(时间 90 分 学科:英语 总分 100 分) 陵阳中学 艾翠青
一.单项选择(15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分)
( )
  1.How long have you been playing basketball? . A. For ten years B. once a week C. Often D. Ten years ago ( ) 2 . I have been skating nine o’clock. A. for B. since C. at D. from ( )
  3.Would you mind those old jeans? A. don’t wear B. not to wear C. aren’t wearing D. not wearing ( ) 4 .He’s never been to an aquarium. . A . Neither have I B. Neither do I C. I never too D. I don’t too ( )
  5. It’s really cold today, ? A. does it B. doesn’t C. isn’t it D. is it ( )
  6. have you been swimming? For five years. A. How many years B .How long C. How often D .How much ( )
  7. Could you please in the room? Oh,I’m sorry . A. not smoking B .not smoking C. not to smoke D. don’t smoke ( )
  8. Could we buy a piano, Jack? I’m afraid there enough room for one in the house. A. aren’t B .are C. isn’t D. is ( )
  9.I got home they were having dinner. A. as soon as B. while C. because D. after ( )
  10. Don’t be too sad .he is safe now. A .At least B. At last C. In the end D. At first ( )
  11. She a lot of money on clothes. A. takes B. costs C. spends D. buys ( )
  12. I will stay at home and read books if it tomorrow. A. is raining B. rains C. rain D. will rain ( )
  13. The teacher encourages her students English as much as possible. A. to speak B. speaking C. speak D. spoke ( )
  14. His father to Nanjing .He back next week.. A. has been ; B. has been; will be C. has gone; D. has gone; will be is is ( )
  15. If you practice the piano, you will do well in it. A. to play B. play C. playing D. played 二.完形填空(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Once night a young American doctor was sleeping at home when his doorbell began to ring .When he opened the door he saw a man outside. “Excuse me, Doctor,” said the man.”Can you come at once to place out of town?
It’s quite far but you have a car and I can you the way.” “Certainly,” said the Doctor, “I’m ready. I’ll come soon.” a few minutes, the car came .The man got into the car and they off. They drove for a time, and then the man said, “Here’s we are. This is my home.” “Now I can pay you and you can go to town.” “But I must the patient,” answered the man. “Nobody is ill .I live here, you see, and I must home from the town .There are no taxis at this time of the night .Here’s the money for you. Thank you, doctor. Good !” ( )
  16. A . Listening B. standing C. sitting D. watching ( )
  17. A. take B. pass C. see D. show ( )
  18. A. After B. For C. In D. With ( )
  19. A. drove B. left C. got D. went ( )
  20. A .short B. long C. hard D. late ( )
  21. A away B. quickly C. back D. slowly ( )
  22. A. watch B. look for C. see D. know ( )
  23. A my B .no C. a D. ask ( )
  24. A go B. lose C. find D. ask ( )
  25. A evening B. night C. idea D. for you 三.阅读理解(15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分) A For many people the subject of hiccups (嗝)is a joke, but for Harry Mendes, a fifteen-year-old schoolboy from Birmingham, it was something quite different . His hiccups began one Sunday lunch time and continued day and night for two weeks .After the first week, Harris’s parents took him to hospital, but it took another week for the doctors to cure his attack. Harry, who is now back at school, described what happened to him. “When I began to hiccup, I drank a glass of water but that didn’t do any good. That evening I had hiccups every four seconds .We tried everything to stop them. I held my breath and drank cold drinks .My father even tried to give me a shock but that didn’t work either.” After a week of sleepless nights, he went to hospital. The doctors took an X-ray of his chest but they couldn’t find anything wrong. “They gave me some medicine and my hiccups slowed down , but it was another week before the medicine worked completely and my hiccups stopped .” Harry was very lucky. The world record holder is the American farmer Charles Osborne, who hiccupped for sixty-eight years, He stopped in 1990at last, but nobody knows why. ( )
  26. Harry’s hiccups lasted . A. a week B. fourteen days C. twenty-eight days D. one month ( )
  27. His hiccups started after he . A. drank a glass of water B. went to hospital C. had a lunch D. finished his homework ( ) 28 .His parents decided to take him to hospital when he . A. hiccupped for four seconds B. held his breath
C. hiccupped at night D. couldn’t stop hiccupping ( )
  29. His hiccups completely stopped one week after the doctor . A. gave him some medicine B. took an X-ray of his chest C. gave him a shock D. let him drink cold drinks ( )
  30. What does “shock ”in this passage mean ? A . 震惊 B. 休克 C. 喷嚏 D. 哈欠 B Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from America .The bears are waiting to meet you and the monkeys from China are waiting to throw things at you .The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on you. Tickets Grown?ups: $
  2.00 Children: Over 12 $
  1.00 Under 12 free Opening time: 9:00 a.m. 4:00p.m. Except Friday
  10:00a.m.3:00p.m. Keep the zoo clean! Do not touch, give food or go near the animals. ( )
  31. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the passage? A. Four. B. Five C. Six D. Seven ( )
  32. Now Mr. Smith is in the zoo with his two sons ,one aged 14 and the other 10, how much are the tickets together ? A. $
  4.00 B. $
  2.00 C. $
  3.00 D. $
  1.00 ( )
  33.Which of the following is the visiting time? A. 8:00a.m.Monday B. 9:30a.m. Friday C. 3:00 p.m. Sunday D. 5:00p.m. Tuesday ( )
  34. From the passage we can guess the animal “giraffe” must be very . A. fat B. long C. strong D. tall ( )
  35. Which of the following can we do in the zoo? A. To give some food to the dogs. B. To touch the monkey on the head. c. To throw things everywhere D. To take a few nice photos. C Yang Liwei circled the earth 14 times in 21 hours on October 15 and 16 2003, landing on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Looking a little tired, Yang stepped out of Shenzhou V, smiling and waving at the waiting people. “ I feel very good.” Yang said to Premier Wen Jiabao on the phone. Yang said to a newspaper, “For our motherland and me ,this is a great moment,” China’s launch of Shenzhou V shows a higher starting point. It has two special systems (系统) to protect the space man ,but neither Russian rockets nor America ones have . Yang didn’t know that he was chosen as china’s first spaceman until just before the launch .Although Yang was excited at the news ,he still slept at 8p.m.as usual
and was woken up at 8 a.m..the next morning .Before the launch ,Yang ate Chinese traditional food?dumplings. We all know that travelers usual eat them before going on a journey for good luck. A stamp Success of China First Manned Space Flight was issued(发行)on October 16,2003,making China the third country to send a spaceman into outer space. ( )
  36. It took Yang Liwei to travel around the earth every circle . A. 6 hours B. 90 minutes C. 2 days D. 21 hours ( )
  37. How did Yang Liwei feel after he came back to the earth ? A. Quite tired B. a little scared C. Tired but excited D. A little nervous ( )
  38. Which of the following statements is right? A. There is no difference between China’s spaceship and other countries. B. Yang Liwei knew he would be China’s first spaceman long before. C. From the news, Yang Liwei was too excited to fall asleep. D. Yang was proud of the flight . ( )
  39.What does the underlined word “launch” mean? A.发射 B.出发 C. 制造 D. 设计 ( )
  40. China issued the stamps to . A. leave them in space B. give them to Yang Liwei as a reward C. celebrate the success D. give them to Russian and America spacemen 四补全对话(5 小题,每小题 2 分共 10 分) Lily 到韩梅家做客,请根据上下文把对话补充完整。 Han Mei :Would you like a drink ? Lily:
  41.. Han Mei :I’ll get you some tea . Lily: Can I do anything to help? Han Mei : No, thanks .Here are some cookies.
  42. Lily: Thank you. (They are talking with each other for about 30minutes) Lily: Well, I think it’s time for me to leave now. Han Mei: Oh, 43? Lily: Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s getting dark, and I have to get up early in the morning. Han Mei:
  44. Lily : Thanks ,I think I have everything .Thank you for having me .
  45. Han Mei : I’m happy you did .Bye. 五.用所给动词的适当形式填空(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
  46. Sam has been (collect) stamps since six years ago .
  47. Bill would like (learn) skating from his brother .
  48. Now more and more Chinese people feel like (travel ) to foreign
  49. I get (annoy) when someone talks loudly in the library .
  50. The students are waiting in line (get) on the Bus .
  51. My friend Tom (come) back from Beijing ,didn’t he ?
  52. I never (see) such an Interesting book before .
  53.(walk) after supper is good for our health.
  54. The waiter (bring ) his food but he wasn’t happy with it .
  55. There (be) a basketball match this evening . 六.句型转换(10 分)
  56.I was doing my homework when my mother came back (对划线部分提问) when your mother came back?
  57. His parents will come and see him in two days (对划线部分提问) his parents come and see him?
  58. The weather is very bad today. (改为感叹句) it is today! 59 .He read an interesting book in the reading room ,(完成反意疑问句) He read an interesting book in the reading room, ?
  60. His sister isn’t old enough to dress herself. (改为同义句) His sister dress herself. 七.书面表达(15 分) 在你成长的历程中, 有些日子会让你开心快乐, 经久难忘。 “My Pleasant 请以 Day ”为题,用英语写一篇 80 词左右的短文,记述你那天的活动和感受(如: exciting, fun…) 。 Ways to relax : TV Computer Sports Music Shopping … Work? Homework Housework(cooking/cleaning…) Other things? Enough sleep Delicious food 要求:
  1. 参考所给提示,可适当发挥;
  2. 语句通顺,意思连贯,书写工整。
参考答案: 参考答案: 一题 1?5ABDAC 6?10BBCBA 11?15CBADC 二题 16?20BDAAB 21?25CCBAB 三题 A 26?30BCDAA B 31?35CCCDD C 36?40BCDAC 四题 41Yes, please 42 Help yourself to them 43 do you have to you leave now 44 Welcome to my home again 45 I had a good time here 五题 46 collecting 47 to learn 48 traveling 49 annoyed 50 to get 51 came 52 have; seen 53 Walking 54 brought 55 will be / is going to be 六题 56 What are you doing 57 How soon will 58 What bad weather 59 didn’t 60 is too young to 七题 One possible version: My Pleasant Day I had a pleasant day last month, In the morning, I got up late and began to do homework .It took me about two hours to finish it .Next, I had fun playing computer games. While my mother was cooking lunch , I cleaned the house and washed my clothes ,In the afternoon, I played tennis happily with my friend .Before I went to bed, I listened to music . It made me relaxed .What a happy day I had! 评分标准: 一题、二题、三题与所给答案一致给分。四题
  1、答案不是唯一,只要表达意思符合题意就 可给分。
  2、大小写错误可适当扣分 五题、六题与所给答案一致给分。七题:先根据文 章整体内容和语言表达确定档次,然后在该档次内评出分数。 第一档(
  15-13 分) 完全符合题目要求,表达清楚,内容丰富。使用多种语法结构和丰富的词汇,语言通 顺,语意连贯,具有逻辑性。允许有个别语言错误。 第二档(
  12-10 分) 符合题目要求,表达基本清楚,内容完整。语法结构和词汇基本满足文章需要,语言 基本通顺,语意基本连贯,有少量语言错误,但不影响整体理解。 第三档(
  10-8 分) 部分内容符合题目要求,表达不清楚,内容不完整。语法结构和词汇错误较多,语言 不通顺,影响整体理解。 第四档(
  8-5 分) 与题目有关的内容不多,不能表达自己的思想。只是简单拼凑提示词语,所写内容难 以理解。 第五档(
  4-0 分) 试卷分析 一.题型 本次考试试题卷满分 100 分。题型为单项选择题,分值为 15 分,完形填空题分值为 10 分。阅读理解题,分值为 30 分。补全对话,分值为 10 分。用所给动词适当形式填空,分值 为 10 分。句型转换,分值为 10 分。书面表达,分值为 15 分。 二.试卷特点及总体评价



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