Module10八年级英语上 Module10-11 测试题
一、单项选择 15% ( )
  1. Wear some clothes, because it may snow tomorrow. A. cool B. cold C. warm ( )
  2. The train will be crowded, and we get a seat. A. may B. may not C. mustn’t ( )
  3. Bring your camera and you may take photos the autumn leaves A. to B. for C. of ( )
  4. is the best time to visit Canada? A. When B. Where C. How ( )
  5. It’s a fine day. Shall we go swimming? . Let’s go! A. Sounds great B. Of course, you will. C. That sounds bad. ( )
  6. the weather yesterday? Sunny. A. What is B. How was C. What ( )
  7. There will be in the south of China tomorrow. A. rain B. rains C. rainy ( )
  8. It’s good that you may want to visit China. A. to hear B. for hearing C. hear ( )
  9. The best time to visit my town is September. A. in B. on C. at ( )
  10. We decide to stay some tea in the teahouse. A. on B. at C. of ( )
  11. It can be warm in the morning, soon it will get cool. A. so B. because C. or ( )
  12. Please be quiet! Our teacher has got . A. anything to say B. something to say C. nothing to say ( )
  13. Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Guangzhou are big in China. A. countries B. cities C. towns ( )
  14. important for us to have the meeting. A. This B. That’s C. This is ( )
  15. I’m free these days, so you can come to see me at time you like. A. any B. many C. much 二、单词拼写(每空一词)15%
  1. There is a lot of (云) in the blue sky.
  2. It will (可能) be cool soon.
  3. I hope to have a ( 令人愉快的) trip to Shanghai.
  4. The colourful (雨伞) are beautiful.
  5. She likes to lie on the grassland on (阳光灿烂的) days.
  6. The Brazilian rainforest is the (最潮湿的) place in the world.
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D. hot D. must D. with D. Why
D. No, thank you.
D. What was D. raining D. hears D. for D. for D. but D. everything to say D. villages D. It’s D. the

  7. The weather report says it will be (刮风的) tomorrow.
  8. They (计划) to go to Beijing last week.
  9. (记得) to bring a swimsuit.
  10. You can come to visit China at (任何) time you like. 三、句型转换(每空一词) (10%)
  1. My parents offer to take us there (改为一般疑问句) your parents to take you there?
  2. There is no snow in winter in the mountain, ? (改为反意疑问句)
  3. To kill the animals isn’t right. (改为同义句) isn’t right kill animals.
  4. It’s hot today. ( 用 tomorrow 替换 today) It hot tomorrow.
  5. Our plan is to walk in the countryside. (划线部分提问) your plan? 四、用所给动词的适当形式填空。(15%)
  1. Look! The sun is (shine) brightly today.
  2. He wants (travel) around by himself.
  3. There’s usually a great deal of (snow) in winter.
  4. What will the weather (be) like in Summer.
  5. What he (do ) now?
  6. Thank you for (tell) me about what you like.
  7. It’s nice (see) the sun in December.
  8. There are (hundred) of students in our school.
  9. He usually (go ) to school by bike.
  10. The USA is a very big country ( visit). 五、完型填空 15% Mr. Ma is our science 1 . His class is very interesting. We can learn 2 from his 3 .We us make things. We make a lot of different things. 5 of us like him very much. He often 4 make model planes. Some make model boats. Others make robots. Look at that robot! We like 6 very much, 7 it can do many things 8 us. It is now 9 the windows of an office building. It is dangerous building. It is not easy for workers to do this job, because it is a very 10 for people to do the work. The robot is a great help. ( )
  1.A. teach B. teaches C. teacher D. teaching ( )
  2.A. a lot B. lot C. lots D. lots of ( )
  3.A. class B. home C. school D. family ( )
  4.A. help B. helping C. helpes D. helps ( )
  5.A. One B. Some C. Other D. Boy ( )
  6.A. them B. it C. its D. it's ( )
  7.A. because B. but C. so D. and ( )
  8.A. with B. to C. for D. from ( )
  9.A. cleans B. clean C. cleaned D. cleaning ( )
  10.A. big B. tall C. short D. small
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六、阅读理解(10%) Different weather makes people feel different. It influences(影响) health, intelligence 智力) feelings. ( and In August, it is very hot and wet in the south of USA. People there have heart trouble and other kinds of health problems during this month. In the northeast and Middle West, sometimes it is very hot and sometimes very cold. People in these states have more heart trouble after the weather changes in February or March. The weather can also influence intelligence. For example, in a 1983 report by scientists, IQ of a group of students was 10% higher when a very strong wind came. The wind can help people have more intelligence. Very hot weather, on the other hand, can make it lower. Weather also has a strong influence on people’s feelings. Winter may be a bad time for thin people. They usually feel cold and unhappy during these months. But fat people may have a hard time in hot summer. At about 18 0C, people become stronger. ( )
  1. From the passage we know that different weather makes people feel . A. well B. bad C. good D. different ( )
  2. Because it is very hot and wet, many people may get and other kinds of health problems during August in USA. A. happiness B. heart trouble C. sadness D. good feeling ( )
  3. It is said the hot weather can make people’s intelligence . A. high B. lower C. more D. interesting ( )
  4. Thin people usually feel cold and unhappy in . A. winter B. spring C. summer D. fall ( )
  5. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. The weather can influence people’s intelligence. B. Hot and cold weather influences all people in the same way. C. Weather influences people’s lives. D. IQ never changes while the weather changes. 七、完成句子(每空一词)20%
  1. New York and Washington are good (地方)to (参观).
  2. There are storms to (偶尔).
  3. What are you going to (买给) your mother’s birthday?
  4. The beggar (乞丐) wants to (暖和的东西) to wear.
  5. He always (问好)to the teachers
  6. Tom is going back to England for his holiday. (怎么样)you, Betty?
  7. The story (发生) in a teahouse in old Beijing.
  8. There is (许多)rain every spring here.
  9. He doesn’t (感觉)worried, (只是) a bit nervous.


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