八年级英语期末考试 笔试部分(选择题部分)(45分) 一、选择题:(20分) ( )
  21.Mary often goes to work breakfast.It's bad for her health ( ( A with B Without C on D not have )
  22.It's much today than yesterday. A hot B hottest C the hottest )
  23.We want these things here. D hotter
A give B to give C take D to put ( )
  24.Are you going to start French. A learn B learnt C learning D learning ( )
  25.Tom is of the three. A the funnier B funniest C the funniest D the most funny ( )
  26.Who is in your family? Linda,Lucy or Lily? A outgoing B more outgoing C most outgoing D the most outgoing )
  27.The two students 12 years old. A are both B both are C are all D all are )
  28.?Mom,could I invite my friends my birthday party? ?Sure. A in B on C at D to )
  29.They’re going to hold an art show .
( (
A two days ago B in two days C in 2005 D yesterday ( )
  30.?Could you please sweep the floor? ?.I have to do my homework. A.Yes,sure. B.Sorry I can’t C.No problem D.Sorry, you can’t ( )
  31.There going to be a meeting in our school hall tomorrow evening. A.are B.is C.was D.Were ( )
  32.?Jim,I want to know the sports news.the TV, please. ?OK.Dad. A.Turn on B.Turn off C.Turn to D.Turn over ( )
  33.The little girl is too young . A.to look up her. B.to look after herself C.to look at him D.to look for himself )
  34.? for the meeting yesterday? ? Because the traffic was bad.
A.Why did you come late B.What did you do C.When did you come D.How did you come ( )
  35.Bill Gates is an person. A.famous B.talented C.outstanding D.kind ( )
  36.He many photos on his day off last week. A.taking B.takes C.will take D.took ( )
  37.Andy helps his mother the housework on weekends. A.to B.with C.for D.of ( )
  38.We cut the tomatoes and put them the blender. A.off;in B.up;into C.down;into D.over;in ( )
  39.I have got a toothache, I have to . A.lie down and rest B.drink hot water with honey C.see a dentist D.take moring exercises ( )
  40. do you write to your pen friends? Every month. A.How often B.How soon C.How long D.How many 二.完成下列对话。(5分) A:May Day is coming.What plan do you have for it,Eric? B:I’m going to Yunnan.__41__ A:Really? Great! Are you going with your parents? B:__42__ So I'm going with my mother.What about you? A:__43__ But my parents say it’s dangerous. B:Then what are you doing? A:__44__ B:A nice country! But the weather there is changeable (多变的) .__45__ 三、完形填空: (10分) What about your future? Listen to five students talking abort their future. Fang Ming: want to be a __46__ when I grow up. will need good eyesight I I and I will have to take flying lessons.I really __47__ traveling and I hope to see the world in the __48__. Jiang Hui:I want to be an engineer when I grow up.I’m going to study design and engineering at __49__.My dream is to __50__ the longest bridge in the world. Gao Cong:I want to be an actor when I grow up.I’m going to take acting lessons,and__51__ singing and dancing lessons,too.I hope I can be famous one day. Zhang Wen:I want to be a __52__ player when I grow up.I know that I have to train hard every day.It isn't easy, __53__ I wilt keep on doing it.I want to
be just __54__my hero,Yao Ming,in the future. Guo Xiaoyi:I want to be a cook.I m going to a cookery school in Europe.I hope I can work in a five?star hotel in Beijing when I’m __55__. ( )
  46.A pilot B doctor C policeman D teacher ( )
  47.A want B enjoy C ask D get ( )
  48.A morning B daytime C future D moment ( )
  49.A the hotel B the bank C the shop D university ( )
  50.A build B walk C see D buy ( )
  51.A may B maybe C Can D must ( )
  52.A baseball B volleyball C basketball D soccer ( )
  53.A and B if C Or D but ( )
  54.A like B at C from D with ( )
  55.A bigger B younger C higher D older 四、阅读理解:(10分) Part A I’m Xia Xue.I am a girl.I’m ten years old.My favorite subject is English, because it’s very interesting.And I like to speak English.I have a good English teacher.Her name is Liang Hui.She loves us Very much.She is very strict with us,but we all like her.She likes to play basketball after class.She likes reading books very much.And she often tells us some funny stories.My favorite sports are basketball and soccer.I can’t play chess,but I want to join the chess club.My favorite animal is my cat.Its name is Mimi.It is black and white. 阅读短文,判断正误。(T 或 F) ( )
  56.Xia Xue’s favorite subject is English. ( )
  57.Xia Xue can play chess. ( )
  58.Xia Xue’s English teacher likes to play baseball. ( )
  59.Liang Hui often tells her students funny stories. ( )
  60.Mimi is black and white. Part B There are many kinds of ants( 蚂 蚁 ) in America . One kind is very-strong. People are afraid of it,and animals are afraid of it,too. These ants move in large groups. They eat all the animals on their way. They can kill and eat elephants, and they can eat wood houses. Sometimes they even kill people. When the ants come near.people leave their homes.But people are sometimes glad after the ants pass through(经过),because they can see no insects(昆虫) or snakes. 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。
  61.Some ants in America can be very . A.heavy B.strong C.light D.thin
  62.People and animals are afraid of. A.one kind of strong ants B.all kinds of ants C.small ants D.1ight ants

  63.People go away from the ants because they. A.can eat and kill elephants B.cart also eat wood houses C.travel in large groups D.can even kill people
  64.Where are the insects or the snakes after the ants pass through? A.They hide themselves under the ground B.They move to other places before the ants come C.Ants kill and eat them D.People kill them.
  65.Which is the best title(题目)of the story? A.Ants B.American Ants C.Big Ant D.A Strong Ant 笔试部分(非选择题部分)(55分) 一.词汇:(10分) Part A 根据首字母或汉语补全单词。
  66.I’m feeling more (舒适的)now.
  67.John wants to learn to play an (乐器)in the holiday
  68.Yesterday Mary (邀请)me to her birthday party.
  69.They are going to (修建)a big subway next year.
  70.His father works as an (工程师)in China. Part B 用所给词的适当形式填空:
  71.How many (tomato)are there in the basket?
  72.Who is the (young)one in your class?
  73.I hate (do)the dishes.It’s so boring.
  74.Thank you for (help)me.
  75.We (not watch)TV last night. 二.选词填空:(5分) think of grow up forget travel took part in
  76.I’m going to from Dalian to Beijing after high school.
  77.My mom gets really angry when I to clean my room.
  78.What do you the transportation in your town?
  79.Are you going to be a doctor when you ?
  80.Tom the sports meeting last week. 三.句型题:(10分)
  81.I was born on June 22nd , 19
  84.(对划线部分提问) you born?
  82.Are you going hiking tomorrow, boys?(给出否定回答) No, .
  83.Did they have a good time at the cinema?(改为同义句) Did they at the cinema?
  84.She’s going to work hard at English this term.(对划线部分提问) is she going to this term?
  85.She has to find a part-time job.(一般疑问句)
she to find a part-time job? 四.改错题:下列题中每句均有一处错误,请选出并改正在横线上。(5分) 86 . He should stays at home to look after his mother. A B C D 87 . Peter, could you please taking out the trash? A B C D
  88.John is more quiet than Tom. A B C D
  89.Because I was ill, so I didn't go to school.
( (
) ) ( )
A B C D 90 . I want to be a reporter because I enjoy talk with people .
A B C D 五.翻译句子,每空一词:(10分)
  91.我们昨天去超市做调查了。 We went to the supermarket to a yesterday.
  92.上学路上,一位出租车司机经常捎我一程。 On the way to school,a taxi driver of ten gives me ?
  93.不要熬夜,不然你会生病的。 Don’t late.Or it will make you sick.
  94.因为大雨我没去上音乐课。 I didn’t go to the music class the heavy rain.
  95.你需要多少酸奶?一杯。 yogurt do you need? One cup。 六.任务型阅读:(5分) 。 Do you know when World Environment(环境)Day(WED)is? It’s on June 5th every year.We use it to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1 9
  72.It is one of the most important memorial(纪念的)days of the United Nations. WED wants to call on all the people in the world to take an active part in protecting the environment.The whole world will have a better future. This year, Mexico is the host country of WED.The theme(主题) of it is“Your Planet(星球)Needs You.Unite to Combat Climate Change.” Come on,please! Let’s get together to protect the environment! 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案. 任务一:请准确翻译
  96.World Environment Day(WED) 任务二:回答问题
  97.When do we have World Environment Day?

  98.In 20
  09,which country is the host country of WED? 任务三:阅读短文,选择最佳答案: ( )
  99.What’s the meaning of the underlined phrase? A.打电话 B.起床 C.号召 D.叫醒 ( )1
  00.According to the passage,what shouldn’t we do? A.Plant more trees. B.Turn of fall the lights when we leave the room. C.Save the water. D.Use plastic(塑料)bags as usual.


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