Unit 2 What’s the matter
罗远芬 20
Section B
Match the words with the pictures
c d a

  1. a Eat an apple
  3. c Drink some water
  2. d Go to bed early
  4. b Listen to music
Advice (He / She should…)
stressed out tired hungry thirsty
listen to music have a rest
eat some food drink some water
2a Listen and write down the problems in the chart
Problem Gina tired
go to bed early some music
go to the party tonight study tonight
Tony stressed out listen to Julie Alan
thirsty hungry
have a drink eat any more pizza eat an apple play soccer before dinner
A: What’s the matter with… pairwork B: She’s/ He’s … A: Well, she/ he should …She/ he shouldn't…
Sing a song : Day and night
What should you do if you…? angry
have a cold
be stressed out weak thirsty
take some medicine
traditional Chinese medicine western medicine
herbs Dangshen
* a balanced diet a balance of yin and yang a Chinese way to stay healthy
a traditional Chinese doctor
A Healthy Diet
tofu Don’t eat too much meat and junk food. * It’s important to eat a balanced diet.
Read and fill in the chart
problem Should (according to traditional Chinese doctor) eat yang foods , like beef, Dangshen and Huangqi herbs eat yin foods like tofu
often weak and tired too stressed out and angry
True or False

  1. All doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang. (F )
  2. If you are weak and often tired, maybe you have too much yin. (T )
  3. If you have too much yang ,you should eat yang foods, like beef, Dangshen and Huangqi herbs. ( F )
  4. If you are stressed out and angry, maybe you have too much yang. (T )
  5. If you have too much yang, you should have some yin foods like tofu . (T )
too much (much)+不可数名词 “太多” 太多” 不可数名词 too much 还可修饰动词 表示“很大程度” 还可修饰动词, 表示“很大程度” much too (too)+形容词 副词 “太…” 形容词/副词 形容词 too many (many)+可数名词复数 “太多” 太多” 可数名词复数 too many There are monkeys here. much too He drove fast. too much Don’t eat meat. too much You eat .
3b. Fill in the blanks
Are you tired? Everybody gets tired sometimes. When you are tired, you shouldn’t go out at nights . You should go to bed early for a few nights and exercise you should to stay healthy. eat fruit You should also and other healthy foods. You shouldn’t go to parties when you are tired.
give get
need believe stay
  1.I it’s important to sleep eight 做…很重要 很重要 hours a night. give
  2.A doctor can you medicine. stay
  3.Don’t stressed out. It’s not healthy. have
  4.I have a toothache. I to see a dentist. keep
  5.Eat a balanced diet to healthy.


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