同义句) Where your teacher ?
  16. What’s your favorite sport, Feifei? (同义句) do you ?
  17. We have Geography lessons on Tuesday. (划线部分提问) do you have on Tuesday.
  18. There are thirty-five classes in a week. (同上) are there in a week? (A) My school is in the east of the city. It takes me half an hour to get to school on foot. I usually ride a bike to school. There are over one hundred and fifty teachers and about two thousand students in our school. We have two classroom buildings. The office building is three-storey-high. On weekdays our teachers often take us to the laboratories to do experiments. Sometimes we have English lessons in the language lab. We also have a very large playground. After school we take part in all kinds of activities, such as ball games, painting, singing and dancing. I like to play football with my classmates. ( )
  19. My school is in the north of our city. ( )
  20. There are three hundred teachers in the school.
( ( (

  21. I like signing very much. )
  22. The playground of the school is very big. )
  23. The students do experiments in the labs.
(B) One sunny afternoon, when I was happily riding home, I heard “help, help!” I rode to the riverside and found a boy of about five in the river struggling. I jumped into the water, swam to the boy and dragged him to the river bank. The boy said he was trying to catch a fish near the river bank and carelessly fell into the water. I asked him where his home was and sent him home. “Thank you very much!” the boy’s parents said, when I left his home. Though I got home late that afternoon, I was very happy. ( )
  24. I helped a boy on a sunny afternoon. ( )
  25. The boy in the river is 5 years old. ( )
  26. I didn’t send the boy to his home. ( )
  27. I can’t swim, either. ( )
  28. The boy’s parents were very angry with me.
【试题答案】 试题答案】

  1. to
  2. with
  3. about
  4. to
  5. for
  6. like
  7. are playing
  8. wears
  9. Are having
  10. work
  11. see
  12. swim
  13. Welcome
  14. There are
  15. does come from
  16. What/ Which sport like best
  17. What lessons
  18. How many classes
  19. F
  20. F
  21. F
  22. T
  23. T
  24. T
  25. F
  26. F
  27. F
  28. F


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