She said helping others changed her life.
Section 1 Before You Read Think of people who need help. People who need Something we can do help for them old people We can clean their home.
the kids
your classmates
the poor
2004年度 感动中国 人物徐本禹 年度"感动中国 年度 感动中国"人物徐本禹
a rural area Xu Benyu is a volunteer teacher. He volunteered to teach in a rural area in Guizhou. And worked there for years.
Section 2 While You Read Put these words into the correct space as you read.
a) world c) changed e) mountains
b) brothers d) agreed f) different
She said helping others changed her life.
Teaching high school students in a poor mountain village in Gansu Province may not sound like fun to you. However, it changed the life of Yang Lei from Beijing. The Peking University graduate first went there as a volunteer on a one-year program.
Peking University 北京大学 village 乡村 graduate (大学 毕业生 volunteer 志愿者 大学)毕业生 大学
rural 乡下的;乡村的 乡下的; the Ministry of Education 教育部 地区; Chinese Young Pioneer 中国少年先锋队 area 地区;地域
The program was started by the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Young pioneers. Every year they send 100 volunteers to teach in China’s rural areas. Life in the mountains was a new experience for Yang Lei. Her village was 2,000 meters above sea level, and at first the thin air made her feel sick.
meter 米;公尺 sea level 海平面 thin 稀薄的 make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事
The food was very simpleteachers ate porridge three times a day. Fortunately, Yang Lei’s mother with her. She agreed said that both she and her husband thought this was a good idea. “Young people today need to experience different things,” she said.
eat--ate husband 丈夫 fortunately 幸运地
Most of the pupils live in school dormitories. They work very hard. They get up at 5am and read books until 11pm. They love having the volunteer teachers there. “There is no difference between you and them,” says yang Lei. “They say that we are like big brothers or sisters to them, and they feel lucky.” dormitory 宿舍 love having 喜欢有 between…and…在…两者之间 两者之间
Some of the students may not be able to go to senior high school or college. Families are poor and there often isn’t money for education. “I can’t do anything about that,” says Yang lei, “but I can open up my students’ eyes to the outside world and give them a good start in life.” She said she likes being a good influence in the children’s lives. 学院; senior high school 高中 college 学院;大学
open up 打开 open up one’s eyes 使…开眼界,使认识 开眼界, 开眼界
start 开始;开端 开始;
influence 影响
Yang Lei enjoyed her time as a volunteer very much. When her year was over, she said that she would return to the area after finishing her studies. She now works as a math teacher at a high school in the city of Pingliang, Gansu Province. enjoy 享受 的乐趣;喜欢 享受…的乐趣 的乐趣; enjoy oneself 过得快乐 enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事
阅读短文,正确的写上 ,错误的写上F. 阅读短文,正确的写上T,错误的写上

  1. Yang Lei is a volenteer teacher from F Gansu Province.
  2. The life in the mountains was hard for T Yang Lei. T
  3. Yang’s parents agreed with their daughter.
  4. Most of students live at home because F they have no money.
  5. Yang said that she could open up the students’ eyes to the outside world and be a T good influence in the children’s lives.

  2. Read the article, ask and answer questions about the article.
3b Ask and answer these questions.

  1. What did Yang Lei’s mother say about her daughter’s volunteer work? She said that both she and her husband thought this was a good idea. Young people today needed to experience different things.
  2. What did the children say about their volunteer teachers? The children said that the teachers were like big brothers or sisters to them and they felt lucky.
3b Ask and answer these questions.

  3. How did Yang Lei say she could help? Yang Lei said she would open up her students’ eyes to the outside world and gave them a good start in life.
  4. What did Yang Lei say about her time as a volunteer? Yang Lei said she enjoyed her time as a volunteer very much.
Section 3 After You Read 3a What is life like for you and Yang lei’s students? Complete the chart. Discuss with your partner. hometown food teachers time to get up time to finish studying Yang Lei’s students You mountain village in a town in Hunan Gansu Province porridge three times a different kinds of day delicious food some good almost no good teachers teachers 5 a.m. 11 p.m. 6 : 10 a.m.
9 p.m.
Section 4 Go for it! Many people of all ages do volunteer work. The groups in the chart below help people or animals all around the world. Which one would you like to work for? Explain your reasons to the class. Groups The work they do
照料; 照料;照顾
Greenpeace 和平 Cares for “Mother Earth” Doctors Without Helps sick people in poor 边界; Borders边界;边境 countries UNICEF Helps children in poor countries WWF Cares for wild animals in danger
UNICEF 联合国儿童基金 WWF 世界野生动物基金
It is neither wealth nor reputation but tranquility and occupation which give happiness.
Thomas Jefferson
财富和名声都不是幸福之源,惟有平静和工作才会 带来快乐 。
Thank you!



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