The People’s Republic of China
How to describe date of birth How to describe a person
Jay’s birthday is January 18th, 1979 Jay was born on January 18th, 1979 Liu Xiang’s birthday is July过去分词”是被动语 13th, 1983 “be+过去分词 过去分词” Liu Xiang was born on
态 July 13th, 1983 的基本结构
be born

  1. appearance
  2. personality
  3. age
  4. job
e.g.: He is tall and thin. e.g.: He is friendly and outgoing. e.g.: He is twenty-five years old. e.g.: He is a football player. e.g.: He likes reading.

  5. likes and dislikes
  6. specialty ……
e.g.: He is good at playing football.
(Who / When)
Deng Yaping ping-pong player Born: 1973
Michael Jordan
(乔丹 乔丹) 乔丹
Martina Hingis
(辛吉斯 辛吉斯) 辛吉斯
David Beckham
(贝克汉姆 贝克汉姆) 贝克汉姆
basketball player Born: 1963
tennis player Born: 1980
football player Born: 1975
姚明 贝利
贝克汉姆 伍兹 刘翔
田亮 欧文
李连杰 蔡依林
明星档案 周杰伦
施瓦辛格 章子怡
张惠妹 梅兰芳
Yao Ming
basketball player
Born: 19
  80,Shanghai 19
  80, Nationality: Chinese : Team: Houston Rockets :
David Beckham
Born: 19
  75,London 19
  75, Nationality: British : Height:
  1.80m : Team: Real Madrid :
foot player
Tian Liang
Born: 19
  79,Chongqing 19
  79, Nationality: Chinese : Height:
  1.68m : Achievements: won Olympic gold medals :
Tiger Woods
Born: 19
  75,California 19
  1.88m : Nationality: American : Started golfing : ten months old
Michael Owen football player
Born: 1979, London Nationality: British : Team: Liverpool;Real Madrid : Liverpool;
Pele (贝利) 贝利) football player
Born: 19
  40,Brazil 19
  40, First entered Nation Team: 17 Kicked 1282 shoots
Liu Xiang
Born: 19
  83,Shanghai 19
  83, Nationality: Chinese : Won a gold medal: 2004 Hobby: singing, playing computer
football player Born: 19
  76,Brazil 19
  76, Height:
  1.83m Went to World Cup: 18 years old Team: Real Madrid
Zhou Jielun JayChou) (JayChou)
Good at: singing, piano, guitar :
Arnold Schwarzenegger 施瓦辛格) (施瓦辛格)
Born: 1947 Height:
  1.88m Nationality: American
Cai Yilin (Jolin) Jolin)
Born: 19
  80,Taibei 19
Zhang Huimei Mei) (Sherry / A Mei)
singer Born: 1972, Taidong Hobby: hunting, sports
Zhang Ziyi
Born: 19
  79, 19
  79, Beijing Hobby: Skiing Family: Music: mother, father, brother pop music ice-cream ice-
Favorite food:
Li Lianjie (Jet Li) Li)
Born: 1963 actor Works: Temple Shaolin : Heroes
Mei Lanfang
Beijing opera actor Born: 1894, Beijing Started learning acting: 8 years old
Show the photos and tell your group members: Who do you like best? What is his achievement? Nam e Mary Favorite people Liu Xiang Date of birth 07/13/1983 When was he born?
Achievement an outstanding runner in China
(打嗝) 打嗝)
打喷嚏 record n. hiccup sneeze hiccups sneezes record v. hiccupping sneezing hiccupped sneezed
Who Charles Smith Donna Green
Has world record for Hiccupping
How long 69 years and 5 months 978 days
Started 1922
Stopped 1990
January 13, September 16, 1981 1983
A: How long did Charles Smith hiccup? B: He hiccupped for . A: When did he start hiccupping? B: He started in . A: When did he stop hiccupping? B: He stopped in .
A: How long did Donna Green sneeze? B: He sneezed for . A: When did he start sneezing? B: He started on . A: When did he stop sneezing? B: He stopped on .
Further discussion
Tell us some other world records you know. 劳恩?迪亚布 :3月6日~4月23日 创造绝食时间最长 48天 英孚: 9月9日~9月12日 持续时间最长的英语课
Write something about your favourite person. In your composition (作文 , you must talk about his/her: 作文) 作文
  1. Date of birth
  4. Personality
  2. Job
  3. Appearance
  6. achievement

  5. Likes and dislikes


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