八年级( 八年级(上)期末复习提纲(二) 期末复习提纲(
Unit3?Unit4 话题
  1: 话题 :将来计划
  1)Hi! What are you doing for vacation? I’m going to Xiamen. How about you? I’m going to sports camp. When are you going \leaving? Oh, cool. On the 10th. How long are you staying? For three days\a week. Sounds great.

  2)Hi! What are your parents doing for vacation? They are going to Hong Kong. How about yours/your parents? They’re going sightseeing. When are they leaving? Oh, cool. On the 10th. How long are they staying? For a week. Sounds great.
  2: 话题 :交通方式
  1) How do you go to school? I ride my bike/ take the bus /subway. How far is it from your home to school? It’s three miles. How long does it take? It takes around twenty minutes.
  2) How does your father go to work? He goes by bus/ car/ subway/ train/bike. How long does it take? It takes ten minutes/half an hour/a quarter.
一、词组互译 去远足
  1.go hiking 回来
  2.get back 多远
  3.how far 决定
  4.decide on 考虑; 考虑;思考
  5.think about at the moment
  6.此时 stressed out
  7.紧张的 by boat
  8.坐小船 next week
  10.去观光旅行 go sightseeing

  2. Julia Morgan, the famous movie star, is taking a vacation. She is going to Italy/ Australia “I’m just finished making my last movie”, she says. “I’m tired/stressed out and I really need to have a rest/vacation .” I asked her about her plans. “ Well, I’m to the beach playing volleyball goingand. going shopping going sightseeing I’m also and. I want an exciting vacation! ”

  1.How old is Tom? He’s seven. .
  2.Is it the first time for him to go to the cinema? Yes, it is. .
  3.How many tickets does Tom buy before the girl asks him? He buys three tickets. .
  4.Does Tom meet a few good friends of his that day? No, he doesn’t. .
  5.What does the big woman do? She is a gatekeeper at the cinema. .
五、根据所给词写一个完整的句子: 根据所给词写一个完整的句子:
  1. Jim basketball weekend Jim plays basketball on weekends. Jim played basketball last weekend.
  2. I headache yesterday I had a headache yesterday.
  3. Pierre go camping vacation Pierre is going camping for vacation.
  4. my brother subway school My brother takes the subway to school.
Work harder, you’ll succeed.



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