2008?? ??2009 学年度第二学期期末考试题( 党原中学 2008??2009 学年度第二学期期末考试题(卷) 八年级 英语
题 号 得 分 一、词汇(30’) A)用所给词的适当形式填空.(每空 1’, 共 10’) (litter) money than Mr More.
  1.Mr Green has
  2.What’s the
  4.Everyone was
  5.Thanks for (different) between them? (watch) TV when I came back yesterday. (surprise) at the news. (invite) me to your birthday party. (build) in our city. 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 总 分


  2.argue with sb

  3. 给 某 人 打 电 话 clothes
  5. 支 付 possible
  9. 直 到 …… 才 with…

  6. as much as

  8.a part-time job
  10. compare …

  6.We can see many beautiful
(lucky), he wasn’t hurt badly. (skate) more than two years. (suggest) from her. (collect) when I grow up.

  8.The girl has been
  9.I often get good
  10.I want to be a
B) 根据汉语提示填空.(每空 1’ 共 10’)
  1.I have less (空闲时间) than before.
  2.His haircut is
  3.We all were (时髦的)and original. (吃惊的) at his action. (而今再也)

  4.My mother doesn’t play the piano
  5.He was hurt
  6.Would you like to collect
(严重) than I thought. (邮票) (毕业)

  7. I’ll be an English teacher when I
  8.There is a lot of (交通) on the road.
(带给) me a
  9.My grandma came over to my house and book .
  10.The woman has been (谈) for two hours. C)英汉互译.(每空 1’ 共 10’)
二. 单项选择.(每空 1’共 20’) ( )
  1. I’ll become an astronaut . A. in ten years B. ten years ago C. after ten years D. ten years later ( )
  2.It’s hot cold all the year round in Kunming. It’s called “SpringCity”. A. neither; or B. neither; nor C. both ;and D. either; or ( )
  3.My mother doesn’t like doing housework at home .She usually much time shopping in the supermarkets. A. spends B. costs C. takes D. pays ( )
  4.He his pen at home yesterday morning . A. left B. missed C. forget D.took ( )
  5. He read all books the last one. A. and B . besides C. except D. beside ( )
  6. He said he care of the little dog . A. took B .has taken C. will take D. would take ( )
  7.Do you know if we will go to the cinema tomorrow ? I think we’ll go if we too much homework. A. will have B. had C. won’t have D . don’t have ( )
  8.He hardly ever exercises, he? A. does B. do C. doesn’t D. don’t ( )
  9.--have you been studying in his school??For 2 years. A.How much B. How often C. How long D. How soon ( )
  10.I’ll have holiday this year. A. 21 days B. a 21-day C. a-21 days D. a-21-day ( )
  11.Music is as as sports among young people . A. more popular B. most popular C. popular D. so popular ( )
  12.We can do the work better with money and people. A. little, fewerB. fewer , less C. less , fewer D . few little
( )
  13.Have you ever to the moon? A. gone B. been C. got D. reached ( )
  14. Would you mind the electric fan (电扇) please? It’s very hot in the room. A. turning down B. turn up C. turning on D. to turn off ( )
  15.We have learned 10 English songs this term. A. at all B. at once C. at times D. at least ( )
  16. He asked the boy in the street. A. not play B. don’t play C. not play to D. not to play ( )
  17. I think the room is too small for us . A. to live B. living in C. to live in D. live in ( )
  18.Don’t copy homework. ? A. do you B. will you C. can you D. could you ( )
  19.is wrong to copy other students’ homework. A. This B. That C. It D. There ( )
  20.-- will the meeting be ready? --In an hour. A. How soon B. How often C. Hoe far D. How long 三.句型转换.(每小题 1’ 共 10’)
  1.The old man can hardly dress himself.(反意疑问句) The old man can hardly dress himself, ?
  2.He is too young to go to school.(同义句) He isn’t
  3.”I like dogs” said Li Lei.(同义句) Li Lei said
  4.I spent two days on this work.(同义句) It me two days
  5.There will be some There to go to school. dogs. do this work.

  9.I was watching TV when the UFO arrived?(对划线提问) you arrived?
  10. Lesson 8 is very difficult.. He can’t understand it. (同义句) _difficult for him Lesson 8 is 四.句子翻译(每小题 1’ 共 5’)
when the UFO

  2、周末总下雨, 是吗?



五.补全对话.(每空 1’共 5’) A:1 B:My hobby is making kites. A: 2 B:For about two years. A: 3 B:I use bamboo and silk. A: 4 Babout one hundred. A:Can you teach me? B:Of course. If you like . A:Thank you so much. B: 5
__? have you been doing that? do you make them ? kites have you made?
robots in our life.(否定句) be robots in our life.

  6.Jim is ill. Let’s go and see him after school.(反意疑问句) Jim is ill.Let’s go and see him after school, ?

  7.” My grandpa doesn’t like coffee,” said Bob.(同义句) Bob said that grandpa
like coffee.

  8.I spent forty yuan on this Chinese-English dictionary?(对划线提问) _did you _ on this Chinese-English dictionary?
六.改错.(每小题 1’共 5’)
  1.He’s been waited for ten minutes. A B C D
  2.Paul and I are good friends, are we?
  3.People don’t need to spend too many money. A B C D
  4.Would you mind help me with my English? A B C D
  5.People are different in different country. A B C D 七、完型填空(阅读文章,在每个空白处天一个恰当的词,使文章通顺.)(每空 1’共 10’) When I grow up, I want 1 (be) an English teacher .I think 2 (be) a teacher is very great. Because teachers are uaually very great. They try their best 3 (help) their students 4( get) much knowledge, and learn how __5(face) the world. My father is an English teacher, he 6__ (teach) English in a middle school for twenty years, he also7__ ( wish) me to be a teacher in the future. The Olympic Games8 (hold) in Beijing in 2008, English is very important. So I want to be an English teacher .At that time ,I can teach the studentd how to speak English ,and how to make friends with the foreigners .And now I study hard at all the subjects,especially English. Every morning , I keep 9__ (listen ) to English on radio.My headteacher ,an old English once said to me ,” Never give up, your dream _10 (come)” true.
  5. __
( )
  2.Mr and Mrs Green enjoyed the country because . A. there were many children B. there was an old man C. it was far from the city D. it was quiet and clean ( )
  3.Mr and Mr Green took a walk. A. in the afternoon B. early in the morning C. after breakfast D. in the evening ( )
  4.The old man said ,”Yes I do” here means . A. I like to live in this place B. I like the people here C. I like to sit in the warms D. I like to go out for a walk ( )
  5. The old man sometimes liked the people to ,but sometimes he didn’t. A. ask him questions B. keep the place quiet and clean C. come and visit D. make interesting things 九。书面表达(5’) 请根据提示,以“My favorite Kind of Clothes”为题,写一篇 80 个词左右的 短文。
  1.What kind of clothes do you wear?
  2.Why do you choose to wear these kinds of clothes?
  3.What can clothes tell you about a person? My favorite Kind of Clothes

  10. 八.阅读理解。(10’) Mr and Mrs Green lived in a big city.One summer they went to the country for their holiday.They enjoyed it very much,because it was a quite, clean place. One day they went for a walk earlyin the morning and met an old man.He lived on a farm, and he was sitting in the warm sun in front of his house.Mr Green asked him ,”Do you like to live in this quite place? ” The old man said ,”Yes ,I do.”Mr Green said ,”What are the good things about it?” The old man answered ,”Well ,the people here know each other. They often come and Visit me, and I often go and visit them. And there are a lot of children here.” Mr Green said “That’s in teresting ,and wahat are the bad things?” The old man taught for a moment and then said,”Well ,the same things, really.” ( )
  1.Mr and Mrs Green went to the country. A. to see the old man B. to spend their holiday C. to see quiet place D. to have a walk



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